S6 lite. Is this really happening? Let’S go ahead and talk about it. Welcome folks to another new segment and what we’ve learned about this baby right here. The tabith6 light is very exciting stuff and by the way many of you wanted me to make this kind of a regular thing so that when i get new tech news, i can immediately share with you all with that being said. So it was recently confirmed by sam mobile that the galaxy tab s6 lite is going to get the new upgrade right, the android 11, which obviously doesn’t surprise many of us. We already knew that, but, most importantly, it’s also going to be supporting or it’s going to be updated to the newest samsung software, which is indeed the one ui 3.1, which in turn will enable the galaxy tab s6 lite to support the infamous samsung dex, also meaning That it’s going to bypass just a regular one, ui 3.0 directly to one ui 3.1, a little bit like the galaxy tablet, 6d regular type s6 did and by the way this is coming in month in advance. We weren’t, expecting you know the update or the upgrade to happen up until, like the end of the second quarter or beginning of the third quarter, and here i’m, talking specifically about the update itself, not the samsung dex now, just because we are surprised by this, doesn’t Mean you should go ahead and just be ready to get your update.

You know tomorrow or next week. So far, only the lte model has gotten it in friend, so it’s, not even like it’s in every country. Just in france, the lte model has gotten that update. So you really just have to be patient, as this upgrade rollout continues and kind of hope that you get it on your device ahead of time like people in france already are seeing now. Some of you may be wondering why i’m so excited about this, but you have to keep in mind. This is a major major upgrade. You know not android 11 itself. We expected that, as i mentioned earlier, but the fact that rumors or confirmed rumors is stating that samsung dex is going to be ran on this tablet as major, because you know before that, samsung dex was kind of reserved, for you know, samsung flagship tablets, flagship devices, Rather so, whether flagship phones or flagship tablets, those would get decks, but not things like the budget or the mid range tablets, except maybe in the case of the tab s5e. I personally didn’t think that samsung would make that happen on this tablet. I knew it was possible right, you know with software updates, but i just didn’t know that samsung will go ahead and make that happen on the tablet. S6 lite i’ve made so many videos on this tablet, and so many times. I’Ve gotten comments in the comment section with people talking about samsung and kind of just showing the disappointment on the fact that this tablet does not support samsung dex, which again many of us were not surprised because it was reserved, as i mentioned, only for flagship devices.

Now it begs the question: the galaxy tab – s7 lite coming up in june or during the summer sometime – is that going to be coming in i’m, assuming with that already, i don’t know but we’ll see, and for those of you not familiar with what samsung dex is Essentially, it is a proprietary feature by samsung that enables you, or that turns your tablet into a mini, desktop right. So like a mini computer – and it does so by completely changing the regular look of one ui into a desktop like ui. So you could use your dex compatible tablet or even phone. If you were using a computer by simply plugging that in into that computer, and then you will get that desktop look and it really makes productivity. You know a breeze, it turns multi tasking into just like the easiest thing to do. It really pushes your productivity all the way up now so far, even though we have this confirmation about this news, we are still kind of obscure as far as the little details around this main news right, for example, samsung dex does take many forms right, so you Have the traditional way where you just plug in a cord, you know into your device from your device to a monitor and you’re able to kind of turn that monitor into kind of like a desktop. You have another samsung dex, where you could just do it wirelessly, and then you have of course, the third one way: it’s just a snap of the keyboard when you snap the keyboard in it automatically.

Once you turn that you turn the feature on it automatically turns your laptop, like i do with my tablet. Seven. If you’ve watched any of my videos on the tab, seven, you snap that in and then it automatically enables samsung dex. So the details to which samsung decks is going to be loaded in this device. We don’t know just yet and obviously, with the tablet being loaded with one ui with the newest version of one ui. You should go ahead and expect you know new features, more customization and also performance i’m. Pretty sure you’re gon na get improved performance here either way. I’M really just excited about this news and i figured i’ll go ahead and share that with you now folks. This is again to me in my little world my little tech world. I love this type of news and it’s great to see that you know some of you guys appreciate that so i’m really looking forward to doing more of these, like, as i talk about it. Typically, when i get these tech news, i get so excited, but i just keep it to myself. I can’t talk to my wife about it because she doesn’t really like tech like that, but to know that i can share that with you guys and get some people. You know in the comments section excited about it, it’s really really a good thing, so i’m going to be bringing to you guys more information about this new update and any other tech info that i can find, or should i actually say, tech news that i can Find especially because i know that you guys are just as excited as i am talking about this stuff with all of this being said, what do you think about this piece of news right on the galaxy tab? S6 lite.

I would love to hear you know your thoughts and also, how do you think this is going to apply to the next light tablet, so the tab seven light coming up in the summer. I believe how do you think that applies to it in terms of samsung dex? Of course, i would love you know to get that little discussion going in the comments section like we always do i’m going to catch you in that comment.