Florence actually did a review of the galaxy tab. S7 fe fe stands for fan edition mid range tablet. She actually theres a lot to like thats coming up next. This is now you can go by the way i reviewed this tablet for gizmodo.com you can go read. The review is up on the main page to scroll down a bit, but the nice thing about this tablet is this case. I tell you, it is everything it is everything this keyboard is really comfortable. I was able to type as fast as 108 words per minute on it, um, which you know coming from a mechanical keyboard. I wasnt sure that id be able to do that, but thankfully i was with this fellow case lets: go through some specs, so the galaxy tab s7 fe that stands for fan edition. What samsung does is it takes? These basically takes its best selling models and kind of dials down the specs, a little bit dials down the price and makes it a little more affordable for folks. This tablet starts at 530 dollars for the wi fi only version. I reviewed the 5g version, however, which has different innards than the wi fi, only version so thats. What im about to read next so, in addition to 5g support this ones, android 111. uh its 12.4 inch display, which is as big as you think. It is 16. 10 uh display resolution 2560 by 1600 is the screen size and, unfortunately, this is an lcd display, so its not samsungs patented oled, which might be a bummer for some folks.

Also. The fact that this is not a 120 hertz refresh rate, like the lenovo p12 pro that was recently announced its only 60 hertz, but that will pay off for you and ill mention that in a second snapdragon, 750 g is whats powering this its a very decidedly Mid range processor, uh, the benchmarks for it were pretty middling and kind of gave me cause for concern for how this would hold up over time again ill extrapolate on that in just a bit. Microsd uh is available in this up to one terabyte, which youre going to want to take advantage of, because this 5g version only comes in 64 gigs, so its pretty small. Actually, when you think about it, eight megapixel real camera, which is pretty good. Five megapixel front camera, which i appreciate, because – and this is something by the way that youll see on the new ipads, which is kind of still kind of a bummer, but what they did is they put lets see they put a they put the camera right here In the middle, which is its in the middle uh landscape mode, usually its in the middle portrait mode on a tablet which is kind of not the way people would set up a tablet that they were working on. So this works better. If you want a tablet for video conferencing and the megapixels are pretty good, actually so its actually better than what ive got with some of the windows and chrome os laptops that ive tested so thats nice uh, face unlock, is included on this.

Its very fast i dont, even smile it just immediately unlocks um its got two stereo speakers with dolby atmos. They sound really good. I listened to a couple albums with it. S pen is included in this package, which is really nice, and if you get the folio case for it, theres two ways to take it along with you. You can snap it via magnet on the back hold on, because you have to actually its buttoned down snap. It on the back like that, which is really nice. Okay, that looks good or when you open up the tablet folio case, which, by the way, is sold separately theres this little magnetic like there we go. It works this little magnetic shelf right here, and so, when you stand the tablet up in its keyboard mode, the s pen actually lives behind the keyboard, so its kind of hidden away, if youre not using it, which is really nice, and then you can close the Folio case with the s pen and that little its not doing it right now because but yeah and then you just take your tablet along like this, so very thoughtful. Very thoughtful legs picked out yeah couple things that i really love the display is gorgeous, even though its not 60 hertz, its okay um. You will only really notice it with like panning through interface and stuff, like that, its not like im playing games on this thing. Battery life is incredible: thats, honestly, the reason that you would get this and its helped in part by that low refresh rate um.

I got about 12 hours more than 12 hours of battery out of this thing, 10. 00. Ninety milliamp battery pack is inside the galaxy tab, s7 fe that actually in the gizmodo test that outlasted a lot of the other tablets that we have on staff, so really good for that um keyboard, as i mentioned very comfortable and then the coupe de gras is The dex mode, when i tell you that dex mode is just as good as using chrome os, i mean its got a dock, its got a hidden away, app drawer. Its got windows that you can just move around the screen and uh minimize and maximize as you like. You will have to go into some dexlab mode to be able to uh resize any app of your choosing, but it was for the most part. It was fine. Even with the apps that it was not and by the way, just on that note with the android apps, its still like, really cumbersome to try and run them on chrome os. Even with all of the improvements that google has made – and i found that what samsung has done with his decks just works a little bit better, they they figured out and also because its natively android that youre running here so its not this emulation situation that you Would have on like chrome os its it is an android app, its just being resized um, which is nice. I edited photos wrote articles surf the web watch tv.

