This is the smt713 uh. It has, and I probably wont, be able to show you but its a very faulty charge port in there and needs replacing this one is a bit of a complicated model um. Unfortunately, you cant get to the charge port from the back. So, although I can take this plastic off, I actually cant get to it. So we have to heat this up, screen out, first lots of screws out and then we can get to it. We are going to take the back off, though, because weve got to disconnect the battery. So what Im going to do Im going to get this nice and hot? Oh, I say nice and hot fairly warm and then we will get the battery disconnected and then well start working on the screen from there right so lets get this started. I have just got a little bit of a pry tool under here off camera, which I shouldnt. I should have not done really, but there we go so well get some plectrums in here from what Ive read its partially clipped and partially glued. So it sounds like its more clips than it is glue. It was incredibly hard to get started, so youve got to get something nice and pointy underneath and then work your way around. So I have a metal flat Edge Stanley that I use to get in there. Its actually not too bad now Ive got going with it, but just to get it going initially was really difficult.

I dont know if this is going to be quite as easy to get outside just got some very, very hardcore Clips on it. I think this is just plastic, it doesnt feel like metal, hoping it will go there. We go there. We are so theres our back piece off, so our charge port. Is there its on the other side of this? So obviously you can see I cant get to it currently theres our replacement piece, so its going to go on the other side of that. So now, weve got that out, Im going to disconnect the battery and then well get going with this repair. So thats done so lets get this hot again, so Im going to have to basically get something pointy under here and just slowly work my way around the screen, its the only way were going to be able to do it so Ill. Get that heated up and then well carry on. So this is now hot to the point where I can just and just touch it so Im not going to poke a blade all the way under. I just need to get this started. I should be able to get under here once I can get it in and under the frame, then I can take over with oops plastic tools, get it going. This is the problem its just gon na have to keep heating and cooling and heating and cooling to try and get the fraying, nice and hot so that we can loosen the adhesive to get under it.

Ah right so there we go. Ive just got the first one in there, Music, Music, some kind of butterfly, maybe youll, get me Music. Dont leave me Music foreign Happy Days right, thats, our LCD disconnected so now, weve got this all done. The next thing we need to do is work our way around the frame. These touch buttons too much in doing this, so I think theyre, okay, Ill, find out in a minute. I may have damaged the touch buttons. If I have, then I have to replace them, but thats fine. You do occasionally break things when youre doing these repairs and thats just the way the world. So we need to get a small screwdriver and we need to work our way around. All of these little screws around the edge here this will take a couple of minutes, its not particularly a quick job right. So that should be everything Ive done now. If weve got somewhere, we can poke it through pry it up, and there we go. I managed to get it okay, so thats that oh, I did just forget to disconnect SIM card tray anyway, heres. What it is Grand right so now we can finally get to this bed is what were interested in. Hopefully it should just lift out just like that, which is perfect so grabbing our new one, so yeah the new one is a lot happier than the old one. You can see that immediately from where I am previous.

This is going to sit in just as nice. I can now get my screwdriver aligned with my screwing. It might be even better cool happy days right. What we will do just before am I going to reassemble? No, I will reassemble those myself Ill. Do this without doing it the way I was going to do it but um I cant, because I need the power button thats over there so lets just pop this back in the frame, hopefully well a bit lined up. That is no. I think I need to go in bottom. First, there we go thats better. No, you say that I cant get a damn thing in there. We go a lot of not very gentle persuasion to get that back in position. Im still not happy with it, because it doesnt look like its packed there. We go thats better. Just do that up. Do that up, but lets not do that up so Im just screening. Yet I just want to get this into a point where I can test it. Do this Im just going to put the corner screws back in just to hold the bezel, so that Im not constantly fighting with it, and then we can do a bit of a test run on the screen just to make sure everything works before we fully fix It back together not a feeling. I might need to replace these touch buttons, though, but well see how we go.

