I have good news for you. The tapas 7 lite will come with a snapdragon, chipset included, isn’t that great sorry, you asking: why is this important? Well, it is a valid question. I support your question. You should really receive a can. We have a gift basket for so we don’t we don’t have any well. We don’t have any i’m really sorry about that, but i like the way you think – and the importance here really is all about the geekbench score results and everything beside that. I will put the puzzle pieces together for you right now. Let me explain you see when people spot three different versions of the upcoming tapas 7 lite, one wi fi, one lte, one 5g version. It is more than likely that the 5g version will come with the snapdragon process of 5g, most likely equals snapdragon snapdragon equals faster, fast, faster, but it will be faster, so 5g means not just 5g, it means snapdragon and faster processor, but by how much you ask And you know what it is another valid question. I support that question good on you. To put it into perspective, the top s6 light has roughly half of the single core score, or maybe i should put it around like the glass is half full well, the top is seven light will have double the top and six light single core sure, and that Is a massive improvement here so far so good, are you guys familiar with the concept of carrot and stick? Well, you just had you carrot here? The stick is going to come now.

I am afraid there is no decks yeah. There is no decks type c fast. Charging not so much. I doubt that will not be included keyboard connector, nope not happening fingerprint sensor, not so much in land. Refresh rate will probably stay at 60 hertz. It won’t go up to 90 hertz because something simply has got to give in order to disguise all of this. We can expect new colors right. We looking from the outside, we have black, we have silver, we have green. Even when light green is there and it’s kind of saying check me out, but then don’t check me out, as we still have four gigabyte of ram 64 gigabyte of storage or 128 gigabyte of storage, and the interesting part here is to see. Well, i guess it’s. Okay, it’s all in the cloud anyway, but the interesting part is to see what kind of storage is being used here, because we have seen ancient technology for storage being used before and many devices and i’m, not the biggest fan of that it should be crime. It should be made as such a crime right, so we do know the 12.4 inch tft display version has been confirmed in this marketing material right. I do believe. However, there will be a smaller version, an 11 inch five uh non 5g version coming out, possibly exynos, possibly possibly an exynos processor, and this is when pricing the price range really starts to matter and there’s no way the bigger version.

The 5g 12.4 inch version will be cheap, it’s, just not it’s, not happening. The price range itself will be from the entry model of 350 us dollars all the way up to 600 us dollars for the big top version of the tapas 7 lite. And yes, that is reality and in the box itself here there will be an s pen. This is crystal clear. It is simply samsung’s signature move, so there will be an s pen. As for the charging break. Well, i don’t know who knows maybe samsung probably knows, as of today, android 11, one ui 3.1. It is a given that simply included when you get your tap seven light, including all the new s pen features we discussed in our previous videos and look personally. I just don’t buy the june release date. I think it’s way too close to the top s8 release, which is usually happening in august with the presentation and then released in september or end of august. So i don’t buy the june release date. There may be a version coming out in june and that’s, maybe the 5g version. I stand by what i said earlier or in my earlier videos it will be, may early may possibly early. May it also makes sense spring is coming, you’ve got new colors coming out. We finally can put the devices head to head the way we like it. The way we roll so guys. Let me know in the comments below.