So last year i wanted to buy an ipad pro and i was looking for it in the market. I was looking everywhere. I you know looked across at least four five stores looking online, but since there was lockdown the lockdown had just ended. I think that demand of tabs were just soaring through, so there was no ipad pro available, even the ones there where they were like fighters which i didn’t want. I wanted the you know the cheapest version, so yeah i just gave up thought of buying an ipad, and then i heard the news of launch of samsung galaxy tab, seven and it was kind of perfect. It was something that it was exactly something that i was looking for. It was affordable and it was great it had a great display, which you know. I really need, because i have a lot of multimedia consumption. I watched a lot of youtube videos and netflix and a lot of shows, so i thought this would be kind of the perfect device for me, so i just booked an s7 plus, but it kind of got delayed. So i got 10 galaxy tab. S7. The first that i can get my hands that i could get my hands on so it’s been almost six months, i’ve been using it and the experience so far is great, because one is starting with multimedia. I watch a lot of shows and that’s what i was looking for in a device, and it has a great display and a great audio, though i regret that it does not have a 3.

5 mm and that’s kind of annoying with time so anyways. I use a bluetooth headset, so that’s, fine, if you get used to it, but it’s sort of kind of annoying, but the display is great and the experience is great and something that you really need for binge watching is a great battery that’s, something that you are Definitely gon na get here it has almost. It gives me seven to eight hours easily. Another reason i wanted the tab was for note taking and a little bit of drawing scribbling i had a hobby. I had got a course etc, but sort of i just wanted a tabs that you know i can explore with the pencil.. The pencil is great. The great thing about samsung galaxy tabs is that you get the pencil along with the tablets, so you don’t have to spend extra. So i got my tab somewhere around 55 000 plus another 3000, something cashbacks around 52. and in 52. I got the tab and i got the pencil, whereas if i had gone for ipad pro, it would have been somewhere around 71 plus 10 000. So the pencil is great. There is no latin, you know there’s no noticeable latency, you just just flows through and it’s. Really easy., there was one feature i was really keeping about was with ipad. You just could draw in the wherever the input field is and with the previous update of the samsung galaxy tab, it has got in the tab as well.

So you, even even here you can just write into the the url and it will work and it will write so being saying that you know you can just have the pen in your hand, and you can use the tab completely so. But that feels great because you can write you can you know swipe through to do things and along with that, if you are in the mode of taking notes or drawing you can do that too, as well uh. Another great thing is my: i have a old son and he also loves drawing and scribbling with the with the pen, so i think it’s great introduction for him to writing for work. I haven’t used heavy excels, but i’ve used internet and it handles multiple tabs pretty well. So i’ve done this kind of setup that i would open my gmail in one tab, my whatsapp web.whatsapp on that, similar to what i’ve done in my chrome, you know laptops in chrome, but so i’ve used kind of similar setup and it works pretty fine one complaint Would be that sometimes, if you have left a tab unattended for too long, it just goes, you know, hangs and then the tab reloads again so that you can get back to it. So that’s something that’s annoying because when you’re working on a laptop or a pc that doesn’t happen. So i think that is something that android tablets would have to work towards to compete with pcs.

But, as i said in terms of work, it is not exactly a replacement of your laptop or your pc, but it’s, something that sort of that can work but sort of. If you don’t have very heavy usage, you can still work. So my work setup is like i have. I have bought a bluetooth mouse really, no bluetooth, also completely bluetooth, it does need longer itself and i have got a bluetooth keyboard. I would sort of make videos on that probably later, but then that sort of works really well and sort of comfortable easy. It works kind of laptop. Now you cannot talk about a samsung galaxy tab and not talk about decks. So dex has been amazing. Dex is this mode where your tablet kind of becomes something of a laptop even at a windows, kind of a feel where you can open different applications instead of windows, and then you can resize those windows switch between those windows and it’s. That workflow is great, though some apps are not very compatible, but then that works great when you have a mouse attached, when you have a mouse and a keyboard dex is great, or it is also good. If you are sort of you know sending that data to a second pc or a tv, but that i have not been able to do because i don’t have a samsung tv and it the tab, does not support chromecast on by default or chromecast at all.

It’S supposed miracast, which is available in selected samsung tvs, so i’ve not been able to you, know push it to the tv i’ve been able to wirelessly connect it to my laptop but then sort of using that doesn’t make sense. But most of the time for either entertainment or gaming, your this, your default mode, works fine. Coming to another thing, where i sort of spend some time on the tab is games, i don’t usually play very heavy games. I did try call of duty and it works great there’s no lag there’s. Nothing though the frame rates are good and you know the face is good, it feels great or the experience is smooth and the control support. The tab is a little bit too big to hold, i would say, but it still feels comfortable, not any issues. Some more great games on this tab would be games that support 120 fps. So skyforce was something great that the experience feels really immersive. You can see different layers different worlds and everything in that’s, like all it’s, almost as if it’s happening in real time, so it feels really great. So there can be a lot of things that to talk about technical specifications etc. But this is not that kind of a review. I wanted to focus more on usability that when you’re using this tablet, how does that feel, and that experience has been great – there are few hits and misses that there’s? A few misses that would say is one.

Is that i miss not having procreate, because i’ve heard that that’s kind of the best software in terms of when it comes to drawing? Apart from that, there are a lot of reviews which talk about uh. You know android tabs not being up to the mark with respect to either windows or ios or with respect to, or you know not being able to perform certain things. So i would say that that didn’t seem to me like a very big issue, because with respect to chromebooks – and you know even windows – a lot of websites and a lot of apps are sort of coming browser native. So if your browser is running well uh, you shouldn’t have any issues, so i didn’t face any particular major issues of any specific apps or things but usability wise. It has been great another factor which is camera. I don’t use the tab camera a lot because it’s sort of you know it’s sort of very big to hold, and then you don’t end up actually doing anything on it. But if you do want to consider, if you do want some opinion that i’m recording this video on the front pad with the front camera of the eye of the tab, so i think that should give you some idea. So. Finally, if you want a tablet, that’s sort of affordable that’s got a good display. Good good speaker system got good battery, backup and a thumbs up comes with a pen.

You should definitely consider this it’s sort of great for value. Our nearest competitor to this. In terms of apple space would be ipad air and i haven’t used that a lot, so i would only be able to tell if I use that, but this is great. If you want to consider buying one, you can go for it.