Now, if youve been following the channel for a while, then you probably know that this guy here is still one of my favorite tablets here, despite owning quite a few tablets that include multiple premium tablets, lets go ahead and jump into it. Music now lets go ahead and start off with an exercise, and what i want you to do well actually forget the exercise right lets start off by just making something clear right. So when i say that you know, in my humble opinion, this is the best all around mid range tablet. I dont mean that this is the cheapest tablet that you could get out there, because i know every now and then not that i know every now and then i get comments from people saying hey. Why do you say that thats, you know the best mid range tablet out there. You know that or the tablet is cheaper than this, or this other tablet is cheap, its not about being cheaper right, its all about that ratio, its about the price, the specs ratio or price to performance ratio or even better just price to overall tablet, experience ratio And, in my humble opinion, i think the tab s6 lite offers a combo of all those three. You know to that price. You know the ratio of the price to performance, the price to specs and price, to just overall experience because were talking about samsung, a very established company that you know owns and pushes a very robust ecosystem in which you can actually enjoy all of the features that This baby right here offer and, of course, thats not to say that its a perfect tablet.

There is no perfect tablet right, so a bunch of compromises were made in order to create this baby right here you know its, not a productivity tablet, its not the budget type of date. You know samsung try to calibrate it and put it right in the middle of the spectrum of you know: premium versus budget talent, but anyway, oh by the way kudos to a lot of those people who watched the very first videos that i made on this tablet. Sometime last year, i think and went out there and paid like 220 or 230, but this guy is still so very popular. That samsung keeps going back to the original price tag, which is three hundred and fifty dollars thats. Just how popular this guy is and with reason right it its popular because its a good tablet for something that is priced at 350, actually thats, one of the things that samsung did right with this tablet. Well, thats the main thing that they did with this tablet, because if you see what happened with the galaxy tab, s7 fe, which is supposed to be another mid range tablet, its priced pretty wrong. I know i keep bringing it up it. Just i cant. Let it go, but anyway, its just not priced appropriately and thats the reason its unpopular right anyway. So, as i mentioned earlier, quite a few compromises here, lots of good things. You know some bad things. Of course, if you pay me paying 350 for a tablet, you wouldnt be expecting for it to perform like a galaxy tab, seven or seven plus, which are productivity tablet and that actually costs a lot more money.

So why dont we go ahead and start off with just the design right its supposed to be kind of a lower, mid range level of tablet, but its build like a premium tablet. You know its very dense. You know it has some weight to it, but you can whip it around its, not too huge. Its a 10.4 inches tft display here, just a premium build very sleek. You know it has that modern, look to it and its an all aluminum frame here, unibody frame here and makes it look just very cool and its also pretty well balanced right. So if we want to go around here, real quick, taking a look at some of the physical features, we have on this tab that you would have your typical. You know power, button volume, rocker and things like that at the top. Here we have a headphone jack, which is something that is disappearing. You know its always nice to have a headphone jack on your tablet. There. You would have your speakers. We have a dual speaker set up here, and these are tuned by akg, so the sound coming out of here is actually very full and, at the same time, pretty crisp very, very good, sound coming out of this really nice. You know when watching movies or even just listening to music, so just really good for entertainment, and that is also coupled with that display right. So the display here is a tft display and the resolution is 1600 by 2000 very nice screen and as i mentioned, if youre watching a movie coupled with those speakers, theyre very enjoyable on the back, you have the main camera, which is an 8 megapixel camera.

Now, by no means this is a top level camera a top tier camera, but then again many people most people carry a phone that would generally have a better camera right. So when you have this its as long as the setting is wet lit, you should be good at the front there. You have a 5 megapixel front facing camera or selfie camera. If you want to call that its also great for video calls, you know zoom and things like that, you know chatting with family friends and co workers, whatever the case may be. As long as you know its a well lit environment, you should be just fine at the bottom. We have a usb type c port here now. The one thing i want to make sure that i highlight here is that its great to have that the one thing that i want to bring up here is the fact that you cannot push video signal out of this meaning, if youre using samsung dex. For example, you wont be able to push your content out of this into an external monitor. Now not a lot of people do that, but for people who are looking for you know high productivity type of devices, they would generally check to see if theyre able to extend you know whatever the content may be to an external display right but again, like i Said most people who buy this tablet dont generally care for that, and that is pretty much it as far as the physical features go now lets go ahead and jump into the internals right and before we do so.

