Folks. Welcome back to the channel here. Second, video of the year and Im still sticking with Samsung here, jumping right in the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S7 Fe is not worth buying right now why? The reason is simple: they pretty much reverted to the original price 530 dollars for the base model with 64 gigs of internal storage. If you remember, if youve been following the channel for a while, then you probably remember that I absolutely hated that price. So the price is back to that 530, making it not worth buying right now. Now that doesnt mean that the tablet is not good. Remember Ive told you Ive made multiple videos explaining and telling you guys how good this tablet is for mid range right, because this is a mid range tablet. It is pushing a Snapdragon 778 for the Wi Fi model. If you were to go for the 5G version, then that should be a 750. I believe 750 gee, the Snapdragon 750g, so you know specs slightly lower than the Wi Fi model, oddly enough, but anyway so dont buy this. I would actually strongly advise for you to. You know pick up, maybe a refurbished. If you wanted this one specifically, I would say: go ahead and pick up, maybe a refurbished unit from like Amazon or Ebay and all that good stuff. Otherwise, if you were to go, buy this, whether you go to Best Buy, you know, Samsung, all of the regular retailers are now selling this at the original 530.

Now, what I would advise for you to do if you dont, want to pick up a used, or you know, refurbished unit. I would say just wait right once we come close as we are coming close to the upcoming Samsung unpacked event, there is a chance that they would drop the price of bundle. These up, you know with the deals. Maybe if you were to pick up the Samsung Galaxy s22 or the s22 Plus or the ultra, you may be able to squeeze this at a you know: 30 40 off, like they normally do now. Ive seen Samsung. Do this a ton of time? So if you are in the market for one right now, I as of the shooting of this video today, is the 12th or the 13th. I would say: go ahead and hold on until the 1st of February during the Samsung unpacked event and pre order, your phone, and they include this Im, pretty sure they will add this to the bundle or they will have these things at discounted prices. Now, with all that being said, if you were to get yourself on a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab, S7 Fe for about 400 bucks or for 20. Id say thats a good price, it is still worth it in 2023.. Now, if you remember this, guy dropped in May of 2021, I believe May of 2021 with Android 11. So we are looking at three major upgrades right, so were looking at 12, 13 and 14 and an additional year of security updates right.

So that is really good support and to those of you who dont know a lot of people, think that once the support has expired, that simply means that you cant use your tablet. No thats, not the case, especially not an Android tablet. In fact, you a little bit more limited with Apple tablets when that support Runs Out than you are with Android tablet, thats, just the way it works, but anyway, so after that three years or that four years Ive gone by, you can still use your tablet. In fact, youll still be able to download your applications and all of that good stuff here and there you would have some stuff thats, not as optimized as all of the tablets that are current right, and that only makes sense. But anyway, just to tell you that even in 2023, us you are contemplating, you know picking up a copy of this. Just know that you still have you know a good chunk of time to really use up. You know all of the support, and even after that, you can still use your tablet now to those of you not familiar with this tablet here, even though Im holding it with one hand kind of whipping it around here this is a 12.4 inches. This is a pretty wide tablet and that display is a TFT display, but it looks absolutely amazing because its made by Samsung right so a TFT display made by Samsung is not the same as a TFT display made by an unknown company right.

So thats just my way of telling me that this is a great display you will enjoy this. You know playing video games watching movies. So in terms of entertainment, it is a fantastic display, especially for something if you happen to pick up at 400. So the resolution here by the way is 1600 by 2560, so you are looking at image quality that is fairly sharp now, unfortunately, this does not support 120 hertz refresh rate. So if you were to compare this to like a Samsung, Galaxy type S7 or its a Titus 8 or a type S8 plus, and all that good stuff, you see, you know youll be able to notice that as you scroll down theres a huge difference between how Smooth they are compared to this, but of course, if you were to just buy this alone, itll just look like a normal tablet. Right youll be able to use it without any issues. Now, in terms of physical attributes, on the back here, you have an eight megapixel camera rear facing camera and a five megapixel front facing camera. One of the things that I like about the cameras on the newer generation of Samsung tablets is the fact that they are placed on on the long arm right so on the long side of the tablet there and thats how you want your camera to be located Right, so you want to be able to hold your tablet this way and be able to look at the person youre talking to, but anyway lets jump on to the additional physical features.

Here, what you have your power button? There volume rocker, of course, as always, you have your dual setup for the speakers right. The speakers are tuned by AKG. They sound very, very good. You have a USB type c port here, so thats very good for fast transfer and of course you have a micro SD card slot here. So you do have the ability to expand the storage here at up to one terabyte. Remember when you pick up one of these youre looking at 64, gigs of internal storage with four gigs of RAM now lets talk about performance, I guess so four gigs of RAM, and that is coupled with that Snapdragon. 778. In the case, you pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab: S7 Fe Wi Fi model here its a good tablet, its a good mid range tablet. I should say its a good mid range tablet, because when you have that combo of that chipset with that 4GB of ram that actually permits you to do a pretty decent level of you know: multitasking productivity and all of that good stuff and speaking of productivity. You may know this already: we have Samsung Dex here this here support Samsung Dex, so youre able to like open multiple windows and be able to toggle between multiple Windows without any issues right its a very, very nice feature, all right, so lets go ahead and talk Battery here you do have a pretty large battery right, so I should imagine its a large tablet, like I said, 12.

4 inches tablet here. This is very nice for people who are on the budget, but who want larger. You know very large displays, whether you buying it for entertainment or whether you are an artist, and you want to join speaking of artists if you are an artist. This is the Samsung S Pen in case you are not aware. This stylus here does come included with the tablet here. You dont have to pay extra for it, and this is one of the best styluses you will find on the market for a tablet right. So you do have the core Samsung function that are here. You know the core function that you would need on the stylus, whether its you know, drag and drop. You know drawing, and you know, pressure sensitivity. You know Palm projection. All of that good stuff. You do have that here. The experience using the Samsung S Pen here is very, very positive. I absolutely love it now Im going to stop right here. This is not really meant to be a review of this. This was more of a recap to tell you why it is still worth it. If you can pick it up at a good price, let me know what you think in the comment section so lets get that conversation going.