I have said many things in the past. In my past, videos – and i don’t regret saying them, but but i am the kind of person that is not afraid to admit when they’re wrong, i i’m not afraid i’m, not afraid to admit. But i am wrong about something, and that is exactly going to be. The case with involvement with this – this is the samsung keyboard case for the galaxy tab, s7 and uh. In my review video, i said i wouldn’t need it or i wouldn’t want it or i didn’t want it, and there was no point in me having it boy was i wrong see. I just admitted it. I just did it i. I was wrong completely wrong. So um yeah we’re gon na let that intro play again i’m gon na ponder how wrong i was, and then i’m gon na come and explain to you why i was so wrong and um yeah yeah we’re gon na that’s what we’re gon na do i’m. Sorry, i don’t have any more words to say: let’s let’s play that intro what’s up guys. This is kai24 back to grace your screens and this time again. Yes, i bring you an apology at the beginning of this video but followed by more tech based stuff, which is, i know what you guys, love so yeah. Today, we’re going to be reviewing this thing, which also kind of comes with yeah i’m. Sorry i was not prepared uh.

I was not prepared with this but yeah this, which is the uh galaxy tab, uh s7 keyboard case and cover so just start with this, the back cover. Can you see it comes with a little flap with the hole for where the camera goes and uh you take your tab and it’s magnetic? Oh it’s got to be stuck there, um and it’s absolutely magnetic that is absolute best part of this uh type that i like. It has a little kind of stand at the back here, which you can stand up, your tab with, which is perfect, and then you’ve got the actual keyboard itself, which doesn’t require batteries, or anything like that. I think it’s got an internal battery that charges off of the um of the of the tablet itself and it kind of just hooks up to the connectors at the bottom of this tab, like that kind of magnetically kind of just nicely hooks up, and there you Go you’ve got yourself a nice kind of keyboard, a laptop replacement right now that i’ve done showing you what it looks like. Why is my computer? I don’t like my screen being on in background there. You go it’s off now right now that i’ve shown you guys what it looks like um. Let me tell you a little bit about why i decided to get it well. Firstly, um i got it for really really good price um. It came at me for a very good price i’m not going to disclose that price to you, because it was through a friend.

However, i am going to leave an amazon associates link to the keyboard case down below uh. Remember it is an amazon associates link. So i do get a percentage commission off um. If you buy the item, you know it just helps the channel out a little bit um, so yeah. If you guys decide to get this keyboard case, please use the link down below it. Does help me out, and you know what else is down below in the description box yep, you guessed it all. The links to my social media are down in the description box below including my twitch, which is where i spend uh my monday evenings from 5 p.m. Uk time, which is around 12 p.m, uh eastern standard time, uh streaming talking about tech, gaming, uh, streaming youtube anime, whatever suits your fancy. I do spend a lot of time chatting to my audiences chatting to my viewers just discussing stuff and chilling, so i would love for you guys to come and chill with me so yeah uh get clicking head on over hit me up with a follow and uh I’Ll see you there all right now. Why did i go and decide to get the keyboard case? Well, yeah, like i said, i got it for a really good price and i thought you know what it doesn’t hurt to try it out. I have heard good things about this case. You know in comparison to apple’s uh magic keyboard which they have for their ipads.

I’Ve heard really good things about this case. You know all the reviews that i have kind of watched about the tab. Seven before i bought it said good things, and i was just like you know what i don’t want the case, because i don’t want the tablet to be anything, but a tablet to me. I don’t need a laptop replacement for where i’m going um boy. You know after getting after getting that case, i can 100 admit. I was wrong like yeah, it still doesn’t, replace the laptop let’s let’s get that back straight and i wasn’t wrong about that. It still doesn’t replace the laptop for me. However, having the case has changed my life because um i use my tablet a lot right. I use it for uh planning. My social media um well planning all my a lot of my content and i spend a lot of time kind of scheduling my posts uh using my tab. I watch stuff with the tab. I spend a lot of time on forums and and kind of writing up. My scripts, when i don’t have access you know when i’m kind of just chilling and writing up my scripts at night. I don’t want to open up the laptop or anything like that. The tabs right there and um just for general everyday use. The keyboard has been so handy because, typing with it, is a not only comfortable, um, it’s, very responsive. You know it feels like a normal keyboard.

