This is the galaxy tab, s7 plus 5g and yeah i wasn’t even expecting to unbox this one. It came. I saw that the sale was still there and i thought you know. Yeah i’ve got to unbox this, and this might just the beginning of bringing back tablets onto the channel, so let’s not waste, much time, let’s unbox, this tab, s7 plus 5g, Music, now yeah. This is the tab, s7 plus 5g, and this was actually based off a recommendation. This is my older brother’s tablet, so i recommended him to get this because i actually think the tablet – seven plus 5g is actually on point and he brought it up for yo. The seal was still there, so we’re going to crack this open. I want to have a look at this, so obviously we’ve got an unboxing knife. The seals are still on there, so this is fresh in a box and you got a 5g one with the sim. So we’re not going to waste much time, it’s kind of like a perfect sign, because you know what i’ve not done tablet content. I think the last tablet i did on the channel was way back when i started that was a tab. S3 plus, i think imagine all right, let’s get this let’s get. This we’ve got a seal right. There, hey it’s, ridiculously thin, you know, and what do we have in here? So we’ve got the s pen. This is still one of many devices that samsung actually gives you a charger in the box.

You’Ve got the adaptive fast charging. I think this is the 25 watt charger. I believe i’m gon na put this to the side. What else we’ve got we’ve got the sim ejection tool, because this is the 5g model, so it does have cellular connectivity and then you’ve got the usb c to usb a cable okay. So this might be the 15 watt charger then, because yeah this is the 15 watt charger for the fact it comes with the usb um a port to see. If it was c2c, then it would be the 25 watt charger right. Okay, that didn’t realize again i’ve not really looked at the specifications of the tab, s7 plus in terms of what it supports but i’m sure it does support 25 watt charging, but you might have to buy that separately. Right. Let’S put this to the side for now and this yo this is slim. This is slim you know hold on, you may not ruin. Let me not ruin it that’s. Why? I like doing these raw unscripted unboxings i’m gon na, take care of it so that the packaging don’t get ruined okay. This is hella finn when i say hello thin. This is telephone. Let me put the box and these on the side. Let’S focus on the main style of attraction. Let’S give it a little bit of top down product shots. This is thin i’d, even realize it was this thin, but it feels solid because of materials like you can really tell they’re using some really strong, well finished material.

So i believe the s pen goes at the back here. I know cam’s going to be proud of me: go check out cam’s channel he’s, the tech youtube pharmacist as i like to call him because he likes to just talk about tablets, so he prescribes tablets. He doesn’t even review it. He prescribes them. So i dubbed in that name so yeah we’ve got the usbc. We’Ve got the juice, the quad speakers. I believe yes, quad speakers, they’re tuned by akg, so you’ve got the tuning by akg. You’Ve got a selfie camera here as well and yeah. I believe this is powered by the snapdragon 865 plus this laptop is i’m thinking laptop. This tablet is fresh, so let’s just boot, it up tab, s7 plus 5g, so it looks like it’s working in showing it in the vertical orientation. So i don’t know if it favors more of the vertical orientation for actually using it. But since the selfie camera is more on the horizontal, it might still favor that i mean that’s the flexibility again it just rotated um. If you’ve not seen my unboxings before i don’t usually set up. At least i literally just give you my first impressions, my raw impressions of how the device feels literally try and go into the startup menu to see how it feels, and if i remember off right, this is using a quad high definition, plus display and it’s. Using that ltp or 120 hertz super amoled display as well so it’s that dynamic amoled display – and i think this is the first display of this cam on a tablet – and this is, i believe, a 12.

9 inch panel, but it really slimmed the bezel, so yeah man It’S it’s it’s it’s patterning up still yeah. This is looking clean. You got the cameras at the back yeah yeah. This is this. Is this is saying a lot all right, quick, skip i’m going to try and set this up to get into the main menu or the home screen, so i can see how it looks like okay, so we are on the home screen and instantly yeah yeah. This is just another friendly reminder of how samsung are literally the best at displays. This screen here ra this screen is actually popping so let’s go into the software and see what we’re looking at about this tablet stays software information. So this is still on android 10. One ui 2.5, so there’s definitely an update available for this for sure. So if i go to software up, there i’m sure i’ll probably pick it up but i’m, not signing to any of my google accounts and whatnot um just check yeah, so it should be android. 11 – and there should be one ui 3.1 – that pops up on here. I believe, but it all depends on yeah yeah. There you go that’s the one, so there’s there’s several ones, so this is actually going to go for a lot of updates. You’Ve got november. 1St 2020 security patch yeah, so there’s going to be a lot of updates to go through on this tablet.

Using an s pen, s pen for was nice on this, so uh device care what we’re? Looking at so it’s 128 gig internal six gigabytes of internal ram. Um for the memory and then yeah, i believe, snapdragon 865 plus this is the cellular model with 5g, so there’s a sim card slot in there um, Music and yeah. This is the tab. S7 plus 5g cool. Look at that look at the way the s pen just clips at the back yeah this. This is the best screen i’ve seen on the tablet so far, quad high definition, as well as 120 hertz as well and it’s an ltpo and it’s on amoled let’s go to display yeah 120 hertz. You can see that right there, the smooth motion and it’s running at the maximum resolution, all the time yeah. I feel this let’s switch on dark mode. Tube come one come on dark mode and yeah that’s pretty much it. This is literally just a straight raw unboxing of the tab: s7 plus 5g yeah. I think i’m going to start bringing tablets onto the channel, and this might just be the first of it man so yeah. Let me know what you think: you want to see more tablet content on the channel, if so hit me up in the comment section below that is it ben from lover of tech. If you enjoy videos like this, you know exactly what to do. Man hit that, like button hit, that subscribe button hit that notification bell so you’re part of team tls to tech level squad.

So you don’t miss any future videos on the channel, i hope you’re all safe. During this time.