It has an 11 inch display that supports 120 refresh rate. It has quad akg speakers, it supports android 12 and it supports the amazing samsung decks all for a price ranging from five to six hundred dollars and whenever i look at any device, whether it be a tablet, phone pc, etc. I always look at the price to productivity ratio, which means that not only do i look at the price, but i also look at how much i can do with the device to judge whether or not its worth it and when it came to the galaxy tab. Seven, i would say that in terms of quality and price, this is the best tablet that you can get in the year of 2022. and my bad, you guys, i forgot. It also comes with a bluetooth s pen, but besides my statements of me thinking that this is the best tablet for the value. I wanted to give you guys some reasons as to why you might want to get the tab s7, based on my experiences with it. So here it is you guys, my day to day review with the galaxy tab s7. Now the first thing that i loved about my galaxy tab – s7 after using it for over a year, was the amazing display. Now the galaxy tab. S7 has an 11 inch tft display, which has extremely high resolution with a 120hz refresh rate and, if im being honest, the tab s7 definitely has the best looking display at this price range, the colors were amazing.

The display was vibrant. The quality was great. The screen resolution was sharp and the whole experience that the tab s7 display gave me was nothing less of superb. I also really loved how bright the screen was like whenever ill use. My tab at 7 outside there was never a time where i would turn the brightness up and the screen. Didnt look good like right here. You can see how it looks whenever im outside and no matter how much the sun was shining. I was still able to see the picture of my tab s7, very clear, which was really good compared to other tablets. I also love the overall quality of the screen like right here. You can see that im watching a youtube, video and the whole picture, looks like a high quality mini tv and even when im playing games, you can see that the display is really big and i had no trouble seeing the game that i was playing. The screen resolution was also something that i was really impressed with, because when it comes to gaming, graphics, a lot of tablets, dont hold up and speaking of size, i was surprised by the 11 inch display because i thought it was going to be too small. For me, but honestly, i think that this was the perfect size, because not only was it big enough, but it was also more portable than the bigger version which helped me when carrying it to work and to give you guys an idea of how great the tab.

S7 display is here, are some examples of me playing games and watching videos on my tablet. 7.. The one thing that kept coming to my mind when i was using this on a day to day basis was this simple statement that i feel rounds up. The s7 fe pretty perfectly and that statement is, i feel like if you want a premium android experience, but you dont want to pay a heavy price. Then this is the tablet to get Music Applause. Now. The next thing that i loved about my galaxy tab – s7. After using it for over a year, was the pretty amazing bluetooth s pen, now the s pen on the tab, s7 was definitely one of my favorite features that i loved about this tablet and something that i use a lot when im on my s, pen is The ability to write down notes like right here you can see that if you have something quick that you want to jot down, you can activate your s. Pen and youll be able to write it down with low latency, and this feature is very helpful in situations where youre in school and need to get down some notes or maybe youre at work. You need to write down some simple tasks to help you do your job or even, if youre, preparing a grocery list and need something quick to do your to do list on, and there were many features that the s pen has.

But this was definitely the one that helped me the most. You can also open quick tabs with your s pen, which allows you to create a note open, an app draw, etc. Now the first thing that now the first thing that i love about my galaxy tab – s7 after using it for over a year, was the pretty amazing battery. Now the tab. Sevens 11 inch version has an 8 000 milliamp hour battery, which in itself is very high for a tablet at this price. I would usually get around three to five hours of on screen time by doing things like watching videos, playing games, drawing scripting videos etc. And honestly, i can confidently say that the battery was able to last me the full day like at the end of every day. I would get about 35 battery left, which was pretty amazing, since i was putting a lot of strain on it for a very long time, and the only thing where i didnt last all day was when i would play heavy games for a long amount of time. Like call of duty mobile, but i will give it a pass because any game that powerful will drain the battery faster. Now i also was impressed with how fast the charge times were, because usually a lot of tablets have a bigger display, which means slower charge times, but the tab s7 wasnt too slow like whenever i would charge my tab s7 when i was ready to head out.

I will be getting ready for about an hour and a half, and my tablet will charge from 27 to 100, which was pretty great for me, and if you are someone who likes to go out a lot with your tablet, then i would advise you to keep It portable on you, if youre going to be playing heavy games because again, it will drain the battery faster. Now. The next thing that i really loved about my galaxy tab, s7 after using it for over a year, was how well it ran the great software, and when i say software experience, i mean just how well the software was and how smooth it was able to handle It like right here, you can see me scrolling through the os and you can see just how well it keeps up. I didnt have to deal with any lags. I didnt have any apps crashing on me. I didnt have to deal with some apps not being compatible with the screen size and i didnt have to restart my tablet so that i can get it to act right. And i think that this and the screen were definitely the most enjoyable parts for me, because when everything was running smooth, it makes tasks much easier to do. Which means that im overall happy with my purchase – and i also really love how well it was able to handle samsung decks like right here. You can see that im able to still get my work done with no hiccups, and when i connect my keyboard, it feels no different than a smaller laptop.

Now. The last thing that i really loved about my galaxy tab – s7 after using it for over a year, was the akg quad speakers. Now the quad speakers on the s7 are some of the best that i had ever heard on any tablet in this price range. They were loud crystal clear, full of bass, all while still maintaining amazing quality. I also love the fact that, no matter how much i turned up the volume, i was still able to get great quality because when it comes to other devices, theyll sound good when the volume is low to mid. But once the volume goes all the way up, they sound pretty much like trash, and that was something that i really appreciated about the galaxy tab, seven speakers and to give you guys an idea what i mean i will be putting the speakers on full blast while Playing the video for when i do leave out the house now i do work from home im in the house a lot, so these are going to be the bare minimum items all right. I dont carry a bunch in my pocket when i go out the house, but when i do here are some things that im rocking with all right and there it is you guys my final review on the galaxy tab. S7. Now, let me know down below. Do you think that the galaxy tab s7 is the best tablet in this price range? Let me know, and if you guys made it to the end of this video, i like to say thank you for sticking around and dont forget to like the video subscribe.