4 inches tablet unveiled the 5g cheaper galaxy tab. A7. Light follows the samsung galaxy tab. S7 85g is official for real this time and joining in it is the galaxy tab. A7 light which arrives in wi, fi and lte flavors, the fe model gets 5g connectivity instead, samsung galaxy tab is 7 fe 5g. This one falls somewhere between the the app seven plus 12.4 inches simulate 120 hertz, and the tab is 7 11.06 lcd, 120 hertz. It has 12.4 inches lcd with 2560 into 160. Pixel 16 is to 10, though it runs at only 60 hertz. At least it comes with android 11 and one us 3.1 out of the box. Speaking of the box inside, you will find an included s pen which can you can use for note, taking and drawing one ui also supports dex mode, so you can get a desktop like experience. The power keyboard may come in handy for this, but any bluetooth, keyboard and mouse will do too anyway. The a7f is powered by the matrix snapdragon 750. Instead, for the of the snapdragon 865 chipset of the two other slits, the base, configuration is 4gb ram and 64gb storage there’s also 6gb slash 128gb model either way you can expand the storage with up to 1tb extra using the microsd slot. The tablet has a 1090 milliampere battery matching the a7 plus and supports fast charging up to 45 watt, but you will need to supply your own charger.

You only get a 50 in what adapter in the box. If you do get a 45 watt charger, 0 200. Will take 90 minutes anyway. The battery can end your 12 hours for web browsing over wi, fi or 4g. 5G 5g is presumably more power hungry. The tablet has 5g connectivity, wi fi, 5, 2, 5.0 and gps, no nfc. The usb c port is wired for 3.2 generation. 1 speeds there’s, no 3.5 mm headphone jack, but you can use the tablets akg stereo speakers with dolby atmos support. The tablet has an 8mp camera on the back with autofocus and 4k 38ps video recording there’s no ultra wide cam on the back. One of this model on the front is a 5 megapixel cam fixed focus that can track your face during a video call to make sure you are always in the center. The samsung galaxy tab. S7 85g will be available in european from europe from samsung.com below the prices. Note that the first one in russia has only lte connectivity enabled, but otherwise appears to be. The same tablet finally has an interesting infographic about the galaxy tab. S7 ap tablet: samsung galaxy tab. A7 lite samsung galaxy tab a7 light will be available in wi fi only and 4g flavors. In both cases, you are looking at a tablet that is both smaller and cheaper than the galaxy tab. 17.4. 2020. The light has an eight point: seven inches lcd with one three four zero into eight hundred pixel resolution: fifteen inch to nine the back cover is made out of metal, but the slate is still fairly light at 366 gram and measures 8.

0 millimeter thick note that the Lt version is a few grams heavier. This model is powered by a helio p22t chipset mt87680, which has eight cortex a53 cords and power vr ge 8320 gpu. The base configuration has 3gb of ram and 32gb storage, but you can get a 4gb 64gb until if that is too cramped in both cases, the slate supports microsd cards up to 1 terabyte. A tablet has a 5100mah battery. It can be charged over usb type c. At 15 watt, so you don’t, get one included in the box. Also note that the usb c port is wired only for 2.4 speeds, so you won’t get display out so no dex mode, both the wi fi and the 4g versions of the galaxy ip7 light have wi fi, five bluetooth, 5.0 and gps. Again, no nfc, while they are not akg branded. The slate also has stereo speakers with dolby atmos support, and this one does have a 3.5 headphone jack. The admp camera on the back has autofocus, but the chipset can’t keep up with 4k, so it tops out at 1080p 30fps. The front facing camera has 2 megapixel resolution. Fixed focus should still be good enough for video calls, though the samsung galaxy tab. A7 lite will be available in europe from samsung.com, starting in mid june. Note that not all countries are getting the lte version prices built for some more interesting users. Watch this video or watch this video but surely watch and follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook links are in the description below like comment and share this video and subscribe the channel press, the bell icon catch.