This is trying to do the same thing now. Thats a tall order to follow does it succeed were going to find out now. So this is a fairly premium 12.4 inch, android 11 tablet with one ui 3.1, so that is the same size screen and the same resolution as you would get with the tab s7 plus, which starts at 850 dollars. But this one starts at 530. So this is a significant cost saving if you want to give it parity with storage, 128 gigs, and that would be 600 for this model. Its 6.3 millimeters thin and its an aluminum design casing its available in four different colors and it weighs 608 grams. So its very light as well and yes, it works with the keyboard covers that are already on the market from samsung the book cover, which is the more expensive one, thats 230 dollars that came out for the tab, s7 plus, but also with the newer, less expensive. 160 dollar model that lacks the trackpad, but is also a lot lighter. So for those of you who arent using samsung decks, particularly probably youre, okay, without having a trackpad on and just using the included s pen, yay, which you can attach somewhat assuredly magnetically up top. But theres also a strip on the back, just like there is for the regular tab s7 family. This is not the bluetooth enabled pen theyre, all wacom emr, which doesnt require any power to work as a pen with pressure, sensitivity and tilt.

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Thats meant to compete with the ipad pro also expensive line of tablets right. So what did they cut here? To drop the price tag? You do get a 2k displays, 2560 by 1600, so 16 by 10 aspect ratio and its a very nice display that reaches nearly 600 nits, but its not oled, unlike the s7 plus. So i know fan edition you might say: hey, we fans, love oled. We want that, but youre not going to get it here instead of the snapdragon 865 youre, getting the snapdragon 750 g, which isnt as fast a processor, now its perfectly adequate for everyday use and even for playing games like i played call of duty mobile, which is Pretty demanding – and it was just fine – but if you get into the whole multitasking thing multi window, all that sort of thing and running decks, then youll notice its not as fast as the s7 plus or multitasking on an ipad pro, which is a super fast tablet That said, we also have the lower end model and that one has four gigs of ram. If you go with the higher capacity storage, you can get it with 128 or 256 gig. Then itll have six gigs because of ram instead of our carrier version, which is four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage. It is available with 5g. In fact, there you go so ours happens to be on t. Mobile and data speeds are fine on it.

Not as many bands as you would see on a phone but adequate coverage, certainly or you can just get the regular wi fi model. If you want you do get gps on board. Wi fi, five, not six! I know samsung specs page might be wrong about that. But we have wi fi, five on board and bluetooth, as well as youd hope. This has 2d facial recognition, the kind thats not very secure, but it is very convenient but theres, no fingerprint scanner on board. So for those of you who, like that for samsung pay and all that sort of thing, youre gon na, have to enter your pin instead that im kind of surprised at honestly in this price range that they didnt throw in a fingerprint scanner. You know one on the side. I dont mean an under display or something like that. This has two stereo speakers: theyre akg branded versus the four youll get on the standard s7 models, but they sound pretty good. I for a tablet this size, you expect some bass. There is some bass, it gets pretty loud. It will disport if its destroyed, if you put it at max volume but pretty much. What doesnt in the world of tablets? Okay, maybe except an ipad. The s pen on board is fantastic, as always: wacom emr is just lovely stuff, very competitive with the apple pencil and for those of you who use wacom, cintiq products, youre familiar with the technology, its better than wacom, aes or n trig.

Now called microsoft pen protocol, it feels very natural. The lines are just silky and flowing the pressure. Sensitivity of 4096 pressure levels is very good and you do have support for tilt and theres a decent selection of art programs, including metabank paint now thats available for android tablets, and certainly enough for those of you who are budding artists. So for those who are notetakers. Youll absolutely love this very nice experience for those who are artists. I think youre also going to love it too, because wow its just an excellent, responsive experience. The only thing thats not as lovable is the very glossy display theres some reflections there, but mostly its a little bit slippery. The pen tip is a reasonable amount of grip, though, but you could always put a matte screen protector on it. If you wanted it to so for creatives, looking for spending closer to 500, not closer to a thousand dollars, and you prefer android over ios, well yeah or ipad os yeah good stuff for the camera part of creativity. Well, you know you could say well, it is a big tablet, so whatever, but its youve got a five megapixel front facing camera, an eight megapixel rear camera thats also passable its, not great um. If youre buying this for mobile photography purposes, it might not be the apex of things. Hopefully you have a phone thats, pretty good at that it has a night mode, its not particularly good at that, but if youre taking pictures in decent lighting being indoors or outdoors, the shots are pretty sharp and pretty colorful, so its not terrible stuff either.

Like i said, youve got samsung dex on board as well, and given the fact that this is a tablet, you really dont even have to plug in an external monitor, though you could, if you wanted to, but just attach the keyboard one of the keyboard cases, and You have the option of automatically running decks. If you want – or you can do it manually whatever, but for those who arent familiar, you can see it on screen. It turns into something like a desktop operating system with floating resizable windows and all that sort of thing. I know a lot of people are fans of decks and i can see why so battery life. This has the same 10, 900 milliamp battery that youll find on the tab: s7 plus thats a huge battery and theres a charger in the box. Hey, unlike samsungs, high end phones, you still get a charger. The bad news is, though, even if it supports 45 watt super fast charging and 25 watt fast charging. You get the 15 watt charger in the box. You can just do the math. That is an immense battery about three times the size which you find in many phones and youre, going to be charging at the slowest possible rate, so get a faster charger. If you can itll take about three hours to go from 10 to full with the charger thats included, if you go for the super fast 45 watt charger, it cuts it in half to about an hour and a half so thats the samsung galaxy tab, s7, fe Or a fan edition and honestly, if it wasnt for the baggage that the fe moniker brings where we expect to have just about everything we got in the standard edition.

This is a nice tablet for 250, 300 less than the s7 plus. So in that way i cant fault it youve got a reasonably fast processor, even if its not top notch. You have a very good display, its not oled, but this is a very high quality 2k resolution display with great colors, good brightness and all that sort of thing and youve got the s pen which attaches pretty securely on the back, not so much on the top. But whatever really good experience for those of you who want to try art on an android tablet, or if you want to do note taking and the keyboard case, you can either go with samsungs own and 160 is a little bit expensive. Given the spend for this itself, but of course you can use bluetooth, keyboards and all that sort of thing, im sure therell be some third parties available as well. Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up.