If this is your first time visiting well welcome to the channel, of course, im, certainly hoping that so far you are enjoying the content, and if you are, i truly appreciate that. Please do me a huge favor hit both the like and the subscribe button. Thats a huge boost to this channel here and again, i truly appreciate that it helps the algo know that videos like this one actually help people out there all right so lets go ahead and talk specs and performance. I want to start off with the chipset that you have here some x and those chips at exynos 9611.. Now, if youre not familiar with chipsets in general, which is processing power, and things like that, just know that its a decent, its kind of its kind of like a mid range chipset. Now, even though some people might say well, todays mid range, chipset, uh faster than that. You know that is the case, but this is still considered a mid range chipset again, you have to keep in mind. This is not a productivity tablet. So when you go too far into or too deep into productivity, then of course you start encountering lag and all that good stuff, but anyway continuing with the specs here, so that exynos 9611 is coupled with four gigs of ram. The unit that i have here is the base model. It comes with 64 gigs of internal storage, but you have four gigs of ram, which is actually pretty good.

When you handling you know moderate level of time. You know moderate level of productivity allows you to be able to toggle back and forth. You know in between multiple, multiple tabs, multiple apps and things like that. Without any issues and that internal storage, that 64 gigs internal storage is expandable using the micro sd card that i actually forgot to show, we have a micro sd card slot right here, so you can expand that internal storage at up to one terabyte, using that micro Sd card and heres the kicker, unlike on the a series where you cannot move your apps to your sd card to the micro sd card. With this tablet, you have the ability you know. Even if you were to buy the 64 gigs, you could just buy an external micro sd card and be able to expand that storage and be able to download your applications and then move those apps to the storage to the microsd card that you stuck in it. Thats something that youre no longer able to do with the newer generation of the a series, a series made by samsung now my unit here is running android 11 and of course you have one ui 3.1 sitting on top, so thats the skin. That is sitting on that operating system and i have to tell you again day to day tasks whether it be for school work or you know, small business work or just admin work. You should be fine here or just every day.

You know, day to day tasks. You should be fine here. Performance here is good for light, moderate or even moderate to higher level of you know, tasks or projects. You should be okay with that combo of that processing power that is offered here in terms of gaming. You should be able to do some moderate level of gaming. This is not a productivity tablet and its also not a gaming tablet. That being said, as i mentioned, you are still able to play a lot of games here now, if youre planning on playing really heavy games on here, you will be disappointed if youre planning on i dont know editing 8k videos. This is not the guy for it. Now the next thing i want to talk about here is one of the biggest appeals of this tablet, its the samsung s, pen, samsung s. Pens are just known in general for being very, very good styluses for tablets, and you get one with this tablet for free. So at 350 you get to tablet, and you also get a stylus here and of course you will get all of these standard features that come along with the samsung s pen right, so whether it be to just copy and paste tons of features right. Turning your simple text to animated text, you have the smart select tool which kind of allows you to crop and copy and paste images and text or emails, very, very cool stuff for people who are students and even for artists right.

So for artists who are not looking to spend a ton of money, maybe they just want something very simple, maybe to get started before they move on to something a lot more sophisticated. They can go for something like this, because this thing here has an amazing level of feedback, the feedback that you get here. I always talk about the feedback because thats one of my favorite things about s, pens right. So what is just taking down notes – and everyone says everyone that has ever used an s pen same with drawing right. You know some people are, you know, maybe concerned, because the nibble here is pretty thin and its a fine, nib and people think that maybe for like the tilt function, when drawing it, wont work. But trust me when i tell you this: it works just fine im, not an artist, but i definitely tested it out and it works. Just fine now lets go ahead and talk battery samsung advertises, i believe, 13 hours of battery life. You know 13 hours play time. You know for that battery out of that battery life. Obviously thats going to be subjective to your type of usage. I know when it was and im talking about when its brand new. Of course, you know over time i should use you know it degrades and you get less and less, but i remember that when this was brand new sometime last year i was getting about 11 hours.

Now this wasnt meant to be a full review of the galaxy tab s6 light here, ive actually done it more than a couple of times. Ive done the full review and ive also done kind of like an update on that, so make sure to check out those videos if youre looking for more information on the style. But if you are in the market, right now for a mid range tablet make sure to watch many of the videos that ive made on some of the the mid range tablets that ive owned, whether it be the this one right here, the tile six site or The top seven fe, which is supposed to be a mid range tablet, but just not priced correctly, so you have that you have the galaxy type s5e and much more anyway. If you have any questions, make sure to put those in the comments section again. This remains one of my most recommended tablets anyway, im gon na catch in the comment section im also gon na catch you in the next video, as always of course, dont forget to go check out those other videos make sure also to subscribe.