It actually feels really good to type with, and you know it just being very, very handy now. The two aspects of the keyboard case that i do really like one is obviously that it’s really easily detachable and to detach the keyboard. You don’t need to detach the entire case, and this back cover kind of still stays on, which still leaves you with that nice smooth tablet, feeling that you get or that i really wanted. You know if i don’t want to use the case. I just kind of take off um the keyboard set it aside and i’m using the tablet. However, i would normally – and the best thing about that is it – has this little flap here, where you can hide at the espn one of my biggest issues before was you know? Where do i put the pen see? I just dropped it because that’s what i do i’m, where do i put the pen while i’m? Not using, do i keep it at the top, then it’s kind of slides around when i’m holding it? Do i keep it at the back, then again it does the same thing. You can kind of knock off um since i’ve had this case. I have not lost the pen or dropped it once because as soon as i’m, not using you know if i’m using i’m using it as soon as i’m, not using it and open that up pop, it back close the cover, and it gives you something to grip.

Like i can just kind of wave this around, i shouldn’t really um, but it gives you something to grip gave you gives you gives you come on come on. What is wrong with my speech? It gives you something to grip, and yes, if you are uh wondering what that wallpaper is, this is a a a shot from uh one of peter mckinnon’s videos, uh it’s, actually one of his thumbnail for one of his videos. I really like his work. I like his photography – and i love coffee, so um me and him have that in common, i guess um but yeah. I really like that. The wallpaper here, um so i’ve just kind of used it as my lock screen background because pretty cool – and i want to recreate this uh or something similar to this soon so keep an eye on my instagram. For that so yeah. I can use the tablet as i wanted to one two three, two man. This is not going well for me, and on top of that, when i do need to use the keyboard pop it on work straight away, i still barely use um the uh, the tab in what’s that mode called dex samsung dexmo. I barely use this type in samsung dex mode. However, when i’m typing, when i’m, you know writing up tweets uh, you know posting something on instagram uh, because all my stuff is integrated. I tend to use the tab to upload and and make my posts, because it’s just easier for me than typing on my phone for obviously depending on convenience.

Okay, depending on convenience, don’t judge me whatever. So i do use the keyboard a lot and i regret when i say that i don’t want a laptop replacement because it still doesn’t replace my laptop. However, it’s just that accessory that you felt that you wouldn’t need, but you ended up needing and that that’s all i’m really going to say if you are thinking about purchasing this keyboard case. For for the samsung galaxy tab, s7 series, then all i can say is that it doesn’t feel flimsy it’s a good build. It feels good to type with, obviously it’s, not perfect. It won’t be as good as an actual laptop but it’s it’s. Damn close same damn. I think i am it’s it’s really really close to giving you that laptop feel, especially if you use the um tab itself index mode perfectly works. The trackpad is really good, it’s a little bit slow for me, but i tend not to use the trackpad that much anyway i mean it’s a touchscreen it’s a tab. So i just kind of use the touch for everything, for maybe the finer stuff i’ll use the trackpad but um. It still does the job it’s it’s a pretty good trackpad it’s, not horrible um, the keys themselves press quite nicely, and they feel quite good when you’re typing and well. It has it’s. Never given me a lot of issues while i’ve been typing, it just feels like normal keyboard, so yeah.

If you guys have picking one of these up, then uh it’s. Definitely a good idea link in the description box below that’s all i’m going to say on this topic today. I hope you guys enjoyed that nice short video and you know if you want to see more content related to tech related to reviews gaming. Whatever, then, please, let me know in the comment section below what kind of videos you want to see on my channel and if you enjoyed today’s video, then do hit that like button and if you enjoy my content in general, hit that smash hit. That smash yes hit, that smash blue smash that subscribe button and click that notification bell.