This does have the more potent revised snapdragon 865 plus slightly higher clocks, slightly improved performance. But how will the tab s7 plus here handle some demanding emulation so playstation, 2 gamecube, psp and psx, and a few others before i jump into the performance that you can expect here from emulation just a little quick outline here of our tablet. So we have a beautiful samsung super amoled panel in this one 12.4 inches. The resolution is 1752 by 2800 120 hertz 650 nits maximum brightness. It is so fast. So what can we expect from this particular system on a chip here? So i do have cpu z in the background just to point out that, with this particular one here, we've got, of course the snapdragon 865 plus faster turbo. Now it is now 3.09 gigahertz and the adreno 650 graphics now goes up to 670, so it's a little bit quicker, a roughly like a 10, sometimes a little layer, sometimes a little more boost here compared to the snapdragon 865. This one, of course, the plus being the refresh model now a couple of benchmarks here. So this is the slingshot extreme score here, so nearing 7 000 points excellent result and then the slingshot extreme, which is vulcan so opengl, and then the vulcan scores. So, just to compare that to your existing device to see how much of a bump up in performance, you are getting geekbench five score here: very good single core score, they're, almost getting close now to a thousand points, a multi core score, edging up towards 3 000.

Excellent – and here is the antutu score as well, if you're interested it's version 8.4.3 and it gets a really decent, gpu score nice little bump up compared to say the 855, 855 plus and even the 865. This, of course, just been the refresh model here. Now internal storage, ufs, the respec and what i do have with my model is only 128 gigabytes. Okay, uh you've has three is quick. You can see sequential reads and writes now. The rights and the random writes will be faster if you do buy the 256 gigabyte model or you get the 512 gigabyte model. Those two models also come with the eight gigabytes of ram. I just have the base model here, so this is the minimum kind of performance you can expect. So we'll start out with probably the lightest and easiest one here, no things like main they're even light and there's no point me showing that because this one's going to play it flawlessly. But i will test out e psxe, which is a playstation emulator here and we'll, see how this one performs so with wipeout is one of the first titles, so wipeout performing very, very quick and yes, my gameplay is terrible. I'Ve been playing these games in so long. I forgot kind of how hard this is on some of those other tracks and circuits here very difficult to control. So, even though the frames per second is reporting at the whole time 60, i do actually see a noticeable little dip just now and then like then, it seems to lag but it's not being reported all time out almost push challenge.

This was a great game back in the day. Remember when it first came out, people were just going wow, look at that graphics, it's, so lifelike it's amazing, but it was for backhand. When was it 97 running, fine 60 frames per second very solid, see if i can take this corner properly? Oh, not so good, m64 plus fz emulation here very good. I'M 32 frames per second. There are some noticeable legs so i'm. Just running this with the default settings, you can probably tweak it a little bit to get slightly better performance. This area differently is lagging a little so super mario 64.. So this one is running at a solid 30 frames per. Second, it occasionally dips down a little bit, but it's normally pretty good performance from this one. More comment: no issues with this one very, very quick here at 60 frames per second playstation portable emulation with pp sspp. So i've got my playstation portable right here and all the save games. They just actually work with this emulator it's, fantastic, so i've gone in and seen that oh okay, i've got a relatively high level zach right here. I'Ll just quickly show you some of the gameplay i'll get out of this jump into one of those battles, but the graphics looks good at even the three times scaled up. Psp resolution is what i'm running. So, of course, this is a steady, solid, 30 frames per. Second, using that higher playstation portable resolution, no real problem here at all – and i can't believe how good this looks still even in 2020, such an old title gon na warm.

So this one is an old title. Cause 2006 – and it still looks amazing – plays amazing for an old title and it's at a steady 60 frames per second here, as you can see tekken 6 now, so this one does run at the lower psp resolution, so it is 60 frames per second i'll. Just jump into a challenge right here, still looking very good and a solid 60 frames per second with this one i lost i'll, do gamecube emulation now this is using dolphin emulator, so i don't have any other settings changed apart from this. The way i have this one to autofit with the aspect ratio just so it wasn't like sitting right in the middle here with this particular title, so it is actually a steady 30 frames per second, which is great and very, very playable here. No, he is not a zombie, this particular guy here, so i've got to escape and fight a few locals let's see if the frame is going to dip right down here, just jump out through the window, all right bring it on. Oh she's got me, or he should i say: okay, see, the whole time is going to be playable. I notice that sometimes, when you do look around in irish areas of the village, what not you get occasional little framed it, but i mean this is excellent performance here from the snapdragon 865 plus, not a problem. I think there's still one more local, oh yeah there.

We go all right, they are dealt with so caliber 2, so this gamecube title did run at 60 frames per second, so it should be a solid 60 here. I hope so let's find out so i'm going to do a well just quick game here survival, and hopefully this should be very playable. I don't expect to be any issues here with the performance so 60 frames already and what are any dips? No. This is looking really good, very, very promising, not a problem see this is just a steady 60 here, so it handles the game. Cube rail i mean dolphin is an excellent emunator. They have really aced this one that didn't take too long super mario sunshine. This one should be a little more demanding, so could have possible, lags with this we'll just check and see how it runs. So i did encounter a little bit of lag here, just especially at the starting when it loaded in it drops down to about 24 frames per second, but over. This is quite smooth and really, i think, about the best performance you can expect from gamecube emulation here. Tiny bit of lag here and there you see down to 30 20 sorry three frames per second, not super quick, now on to playstation 2 emulation. So this is diamond 2 pro and i do have the game settings on the fastest frame rate option right here: okay and with the ticking ticking six you'll see that uh well it's, showing that at 60 frames per second.

This is kind of like playing in slow motion here, so the most demanding emulation here on android that i will be showing in this particular video and playable yeah, but it's just a real pain. How slow this is feels like it's in slow motion. So let me know in the comments if there is some sort of tweak or some sort of hack, that i need to apply to get this to run at full speed, because it's just really annoying having it like this. Okay, pretty obvious that we're gon na have amazing performance with things like mame, okay, so capcom play system two play system, one main atari, amiga, commodore 64.. Everything like that is gon na be super playable on such hardware without any problem, so that's. Why i didn't cover it: those real old gen, stuff, old school systems? No but playstation. Okay, that was just flawless performance. Playstation is very fast and smooth playstation portable performance. Great exactly how i remember really with my ps slim back in the days and great, to see my save games transferred over. Of course, i worked that ppsspp emulator. It is a very, very good emulator, so make sure you check it out if you used to be really into your playstation portable games. That is so. What are n64 flawless very, very good. Gamecube amazing performance. There really great to see playstation 2 uh, not so great. There now i know i didn't cover dreamcast and many others that i could have but it's just to give you an idea what to expect performance wise.

So do you want to see more emulators covered emulations should i say, covered in the channel i'll. Let me know because it's something i used to be really into, and i kind of just dropped doing it because well, it's it's, could cause problems for the channel let's just put it that way, and it did in the past for me and that's why? I kind of dropped it, but anyway make sure you do check out the unboxing and in depth first hands on look at this particular fantastic tablet here from samsung i'm working towards the full review and it's going to be a gaming review as well with the current Play store titles, some titles that support the 120 frames per second refresh rate as well, just to see how they run.