Youll find the snapdragon 865 plus octa core cpu. All the cores in this tablet are on the cryo 585 variant, but some are clocked differently. One is running at 3.09 gigahertz three of them are running at 2.42 gigahertz and the remaining four are running at 1.8 gigahertz. The gpu is the adreno 650 and boosts up to 670 megahertz and we have eight gigs of lpddr5 ram when it comes to the storage config. You have the choice of 128 256 and 512 gigs, but as long as you choose, a storage config above 128 youll always get 8 gigs of ram. If you choose the 128 gig version, youll only get six gigs of ram, but no matter which storage configuration you use. You can add up to one terabyte of external storage. With the micro sd card slot for wi fi. We have 802.11 a b g and ac ax wi fi, which means that we have access to those wi fi six access points. We have bluetooth, 5.0, android 12, one ui 4.0 and samsung dex, which has gotten significant performance improvements since the tab s4. The screen is a 12.4 inch super amoled display with a resolution of 1752 by 2800, a 120 hertz refresh rate hdr 10 plus a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, a pixel density of 266 pixels per inch and a peak brightness of 430 nits. Just like the tablets. 4, we have four speakers two on each side tuned by akg with dolby atmos and if you thought the speakers have a great on the tab, s4 theyre even clearer and louder on the tab, s7 plus for the cameras.

We have a 26 millimeter wide angle: 8. Megapixel selfie camera that we can record up to 1080p 30fps with and for the rear camera. We actually have a dual camera setup. We have a 26 millimeter wide angle, 13, megapixel lens in conjunction with a 12 millimeter ultra wide angle, 5 megapixel lens. These cameras have hdr support as well as panorama and can record up to 4k at 30fps, just like the tabus 4. The tab s7 plus comes with an s pen this time it charges by magnetically connecting to a marked spot on the back of the tablet. Instead of wirelessly, and in my opinion, it feels significantly better than the tab s4s pen, it has the shape and feel of a pencil compared to the ballpoint pen feel of the tab s4, which i prefer. We have an accelerometer gyro capabilities, a proximity sensor, a gps and an optical fingerprint scanner underneath the display. Finally, we have a 10 090 milliamp hour battery that will last about 10 hours on a full charge and supports 45 watt fast charging. Now, when it comes to my tap s4 review and trying to gauge its performance, i only showed geometry dash levels, thats, not a very good measure of performance, and i realized that now so in order to actually convey the performance in a way that more people would Understand lets do some benchmarks, starting with geekbench 5, when we did our cpu benchmark. It only took a little less than 3 minutes to get our results, a single core score of 941 and a multi core score of 29.

89, both of which are above the average scores for a tab. Seven plus next lets do a computing benchmark with both vulcan and opencl after two and a half minutes for each benchmark. Here are our results, an opencl score of 35.88 and a vulcan score of 3513, both of which are above the average for the tab, s7. Plus. Now lets do an end to do 3d bench stress test after about 10 minutes or so give or take i wasnt keeping track for this one. The test was finished and our result was 665 015 and we defeated 50 percent of users. Lastly, lets do a 3d mark wildlife stress test why this test specifically well thats, because this test was recommended for the tap seven plus by the app itself after 20 minutes, our test is finished and our results are as follows: our best loop score was 41.85 and Our lowest loop score was 41.41 and our stability was 89.9 percent. Our best and worst scores were within 44 points of each other, now thats what i call stability. I also wanted to do a slingshot extreme test to see how this tablet scores for opengl. Despite it saying that the tab seven plus is too powerful for this specific test, vulcan wasnt supported, so we only got an opengl score after the test was finished. Our score was maxed out theres, nothing more to say on this. We maxed out our score. Thats awesome. Now, finally, lets get into some native android gaming.

First lets start off with geometry dash using the high resolution textures. I know i know using gd in two reviews, but im running a pretty object, intensive level here. This also gives you guys an opportunity to hear how good the speakers are. Im screen recording this using the tablets microphone as an audio source, because gd doesnt natively support internal audio recording and how are you supposed to hear how good the speakers are if im recording audio internally here we have an auto version of white space by xender game. This level has more than 246 000 objects. You can see the real fps counter on the top left, which represents the actual frame rate of my tablet. Contrary to popular belief, for whatever reason, geometry dash on mobile devices is not locked to 60fps. If you happen to have a screen with a refresh rate above 60, gd will recognize it, and the physics of the game will be altered accordingly. Now, since this level is so object, heavy the game never actually stays super close to 120 fps, except for certain parts. Like the beginning, and in a few parts in between like at around 73, the game would frequently dip below 160 fps. It even went below 30, sometimes the lowest it got was around 24 fps, which is less than ideal. When your screen has more than four times the refresh rate of that playing this with ldmo does help a bunch with the frame rate as it should Music next lets play some minecraft servers.

Cubecraft is one of the servers i mainly joined for skywars and minorware. You may have noticed the little graph on the top left of the screen, thats called gpu watch and something you can enable on the more higher end galaxy devices, its normally set to show up three separate graphs, but you can make it show one graph with all Three of the important values like you see here, its showing cpu load, gpu load and the current average surface fps, and i have it set up to where it updates immediately. So we have the most current device readings since the server isnt just overflowing with other players and since im pretty sure i have some. You know preset server settings from my previous devices that carried over, so it may have optimized a little bit more. We got pretty high frame rates in the hub and theyre still really good. When we enter a game. I really cant see the server giving me any sort of problems on this device. Music now lets get into a little emulation. I have new super mario bros 2 loaded on the citrix emulator im using citra mmg for this at 2x resolution. The game will occasionally start when it has to load in a new object: texture animation, but once its been loaded in and cached the next time it needs to be loaded, the starter will either be non existent or next to nothing. This game looks pretty nice at 2x resolution and, if i wasnt recording, it could run a 3x pretty solidly apart from the occasional starter, this game runs flawlessly at 60fps, most, if not all the time, Music Laughter Music.

Lastly, we have sonic heroes on the dolphin emulator upscaled to 2x resolution 720p, like with new super mario bros 2. It can be upscaled to 3x resolution at 1080p, but stutter and slowdown happens a little more frequently, especially when trying the screen record at 2x resolution. However, the game rarely stutters itll stutter when loading the title screen or when having to load multiple characters at the same time, but thats common. So its not an issue either way its the same story as with the last game. It runs extremely well at 720p 60fps and looks really good. Gamecube in some cases can be a little harder to run than 3ds, but with a little configuration you can get it working really really well. This must be an automated energy plan. Energy plant, so thats energy flowing through those red pipes, yeah whats, with this path just standing on it, carries me forward Music. All in all, this is an extremely good tablet and definitely one of the most powerful android tablets out there definitely the most powerful one that i own. At the time of me, recording this video. The price is a little up there being 900 on samsungs official website, but ive seen some on ebay going for 600 500 and some as low as 450 dollars. Some of them are even unopened. Anyways, im gon na go ahead and end the video here. If you guys enjoyed it, make sure to like comment and subscribe so that you never miss an upload, even though i upload super infrequently dont worry guys its not going to be this way forever.

If you guys wanted to see more emulation ill make a dedicated emulation. Testing video on the tab, seven plus, if this video gets 30 likes. I know i said a similar goal for my tavis 4 review and i never did it, but to be completely honest, the games that i emulated to here would not be running anywhere near as well on tab s4 as they are on here. It would just be a bunch of me endlessly trying to tweak settings a bunch of small settings at that to try to have a stable frame rate that wouldnt be fun to watch or to make. But since things seem to be a lot better on here, im ready and willing to make that dedicated video now remember 30 likes anyways.