So then you look at the tab at 7, fe and yeah. It looks pretty similar, but then you see the regular tab s7, which is slightly more expensive so, which should you choose lets start comparing these two and find out Music. Now the cost of the tab at 7 fe its gon na start at 529, bucks for the wi fi version, and then you can get the regular tab s7 for around 650 bucks and thats going to be for the wi fi version, but its been on sale. Several times where it dips down to around 550 bucks storage wise its going to start out at 64 gigabytes on the fe model and then 128 gigabytes on the regular tab. S7. That goes up to 256 gigabytes on the fe and 512 gigabytes on the regular tab. S7 good thing is both tablets. Take a micro, sd card up to one terabyte. Now, when it comes to the screens of these two tablets, both look actually really good. Youll notice, the regular tab s7 is a little bit brighter and then the fe version and then obviously the fe version is larger at 12.4 inch versus 11 inch on the regular tab. S7. Both tablets have 2560 by 1600 resolution, so its really gon na depend on. If you need that extra real estate, you also get 120 hertz on the regular tab s7. So the real question here is: do you need a tablet bigger than 11 inches? Then yeah? You definitely want to take a look at the fe version, otherwise the regular tab.

S7 is probably going to be a little bit better for you now when it comes to battery life. This is where it gets. A little interesting youve only got a 8 000 milliamp hour battery on the regular tab. S7. Then you get a really big. 10. 090 milliamp hour battery on the tab s7 fe. However, during my battery drain test, i only got six hours on the fe and seven and a half hours on the regular tab. S7. So were talking an hour and a half longer for the smaller tab. S7 good thing is: youve got fast charging on both tablets. Performance wise is going to be sort of obvious on this one. You are going to get better performance on the more expensive, regular tab, s7 and depending on which version you get. You only get four gigabytes on the cheapest fe model versus six gigabytes on the cheapest regular tab. S7. So yeah. If you want the tablet with better performance, its obviously going to be the smaller tab s7. But in my testing i feel like the fe model has pretty good performance, so i would be fine with either now. Gaming is also going to be somewhat similar to performance, but you get hd graphics and high frame rates, whether youre on the smaller tab, s7 or the bigger s7 fe. And to me the graphics and gameplay, was nice and smooth on both so sure. For some of the more intense games, youre – probably going to want the smaller tab, seven and i have to admit it – is easier to play with the smaller tab s7, depending on what kind of game youre playing.

But for me i actually like gaming on both and again, i think its gon na come down to personal preference. If youre, okay, with a larger screen and youre gon na use a controller to play most games, then the s7 fe is gon na be fine. Now the speakers on these two tablets, you get two akg stereo speakers on the fe model and then you get four akg stereo speakers on the regular tab. S7. Both have dolby atmos and both have done a really good job at speaker placement. But when you do compare them, it is obvious. The regular tab. Seven is a little bit louder and does sound a little bit better. Has better bass better overall sound its, not a huge difference, but just enough that you notice Music Music. Now, in my testing, when you compare the cameras on these two tablets, its not really a huge difference well other than you do get 4k resolution on the rear camera for the regular tab s7, and you do get a wide angle. Lens quality on both tablets are just okay. I still feel like you can get better video and picture quality from like a mid range cell phone, especially if youre gon na be doing zoom calls or any kind of video conferencing Music. Uh me heh. Now, when it comes to software on these two tablets, theyre going to be very similar like when you swipe to the left of the home screen, you get either the google news feed on the fe version or you get samsung free on the regular tab.

S7. Nice thing is both of these actually have decks overall youre going to get a very similar software experience, regardless of which tablet you choose and youre going to be able to connect these to an external display when using dax for both tablets. Now there are a lot of similarities between these two tablets, but the regular tab. Seven does have a fingerprint scanner right on the power button which can come in handy at times where the fe model does not the bigger galaxy tab. S7 fe is gon na weigh a little bit more as well, but that is to be expected for such a large tablet. You also get a bluetooth, enabled s pen on the regular tab s7. But, to be honest, i tested both of these and i dont really notice much of a difference. There may be some instances where you get more features with the bluetooth enabled one, but for what i would be using it for i dont really feel like its a big enough difference for me to say: oh you definitely want this s pen. Over the other i mean theyre, both really good, and you cant get much better than this when it comes to android tablets. So hopefully, this video gave you a little bit closer. Look at these two tablets. If youre trying to decide between these two, they do have a lot in common, but there are a few things that may make you lean one way or the other.

I really think its going to come down to how youre going to use this tablet. For me, i know which one i would choose, because i like big tablets and i cannot lie so if youve made it this far into the video you may want to say thanks by subscribing and dont forget, to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.