Okay, thats enough it so Im, not fighting with it. Now its just temporarily attach the screen. This is not going to be on there permanent list. Just so I can test, hopefully I havent damaged anything Im on your little monkey. People does not want to go on there. There we go grab a charger and hopefully we should see some signs of Life. Hey there we go. We got a charging symbol, thats more than I had before. All it would do before was just get very hot and not do anything other than that. So what Ill do Im going to get this cleaned up, sort out the screen a little bit. So I know its all good and then well get everything put back together fully. So I will come back to you very shortly once Ive done all those things, so there we go were all taped up. Ive got everything ready to go. Ive put some adhesive around the edge of the screen. Ive cleaned this screen up as best I can everything is more or less tested so lets just get the screen set in and tested before. We do a device reset just so we can sorry foreign just move this out the way as well. So what we need to do is just get the screen reconnected for test purposes and then well just turn everything on make sure it all works and go from there. I have already turned this on once so I know that the screen does light up, but I havent gotten as far as testing it so fingers crossed.

This is in a good State when we do if I can go, get the damn LCD cable to plug in come on you little monkey there we are. Finally, how many attempts was that oops and thats why I was holding the underside as well right, thats all plugged in lets just quickly try turning this thing on, hopefully do you know what would really help connecting the battery so lets just align this very roughly, once Ive got the home button here, foreign works and there we go, it does look like everything is good. I dont get to test it fully until we are in Android, but I think were okay seems to be all right. That goes back cool, I think, were good. I cant taste it and test it any more than that, but I think thats, all okay. So what well do lets power this off, disconnect that again Ill disconnect the screen first again like so: okay Ill, just peel back our adhesive stick everything down, and hopefully it will be all right so to explain sort of what were doing here. Um Ive already pre taped these the edges of the screen and around the bezel on the actual tablet itself to to glue it down. It seems to be the best thing I can do um. I know you can get specific clues for the for the screen, but this was just the the easiest option for me. Then the screws need to go back in just working the way around um, theres, eight or ten of them all the same size.

So you dont need to be concerned about mixing anything up. The only thing I will mention I did have some problems that youll see in a second um when I was turning the actual tablet on it was doing a bit of a bizarre thing, so you would get the initial screen and you would hit next and it Would just reboot for no apparent reason and the next few minutes with me just trying to troubleshoot that and figure out why it wouldnt work even on joint to the Wi Fi. It would restart. I rebooted I fiddled around with it for a good 10 15 minutes. Trying to get to the point where I got a working solution, which we will well come to in a second and you should see how Ive managed to get to that myself right its connected straight to Wi Fi. It says its connected, so I always want to press next yeah see that instantly restarts hmm interesting, so whats, causing that do we think right Im just going to do a a minimal boot, so Im going to disconnect everything foreign well go with that to start with. Well, just disconnect all the bits down here: Im just wondering if Ive damaged the touch buttons thats the home button. So well just try one more time with that and then I will take it off camera and do a bit troubleshooting and try and reveal what the problem is to you.

Uh see, look weve got something thats, clearly not happy on the device. I reckon its one of those touch buttons on the front, because these are currently unplugged. I reckon Ive clipped one when I did the um removal of the screen, but thats fine. I can order Replacements of those its only a couple of quids so well get that done thats. The only thing I can think of that might be an issue very odd at the moment. At the moment, thats not working Ive, just Ive, disconnected it so Im, not sure which ribbon it is, I think, its probably its probably this one, so this may restart it now interesting. I dont know what that was doing, then very odd, maybe its just a loose connection or something lets turn it all the way back off and just try again, okay, well Ill, give it a bit of a longer test and report back in the interim lets. Get the back back on so this should just be a question of plugging back in Music and giving it a really good push down and waiting for all the little clicks. And then you should be laughing. I hope he says there we go just like that were done, so there you go one fixed tablet, so the tablet total was nine pounds on eBay. The part was three pounds: fifty and thats it. I now have a fully functional tablet: thats been completely repowered, so there we go another one for the channel.

So if you found the video useful drop me like leave me a comment. Ask me any questions. You need to ask me if you want to see a reset video or anything else about this tablet. Then please ask theres a couple more bits. I want to do which Ill publicize soon.