We may be able to help you guys out we’re going to be talking about. Obviously this is not particularly the newest thing. This came out in august, so we’re going to do a bit of an unboxing and a full honest review, because i’ve been using it for about three months now, but also we’ve got one here to unbox as well. So pretty much, this is called the tab. S7 plus 5g, so there’s, a 5g edition right here now, we’re going to unbox that one we’ve got the silver in the box there, but this is actually what it will look like um right here. So this is what the tablet looks. Like you get a nice little pen, you just click in magnetically like that it’ll charge, your pen, um, really cool stuff right there and honestly is the best thing now, you’re probably wondering. Why did i choose this particular tablet than the ipad? Well, a few things one. It includes the pencil so that’s. Great second thing is: it has a 120 hertz fresh rate. Now that is amazing. You don’t see that on any sort of tablet or ipad at all amazing stuff, not to mention it has decks included. So you now have like a windows operating system on here that you can multitask multiple different applications resize and get all the work done. You need, if you’re i don’t, know traveling or something it really comes in handy the fact that you can open multiple different applications, resize them just like you, can do on windows.

You can do it on this tablet. Now dex is not a new thing. This is on pretty much any um samsung android phone and tablet, but you can really take advantages of the features on this particular tablet, because how fast it is it’s not going to freeze and when you’re doing it on the phone. Now, with the phone, you could pretty much what you could do. You could just run out plug a hdmi in it with um the usbc connector and plug it into your computer, and it will turn to a full um desk uh operating system. But you can do it all on here. Very easily. Don’T need to add any display. All you really need to do is buy that separate keyboard and mouse is how to get um. The touch powder gets included, but that is an extra 200, so i haven’t got that yet. But yes, if you do want to use it as a full go laptop with a touchscreen and a pen, you can do that, but you’re going to have to spend an extra 200 to buy that keyboard. Um right there. So it’s a little deer but let’s um dive into the unboxing, so we’re going to do an unboxing first and then we’re going to talk to you guys all about the specs and why? I think this tablet is going to be suitable for your work form, especially if you’re competing with this with the ipad alrighty guys let’s get started with the unboxing now pretty much when you look at it, there’s not really much information you’re going to see i’m pretty Much you’re just going to see what it’s called pretty much there.

It is tells you how much storage so this one has 256 gig, which is amazing. The color is silver and that’s. The model number right there, um, but other than that. It tells you nothing about the device, so it just tells you nothing right there, but let’s dive into it and open this up. So it’s a nice little box. Now you do actually get a charger. Unlike um apple, you do get an ar charger, which is great. So here the tablet is now: this is 12 inches. I don’t actually have the ipad on you on me, so i can’t compare the size so that’s the tablet right there now one of the big benefits when you’re choosing this samsung s7 compared to the ipad. Is you don’t get a free pin? Okay, so these come very useful. If you want to get an ipad, these are about 200 or 149 dollars. I don’t know the exact pricing on them again. It may be different, i’m, pretty sure in australian dollars, they’re about 200 or i’m, not too sure if you bought one of these. So if you were buying an ipad, you’d have to buy the i i think it’s got an eye pencil separately, which will cost you quite a bit with this samsung tablet included don’t, have the power thing and you can charge it by clicking it on the back. Also, you got your um pretty much your power, brick sort of thing here, so that’s your power, brick easy stuff – and this is another great thing.

Obviously, with this it’s going to be usbc, so we’ll get the usbc cable out there you go the nice little usbc, cable now with apple. What they do. You’Ll notice is um that both ends would be usb c now. I think that would have been really cool if they would have done that with samsung, because if you were transferring from from an ipad to obviously the samsung you need both usbc ends to transfer all your data from your ipad to the samsung, so that’s. One annoying thing that samsung has done is they’re, not both usb c but would have been great if they were, but you can just use the ipad arm charger to transfer your data other than that we’ve got a little sim tool at the back here. Oh, i don’t know if you can see that too well, you got a little sim tool and it just clicks open like this let’s see what we got in here now. Obviously, samsung doesn’t um include apple stickers. Like apple does so it just shows you how to install your sim easy stuff, your warranty card yep, all that great stuff tells you where to ship it uh yeah, so that’s everything right there now let’s open up the pretty much fabric, ish stuff on this ipad. On the um samsung, okay, so there it is right there, as you see, look at that – and that is quite an amazing and one really cool thing.

