S7. Fe that i have here lets go ahead and jump in all right and my number one favorite thing about this tablet is going to be the size of it. Now many of you havent found the channel for a while. So you do know, i have large hands here, but this is a pretty large tablet. It stands at 12.4. Inches matching. You know that same display the same display that we have on the galaxy tab, s7 plus so 12.4 inches for this display here, its a tft display. The resolution is 1600 by 2564.. Those of you who, like large tablets, this is pretty much a dream. You know as long as its priced right, but anyway, so this is a pretty large tablet and itll be great for people. You know artists prefer you know. Generally, i see a lot of artists commenting in the video talking about the size of the display. As being one of the main things that attracts them to this tablet here, so you have a pretty large display here, its also good for entertainment, pretty awkward, if you using it, you know as a controller to actually play a game, but if you actually can wirelessly Connect like a ps4 or ps5 controller to it, its great for entertainment, like playing games or even just watching movies, all right so guys lets go ahead and talk about the next one here. The second best of my second favorite thing about this tablet is going to be the performance not necessarily because its the fastest or the most powerful tablet out there, its just that for a mid range tablet, its packed with some pretty decent specs right.

So, depending on the model or the variant that you go for here, if you go for the 5g variant, then you will get a snapdragon 750 g here, whereas if you go for the wi fi model, you will get an sd 778, so performance again. My unit here is the 5g variant and its been pretty good. You know, day to day tasks. Definitely no issues there. Light moderate to even some level of high productivity task would be handled with no issues on here now, if you go super super high productivity, as if you were working on like an ipad pro or type seven plus, you know a tablet. Seven then. Obviously, you encounter some issues there, so performance is definitely pretty good for something that is a mid range tablet and by the way, quickly before i move on to the next one. If this is your first time visiting well welcome to the channel, of course, im, certainly hoping that you are enjoying the content so far and if you are, i truly appreciate that. Please do me a huge favor hit, both the like and the subscribe button. There tremendous boost to this channel again. I very much appreciate that all right so lets go ahead and jump into the next one here, and my third favorite thing about this table here is going to be obviously support for the samsung s. Pen does look like the galaxy tab: seven plus s pen, but its just the standard.

Samsung s pen is filled with all of the standard. You know s pen features very, very good. Well, the experience that the s pen offers is really an amazing experience. If youve ever used an s pen, then you probably know what im talking about fantastic feedback. You know pressure level. Look great now, im, not talking necessarily in terms of you know, im, not saying that my favorite thing about this is the s pen because of the latency. Latency is not that good when compared to what you have on the tab, s7 plus, but it still offers a fantastic experience as long as youre, using like all of the basic features that are offered by samsung on this s. Pen here and those basic features are way better. You know much more than what you get on most styluses out there. My fourth favorite thing about this tablet is going to be the new usb type c port which actually pushes out video signal. That is just a fantastic feature when you know lets say if you decide to use this tablet as a primary or a secondary, monitor youll. Be able to do that using that us, you know, youll be able to connect to an external monitor or an external computer. Using that usb type, c, port and youll be able to you know, push out video signal. That is also it comes in handy when youre, using something like dex, so youre able to like you, know, get a different screen and be able to toggle back and forth.

You know extend that display into a second screen. That is really a neat feature. My fifth favorite thing about this tablet, of course, is going to be just the support for fast charge. Well, specifically, the support for 45 were fast charged for something as large as this, and you may have heard me say this in my review. The battery life, its not fantastic, but just the ability to be able to get everything back in a short period of time is really just a very awesome feature to have. So that is my fifth favorite thing about this tablet. All right lets go ahead and talk about my top five least favorite things about this tablet, and i want to start off with what you guys already know its the price, its priced wrong. I cant talk about the price on this tablet without getting frustrated every time, because i feel like samsung. Just you know, lets not go there. I just dont, like the price, the price point, its its just wrong for this tablet here and added to that, you know for people who would normally be offered to go for a different option for an alternative. You know people in india actually are having issues ordering or going for like the galaxy tab, s7 or tablet 7 plus, which, by the way, should be the way to go rather than paying what youll be paying for this one, whether its you know, 600, 630, 580.

Whatever the price may be in your region, its always better to go for the regular type of seven but anyway in india, theyre not able to do that thats. Another frustrating thing just about this is like they price this so high, but yet they dont even give you the alternative to go for something else, because this is price too high, but anyway thats the price for you. So the next one here is going to be the ram size. The base version, like the one that i have here, is only four gigs of ram. That was kind of a disappointment because you thats the same thing: you get with the galaxy tab, s6, lite right and again with that one price wherever its priced 350 or 300 or 250, wherever you can get it for that cheap four gigs of ram for base Model, that is just that is pretty neat on here: four gigs of ram price, where its priced at yeah, plus we were expecting an upgrade when, when it came to ram size sure you could get that if you go up to the next tier but thats the Base version of four gigs of ram, not a fan of that right, because you know, if youre really trying to take your multitasking to the next level, its not a productivity tablet per se. But lets say you just happen to want to do a lot more then. That means you would have to go for something you know for the next year.

That would offer you that six gigs or the next one after that, but anyway the next one is also almost related to this – is going to be the base internal storage. You have this, you know with the base storage of 64 gigs again, just like the tablet. 6 light so pretty much no upgrades when it came to when it comes to either the ram or the base internal storage. So you have this 64 gigs of internal storage. Sure you can expand that storage at up to one terabyte using a micro sd card, but we were hoping we were hoping for something you know for whichever one would be the you know tablet coming out after the galaxy tab, s6 light that would be in the Mid range category to come out with something at a higher base. Storage now – and i know some people might say: hey you know apple usually give people 32, gigs or 64 gigs sure you know apple is known for that, but its just that. We also know that samsung tends to be not as stingy as apple when it comes down to storage and we were hoping to see samsung do better in this case now, in this particular case they didnt, and we see that they do better. In a lot of cases, they always offer, you know pretty generous amount of storage, but anyway thats just that my next one here is going to be the lack of a fingerprint sensor.

I had really hoped for them to add either an optical or just the natural physical fingerprint sensor to this. If you again, if youve been following the channel for a while, i keep saying it, then you know that i really like when you have that physical fingerprint sensor it just unlocks the tablet. You know so quickly and its so secure so thats thats. Just that the last one here is going to be just the refresh rate here, you have it standing at 60hz, so the refresh rate here is standing at 60hz. If youve used a tablet with a high refresh rate before then you do know what that experience is, like. You know its always tough to immediately switch from 120 hertz to you know six euros like lets say when im using my tab s7. If i immediately switch to this guy, you could immediately notice the difference, so it would have been nice to have a something higher 90 hertz if thats, something that they could implement. That would have been nice to have here, but anyway that was just my take, and the one thing i want to add here is that if the price was right on this tablet, it would actually eliminate a bunch of the you know a bunch of my top Five favorite there, because i would say: well, you know what at least its priced right, the reason, those five things that i have that you know i say i dont like about this tablet – are there its simply because this guys priced so high that i would expect Those things to also be better right, so thats just my take.

I would love to hear what you think of this share.