I did everything on this tablet, its like super comfortable. The only thing i didnt do was add a mouse to it. You still have to kind of get used to tapping along the screen. Thats always a thing um, but again. The last thing i will leave you with is the thing i dont like about. This is for is price. Its a very mid range tablet. Uh, the 5g version comes with four gigs of ram, which is middling in this day and age and im, just it its whatever samsung has done on the back end seems to be fine for now, just as i use it, but im definitely afraid of what it Will feel like six months from now, but and im not sure that ill have the experience, because i may have to send back the tablet as its just a loner. But i really do like it other than that, and i kind of wish that i had a couple more instances where i could test this out as like a mobile writing device, the um the fan edition phones like um, i havent had any personal experience with the Fan edition phones have you and when you, and when, because i know that people you know ive read a decent amount of reviews of some of samsungs fan. Edition phones and reviewers seem to be pretty positive on what samsung was doing with their fan. Edition phones, im just kind of curious if that pos.

Those positive elements like is this a good? Is this a good translation of fan edition into the tablet world based on what we know about fan edition phones like do you think samsungs kind of taken their secret sauce and implemented it well in the tablet side here i think this is supposed to be a Affordable version of the ipad pro the bigger ipad, just the idea, if you want that giant 12 inch screen its probably because you want to do work on it, you want to do photo editing. You want to use a stylus for people who are not inclined to go the ipad route. I actually think this is a really good uh replacement. I was. I was really surprised at how much i like this tablet. I was expecting to be kind of down on it because of the specifications. So, but you know me i i worry for the long term, because we have to think about that in the android realm well, but but thats. The thing, though, is that, like what i think tablets get such a bad rap lately, and i think that theyre you know this is we got a sampling size of a couple of good tablets here that you know you set your expectations for how much youre, paying And what the average lifespan is of it, but you know like i, i dont think a tablet is going to be something that youre going to get five years of use out of and once you have that, and you accept that you know yeah so but im Not talking five years im talking like will it be okay, a year from now thats honestly, what im thinking of thats, fair, thats, fair, then just because i, but i think id like to think that samsung knows better in 2021 and that i hope that whatever concessions They made on this tablet works, but i also seeing what apple did today with its tablet.

Announcement makes me want that kind of god, its just we dont have tablets in the android world, and so, whenever somebody releases one, you cant help but feel a little dubious, yeah yeah thats. True, i mean the the track record is not there not nearly as uh those those grooves in the road are not nearly as defined as they are on the apple side. Precisely the apple is the apple. Ipad is a really great tablet like it. Just is um, and i think on the android side were constantly like gauging against that, and there are good tabas its not to say that there arent good tablets in the android world, its just its just. You want more of them. You know were used to so much variety and and choice on the phone side of things, which means theres a lot of good and theres a lot of bad and we kind of want that in tablet. And sometimes it feels just so sparse and like youre picking from the only three that exist or something which might not even be a real evaluation, theres, probably a heck of a lot more tablets out there. So you dont know about them, and you dont know what the what the reputation is behind them necessarily samsung does a really great job with that. You know with with this kind of mid range hardware stuff. So if youre going to trust anyone in the android world, you can probably trust samsung when it comes to.

You know this kind of hardware um compared to their a series, yeah thats. True they have their a series. It is really nice by the way like having 5g on a tablet, yeah, oh sure, to worry about tethering or anything yeah. I can understand that completely cool the galaxy tab. S7 fe for fan edition uh, do make sure and head over to gizmodo.com and check out flos full review that will sound familiar from this review, but it also has yes, also has its own nuggets. Uh too, give me the hits all right makes me look good. There we go yes, please do that. Android is constantly evolving and if youre part of the android faithful, then youll be just as excited about it. As i am im jason howell host of all about android, along with my co, hosts florence ion and ron richards where every week we cover the news, we cover the hardware and we cover the apps that are driving the android ecosystem. Plus we invite people who are writing about android talking about android and making android onto the show every tuesday at twit.tv. Look for all about android keep up with all the hottest tech news and gadgets visit, twit dot tv there youll be able to find and subscribe to all.