I really like about this with the ipad. The camera is here on the samsung it’s here, which is a lot easier. If you’re doing zoom calls you name it all that great stuff it’s more like a laptop base. Now one thing you will see in the promos: you see that nice beautiful keyboard and it has a nice stand now that is sold separately and it’s about 200. For that keyboard, pretty expensive stuff. Again, it is cool because it just magnetically charges in here cool stuff, but it’s a bit deep. They don’t include that. Sadly um you charge your pencil up here, you got your camera again, we’ll be telling you about the specs and all that very soon. I just wanted to do the unboxing first to give you a bit of an idea, a usb c right there and under where your sim goes, which is up here. You can put a micro sim and a nano sim in there as well. So the micro sd card is for your so micro sd card and you can put a nano sim. So if you’ve got stuff on a micro sd card, not many people carry micro, sd cards anymore, but the option is available on this particular tablet and you must have a nano sim or it will not work. Okay, um. Only if you want to be able to access 5g when you have an about and that’s pretty much everything right there now let’s talk about all the specs and so on.

I just want to show you a little bit of this um pretty much an unboxing to give you a bit of an idea what it looks like when you first unbox it and now let’s talk about all the great specs let’s dive into it. Now let’s talk about the display, so the tablet is going to be 12.4 inches and the pixels is going to be a 2800mah times 1752 and it’s going to be wqx. Ga plus super amole and the process, uh core speed and so on, is going to be a quadcon, sm, 8, 2, 5, 0, 2 and then you’re going to have an optical um, 3.09 gigahertz. So that’s going to be that there in the pro and the gpu is quad com, adreno 650 and the ram is going to be eight gigs of ram and the storage. So the storage is going to. Obviously, with this unit we did an unboxing on is going to be 256 gigs, but you get around 224 gigs available, so that’s pretty much what you get and with your micro sd, they can go anywhere up to a terabyte. Now let’s talk about the front facing camera because i think the front front facing camera is very important, so the front facing camera is going to be 8 megabits, which is going to be f 2.0, so that’s your front facing camera, then your rear camera is going To be 13 megabits and then it’s f20 for your auto focus and then you’ve got an ultra wide 5 megapixel camera, which is f2.

2 with flash, so that’s pretty much everything there now let’s talk about. If you’re recording something what sort of quality can you get? So you cannot get anything back from 4k, so you can be running full 4k. 30 frames per second. So if you want to be able to record some great um footage, you can do that alrighty guys. So hopefully you enjoyed pretty much the unboxing part and sort of me covering a bit of the specs again i’m, not a pro youtuber on the specs and that so we do apologize. If we uh sits a few things incorrect as that’s, not really my sort of videos, but i thought, since i got the samsung tablet, i wanted to do a bit of a general idea to you guys and also we’re, going to give you the last part of The video is give you my general experience, a few things really good with the tablet and a few things that i’m a little disappointed with now. One of them is probably maybe important to you, but probably isn’t is going to be the camera, so the camera is a pretty good camera. Can the um rear camera can shoot 4k? One negative thing. I will say about it. If you film out in the dark or you take pictures in the dark, you get like grainy footage. So if you’re recording a video, you’re gon na get a bit of rainy footage or the photos will have a bit of granny, you know when it has a bit of that grainy look that’s.

One thing i did find, but i compared it to the ipad. The ipad does the exact same thing. If you take pictures at night time, you see a grainy look so that’s. One thing i noticed, but the samsung tablet is perfect. When you take pictures during the day, it looks amazing natural lighting. If you’ve got good lighting, it looks amazing, sound videos, videos, look like a pro when you’re outside and you’re, actually taking them in proper natural light. The video is good, so the only negative thing is don’t. Take photos in the dark. The photos just will not turn out, they will turn out, but they’ll be a bit grainy and they’ll look a lot lower megapixels than they really are. So i recommend, if you’re, going, to use the camera at all, make sure you use it outside or in natural light now. Another super disappointing thing that i for me because i’m, a video creator. This is a massive disappointment for me, is the samsung tablet. Doesn’T have adobe premiere rush, um doesn’t pop up on the um google play store, so you search it in through google and it opens it up on the google play store and says it is not available on your tablet and it’s interesting. It doesn’t support it. So then i’ll go okay, so then i downloaded obviously the cloud adobe app and it shows you can get premier rush. So you click on it opens the galaxy store this time.

