, its not about how much tech you have but how its being used. I went through all the best tablets and pc recommendations for students to find the very best one, its here – Music. Yes, i didnt choose the ipad pro or the surface laptops, because budget is very important to students, among other things, like note, taking entertainment and portability, notes and studying will take up 85 of a students time and so its super important that it makes note taking easy. But also revising and organizing them easy as well. Now i dont know when was the last time i stopped handwriting notes its so messy its hard to go back over and it gets really disorganized quickly. Now, with the tab fe, i have it right here. I use two main apps notion and anki, which allow me to take notes and organize all of my notes very nicely in one place. If you want to learn more about how i study comment down below and when i want to add to my notes, like things i find online or textbook definitions, the pen makes it super easy. I can do it in just a matter of seconds. All i have to do is find the diagram or definition i want to add into my notes, open the pen, icon and then click smart, select and select exactly what i want. Then i can simply share it to my note, taking app in notion and add it to the right section and just like that, im able to continue updating and upgrading my notes, no matter what kind of resources i come across and thats awesome fam, i cant do It properly because its so cold here it its it was like 20 20 degrees or 19 degrees.

Last night, im just not even kept. I know the toronto fam is colder relax, but it is cold here too, if youre typing notes on this device. Its also super easy, because samsung actually has a dedicated keyboard for these devices. It costs quite a bit, but those keyboards are pretty solid and you can add them onto this tablet and start typing up your notes. If thats, what youre about and when im sitting in lecture, i like to use the samsung notes app, which, by the way fam its so underrated its like its awesome, its one of the best note taking apps around and this large 12.4 inch screen gives you tons Of real estate to write out your notes as youre, you know, watching the lecture um and the pen latency isnt that bad its perfectly fine for students. The other thing is because its samsung notes its again super easy to take my notes and send them to the right topic or destination in my notions app. So i have my handwritten notes there, as well as my typed up notes and all those other resources all organized in one place. Now it doesnt stop there. If you thought thats, all it could do youre absolutely wrong, because this tablet also has this mode its called samsung dex, which opens up a very windows esque browser experience which takes multitasking to the next level. For example, i can have apps like anki notion and google chrome running side by side at the same time, and samsung dex also allows you to connect this to a bigger, monitor display.

So you can literally using that keyboard that it comes with, have a dual monitor setup with just this tablet and it really burns into a whole computer. Now my throat is getting dry, damn it now. One thing to note, though, is you if you do it plan to multitask and use multiple apps like i just showed you definitely want to get the six gigabyte variant where its available, some of my viewers say that its not available in singapore, indonesia and the philippines. I understand that, but if you have the choice of getting the six gigabyte variant definitely go for that. One now note taking is just one of the uses. A student is going to have what about entertainment. There are no issues here. People um lets start with the screen size, youre, talking 12.4 inches and ive had tons of fun. Viewing content on this screen im talking two three hour: long, anime films that went by in just absolute bliss, okay, the speakers this has two on the sides are also very powerful, and the sound quality is surprisingly good. Now, in content, the only downside i have to mention is that this display is lcd, its not uh amoled, like other samsung devices, but its still a samsung device, its a samsung display. So even though its lcd, it still looks really nice really gorgeous and super vibrant. But i do know that some people get annoyed by that. Like you, just cant go to an lcd anymore.

If thats you, then you can pay a hundred dollars extra and upgrade to the s7 plus that has an amoled display and 120 hertz refresh rate this one. Only has 60 but ammo led 120. Hertz is not what students need. Those are like added luxuries, so i didnt really, you know, include them here. The main thing with this is that its easily going to last you three four years, no problems, the the hardware and the software thats built in here is here to stay and talking about hardware lets talk about portability. This thing is very light: thin and extremely rigid. Youre still getting a full aluminum body and like if it looks like premium as well, like you theres, no way you look at this and youre like oh, that doesnt look premium it absolutely the sharp defined edges and how the glass is sunk into the side. All around the tablet it looks beautiful. It really is one of the most gorgeous looking tablets, um ive reviewed here, and not only that for students because of how tiny this tablet is, you can carry your textbooks. Your notes, your flashcards everything in this versus and ive got this just for you guys always like. Would you rather carry all this garbage or literally have everything this can have in this kind of form factor come on you make the decision lets go right now. Tell me what do you want? Tell me in the description? No, why do i keep asking you guys to tell me in description? You cant you just cant a few things you do want to watch out, for this is important again.

If the lcd display is something thats going to annoy you you just we want the amoled pay, the hundred dollars extra get the s7 plus, but if you dont have the budget for the s7 plus then go ahead and buy an older generation ipad air. These are perfectly good devices. They do have much better display than this one like its not better it just doesnt have those lcd, pixels youll, see here, but its still super vibrant, but this older generation ipad will still be able to do everything. This can but obviously youre missing out on this 12.4 inch display, which is integral when it comes to just writing, notes and just continuing to write, notes and then being able to add all that under a single topic and remember if you do expect to multitask using Samsung dex – or you want to add more monitor, displays to this, then definitely upgrade and get the six gigabyte ram variant because thats, the only one thats going to be able to properly handle those multiple apps. The 4gb in the base model, is gon na really stutter. When it comes to that stuff, i hope you guys enjoyed todays mini review and recommendation and think think about this. If you hit the subscribe button and no one from the future comes back to stop you how bad of a decision could it really be? Why not? Why not give it a try of him come on? I think its gon na be maybe here i dont click it please, please fat come on and go ahead and like the video, if you liked it, please dont dislike it, it doesnt really matter.

Anyways um comment down below. If you have any questions or any recommendations for me any product, you want to check out next and im gon na see you guys in the next one. Take it easy peace get out of here.