Video on this um stupid, samsung, galaxy tabby, so i’ve spent days now trying to get this thing, bypassed google lock wise and i just can’t, so i give up. I i just completely give up trying to get the sing bypassed um and i found it the att bin, so i don’t even care really sorry about that. Don’T know why the recording stopped but yeah, i found an 18 t bin, so i don’t care but i’m. Not gon na completely destroy today because i’m gon na save like most of it, for one with jay carroll to smash it with him, but yeah i’m, just gon na be doing a simple drop test from knee height waist height and then chest height, maybe don’t know Yet so yeah let’s just get into it, so starting off we’re gon na start with knee height as if it like, fell off a table or something so gon na do back bottom top face i’m, not gon na try to do sides, because i know for a Fact to land on something so yeah um just make sure there’s no glass remnants, because this is where this is, where i smash stuff, so yeah, i’m starting off bottom drop or backdrop. Three two one lcd turned a little white for a second that’s typical looks to be okay, so now we’re gon na do the knee yes, i’m in pajamas it’s, very cold outside it’s, like 20 degrees, so yeah um bottom drop.

Three two one all right, doesn’t look like it. Cracked really did any much damage besides actually right there just a little bit of scuffing that’s, really not that bad for a heavy tablet. But i guess it is only waist height or knee height, so yeah so top drop three two one who kind of found the screen and back there? Okay. So a lot of scoffing on the bezel, nothing on the screen really that’s the impact point. So now, we’re gon na do face drop and i’m just trying to get the glass out of here. So i don’t actually drop it on a piece of glass and it cracks it. So yeah knee hi face drop in three two one. Oh, i i feel like that’s broken yup wow. This thing is not durable at all, and this is relative. It’S kind of rough concrete, but it’s, really not that rough. So a knee height drop is what kills it, and this is only an eight inch tablet. It’S not even that heavy honestly, i think maybe like a note 8 is heavier than this in practice, but yeah. So i guess we’ll do waist height now just to see if it continues see our waist height backdrop three two one and that completely shattered it not surprised i’m only going to do waist high because i don’t want to like kill it completely as i’m going to Save it for when i’m, with jake carroll but yeah, i thought i’d make it to video.

So yeah, it looks like looks like it’s, okay, it’s, just cracked touchscreen still works. I don’t know why there’s a calculator on for the factory binary, but yeah. So now, we’re gon na do the bottom drop waist height three, two one huh. Actually i don’t think that cracked it anymore. I expected it to spider web from the corner, but no that actually looks okay, just besides some scuffing, so yeah now we’re gon na. Do the top drop and the top is probably the least cracked part of the screen, so this will be interesting. Oh, what is it doing? Okay, there we go so top drop in three two one. Oh, i feel like that, cracked, it more. I was correct. Okay, so let’s just take a look at it here: um it really it’s just that’s a weird crack: wow: okay, well yeah, it obviously cracked there more, but touch screen still working, no issues with that. So now, we’re gon na do the face drop waist height. Three. Two one: oh, that was onto the back okay. We got ta redo that okay, three two one there we go, looks to be okay, yeah, it’s, okay, i’m, actually, gon na do a chest drop since i don’t think anything’s really gon na change. Much so we’ll do chest chest height so like say you’re using it standing up so three, two one: oh, that was really loud, um camera didn’t crack back seems to be okay, just very scuffed and touchscreen’s going berserk on me because i’m touching it yeah.

This thing it’s pretty correct, so yeah, now we’re gon na do the bottom drop three two one um yeah i’d, obviously cracked it more down there, but everything seems to be working: okay, i’m, just having random stuff so yeah now let’s do the top drop chest height. Three two one that actually did less than i expected it kind of ricocheted and hit the more back side of it, but it was mainly that corner and yeah it’s, pretty scuffed up but i’m impressed that it’s still working nonetheless, so yeah now we’re gon na. Do the face drop so face drop, chest height, three two one and it survived. The lcd is okay, it’s kind of surprising but yeah. I guess we can do one more first um, shirts and giggles, because that kind of landed on the edge see let’s try to get it more exact, three, two one: oh okay, yeah and it’s, okay, wow, because that was that one was straight on the face. Everything works. Okay, oh button seemed to work, but the speaker sounds kind of rattly huh, weird so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little drop test video and if you did be sure, to leave a like and subscribe and yeah i’ll see you guys.