This is the 11. It mystic bronze model, but it’s available in three more colors options: miss black misc, silver and misc name. As you can see here, the box is so minimalist, so let’s starting the unboxing Music, so Music, Music, Music. The galaxy is finally here so i’m, going to remove the discovery to do a quick tour in the gadget Music. The finish is so gorgeous feels very premium. So we did a great job here. Love this music, bronze, color Music. Here is the power button. If the fingerprint is kind of integrated, galaxy s7 plus 5g is a ultrasonic fingerprint in the screen. I personally prefer this way here at the bottom of the gadget. We have this board connector for the keyboard usb type c4, four speakers sold by akg the s7 and s7 plus use different basic screen technologies. The 11 inch modem relies on an lcd panel, while the 12 inch tab has a super amoled display buff offered a 120 hertz refresh rate for a smooth operation watching a 4k nature, video from youtube. I was impressed by the good quality of the tabas7 lcd panel. The colors look at the accurate and Music vibrant Music Music samsung, put two speakers on each side of the tabby s7. This five speaker system is stunned by akg with dog atmos surround sound. The type 7 provides a good sound quality for a tablet. Oh Applause, Music. So, Music, Music, this device sports, a 30 megapixel primary lens and a 5 megapixels ultrawide sensor on the back, while on the front face camera comes in at 80 megapixels in the samsung camera app, you can add filters in camera settings.

You have many different filtering options here in more, we have some interesting shoot options like panorama and portrait mode. The app is very quick to focus and take pictures Music in good light situation. Galaxy s7 cameras do a fine job: Music, Music, Music, Music.