It says it is not available on your device. That’S super annoying because if i want to do short little edits while i’m out and about i can’t, do that, so that does one really annoying thing. If you’re a video creator, you can’t do that: okay, so super annoyed. That is one massive thing that i would say super annoyed about. However, i could get photoshop. I can use on canvas that’s my go to editor for photos doing their thumbnails and all that, so you can do all that great steer stuff in you use premiere uh. All the really good arm editors for photo editing and thumbnails that can do so i’m. Very impressed with that i’m. Just a little very disappointed that premiere rash isn’t on there. That is really sad news to me because for such a premium device, why isn’t it on there because it could, it could obviously run it. It can run it but it’s just not available on there, which is weird because when you go on to pretty much the samsung dex website, it says premiere rush is supported, but when you try and get it on this device, it just says not available so yeah. There are a few things i would be very frustrated with the camera and the fact that premiere rush should be on there i’m, hoping that could possibly come on there one day because it’s way powerful enough to do it. It’S good remember the the the resolution that you’re looking at on the screen: a 100 120 hertz fresh rate, that’s amazing, i don’t know any other tablet that can do that.

So right there like. When you look at it, the picture is so clear, like you’re, not gon na it’s, just when you see it in person you’re going to go wow. This is really great um, because it’s got 120 hertz, so that’s amazing right there, but yeah they’re. My main two disappointing things that i would definitely obviously say: um the camera and no premier rush now i’m, not disappointed the fact that it has no headphone jack, because you can just get usb c headphones, not a problem at all. You don’t really need headphones on. A tablet it’s not really like you’re, going to be listening to music on your tablet anyway, it’s generally just going to be for work right there. So not a problem, and i do like the fact that the camera has now been moved on this tablet. So it’s now here originally it was over here. So it definitely is a lot better than the camera is now a lot of people. A lot of different youtubers um argue the fact that the charger is here to me. I don’t think that’s really a big deal again. Let us know what you think. A lot of people want it up here, that’s. What apple has it up here? I honestly don’t see the problem with it because it’s fine, it just connects in like that um. I don’t think you would lose this. If you had a case, you wouldn’t lose it.

Most of them have a clip on so it won’t get hidden and and if you are going to lose it just put it in another bag. So you don’t lose it okay, but yeah at the top. Some people like that, but i think it just is so much better here because it looks good easily works right there. So yeah that’s pretty much the main things that i wanted to say and uh. If you wanted to get this um tablet, the big thing that i would definitely think to yourself about what are you using it for? Are you going to be using it for work if you’re going to be using it for work? What are you going to be doing on it if you’re going to be running word documents doing a bit of photo editing? Yes, this will do it. Fine remember this is not a budget tablet. This is a premium tablet, so everything that you’re going to want to do will generally work on this. The only thing that isn’t on there that i found is obviously that editor. So if you’re thinking about the ipad and this tablet – and you want a premiere rush – premier rush – is on the ipad pros, because i’ve got an ipad pro and it is actually on this and it works really well not on the samsung, so that’s something you may Want to think about okay, if you’re a creator, you might be going okay, if i’m a creator, i might need to go for the ipad to do those short edits when i’m away so that’s, something you may need to think about, but other than that you can Do your photo edits error for guests on here really well and you can multitask.

Amazingly, you can open like 10 different windows. If you want um resize some stuff, you’re writing a word document. You can also have a little window, the weather, maybe a bit of youtube music. You can do everything you want on this it’s, just like a computer, additional desktop computer and obviously another thing you can do is work in a usbc to hdmi and whack it on your computer screen that’s. Another thing you can do with a keyboard and mouse. So a lot of things you can do with this tablet are everything else. I would say, 100 i’m, so super happy with the only thing that i’m not happy with, is, as i said, the camera and that premiere and obviously i think, a really cool selling point. Would be if they would add a keyboard, because it is a bit of annoying. You got to pay 200 and stomach dollars for that keyboard because you sort of need the keyboard to go anywhere because you can’t just hold it it’s nice to hold. But it would be a lot nicer if the keyboard was included so that’s. One annoying thing i would say, but one bonus thing you don’t have to buy that pen if you were to buy an ipad you’d have to buy that pen for about 200. So with samsung you are getting the pen for free now in australia. You can only get the silver edition as of today um. So there is no.

The weird thing is in other countries, there’s multiple different colors, but in australia it seems there’s only silver. So keep that in mind so yeah. Let us know what you think about today’s video.