I bought it uh half a year ago on the samsung store with my own money. So everything i will tell you is my own unbiased, uh opinion and yeah. I used it now for a half a year on a daily basis for um for web browsing for media consumption, uh, of course, with this fantastic display and for note taking during my job and yeah playing some minor games. My my kids like to draw on it. Um yeah and i will start with uh, with the build quality and with durability. Um everything is fine. There are no scratches uh on the frame. Buttons are still in very good condition: Music, although i don’t use a screen protector, there are no scratches on the screen protector. The the tab has some uh uh some protection with the with the um keyboard, particularly when i uh, when i put it in my bag. For transport uh and on the back side, of course, with this uh with this cover here, which is part of the of the uh, the keyboard, um and uh yeah, the keyboard itself is also in a very good condition. Although i you i, i used to uh to write a lot with it and the feeling is very good. I have no complaints whatsoever about this keyboard. Um yeah, so uh durability is, in my opinion, or in my case, is good. Um yeah the display is uh. One of the main features, of course, because it’s, a super amoled and the the colors are very vibrant, very poppy.

They really pop and uh yeah it’s a pleasure to to watch movies um to watch everything, uh youtube videos or whatever, on the display, um yeah. The performance is very good. There are no micro stutters, apart from sometimes in during web browsing with with the chrome browser or even with with the samsung browser uh browser, not so much but uh yeah. The chrome browser is very resource, hungry and uh. Sometimes, when scrolling there are some micro stutters, but uh. Apart from that uh, every uh app runs uh very, very good, smooth, yeah um. I have no problems. No complaints about that yeah and battery life is decent, not not very, not very outstanding, it’s uh it’s. Okay. I i can can run the the tablet uh during uh one day with without problems but uh yeah. I have about five hours on screen on time, sometimes six um yeah, but then next day i have to charge it anyway, uh yeah uh. I would like to talk about uh issues. Uh, i have um. I have two issues with uh with the device. Um one is very minor in this in this area. Here uh the Music. The tablet gets a bit warm um. It’S um depends on on the usage of course, when i uh use or when i watch movies, um it’s, not that that uh big problem um. But when i am web browsing, um, yeah, um or or particularly when i’m playing games, it starts to to yeah get a little bit warm it’s it’s, not an issue, a big issue but yeah it’s, something um Music, which i i um.

I find um curious because um yeah, i don’t, know why it’s in this particular position, um yeah and uh – probably it’s uh kind of uh yeah. I hit the dissipation on this um in this position. Um, okay, yeah. As i mentioned, i uh use this back cover. Um, so there is protection on the back side, very, very good, aluminium here, very good feeling. No scratches! No wonder, of course, i i used it uh every day with this with this back cover here, so no problems there and this mechanism is still in very good. Uh condition, although i used it uh or i use it every day, um very sturdy, still so, no complaints here, um yeah, so the other issue i have uh is with uh, with the display with the amoled display. There is some artifacts in very dark conditions. I can show you: this is uh um, taken from uh from a tv series, and you can see here there are a lot of of artifacts. This is a very dark scene. Actually this is the sky. You can see and um yeah um, although the the screen um brightness uh was uh, was not not very low in this uh moment uh. You can see very clearly these this artifacts here and this side, not so much, but here yeah it’s a bit annoying um. I wonder uh why this happens because and on other amoled screens on my, for example, on my smartphones, i don’t.

I do not see anything like that, so it’s uh, yeah it’s, not um, uh, obviously it’s, not a technical issue. Uh i had contact with samsung and uh, even uh, the the the device um and samsung sent me a new device, but it’s the same actually it’s completely the same uh issue: yeah it’s. I think it’s uh state of the art, it’s uh, it’s kind of of the the technology here of this panel that this occurs, yeah it’s um a little yeah, as i said, a little bit annoying yeah, but it’s it’s, also it’s uh. Only in uh very in in very dark uh scenes and yeah so um for for some one who likes to watch movies with very dark scenes. This might be and might be an issue yeah. So here’s now my conclusion: if you, if you like uh device with the with the best possible screen for watching uh yeah content like movies like youtube videos – and you want this uh, this uh very good uh um display performance. Then this is the device for you. Uh, of course, there is also the the tab s6, which is a little bit smaller, which is also a a amoled Music screen. But i had the tap s6 and swapped it against this, because the tap s6 had some performance issues. Uh and of course, the the tapas 7 plus has the wonderful 120hz refresh rate, um, yeah and it’s a larger screen, so it it’s absolutely gorgeous to to watch a movie in the bed in the dark conditions and yeah it’s uh, very good uh.

For this purpose. Uh also for web browsing for playing games, uh the usual stuff for drawing yeah it’s, a very good uh pencil, drawing with it’s quite uh quite has a good feeling. Um. Everything is fine, feels fine and yeah it’s it’s, a good experience, um, yeah and uh. For this purpose, it’s uh it’s a very good uh device, um also with uh, with the keyboard it’s, a very uh good experience with keyboard and yeah for this. For this meaning uh yeah i’m very satisfied, uh satisfied with the device um if uh the the display. The the amoled display uh is not uh um, not so important from you, then uh, then probably a much cheaper device would uh would also be fine. You can also go with with the ipad. This is my my ipad uh pro from uh from uh 2017 uh. I was early adopter and it’s yeah, almost uh four year or four years old, uh um, but uh yeah it’s uh. From from the perspective of uh of the performance uh. The ipad is uh yeah, it’s, very good, uh, very um, sufficient um, but yeah. Of course uh the screen is really a difference. I can show you here uh, so yeah. You can see here uh the difference uh in the screens it’s, not very poppy colors. Here uh brightness is 50 um yeah, so it’s uh, yeah it’s, really good uh uh. In terms of of uh, display yeah and still satisfied something uh which well, the only only thing that annoys me is the the the display issue that i mentioned in the dark areas, but yeah the rest of it i’m very, very satisfied with the device, and i Would recommend it for particularly for purposes as i said, media consumption uh, drawing um yeah this this scenarios are very, very good for this device yeah.

Thank you very much.