Moto is galaxy. Tab a8 it’s a 8 inch android tablet. Now samsung are well known. They make brilliant smart smartphones. Tablets are exactly the same: they’re brilliant, build quality, have a brilliant smooth operating system and they’re just known and reliable. Now inside the box, you would get the mains plug here. You will also get a micro usb charging cable here as well. You will also get a quick start guide here and a warranty card, and you get this pin as well now this pin on the left side, if you open this up that’s, where the micro sd memory card goes in on the right side, that’s, where the power Button and the volume buttons are at the bottom it has the speakers built in and the micro usb charging port at the front is a front camera and on the rear it has a rear camera. Now. One thing i really like about this is that, obviously you can get in black color or the this color silver, and i like it, because it has amazing metal, um, aluminium, build quality at the back and that’s, something that really stands out now. This is worth around 150 pounds or 140 pound uk currency that the price will vary depending on what country you’re purchasing from and the retailer you’re buying it from as well now, i’ve skipped the registration and i went directly to the main menu uh. We i didn’t connect to the wi fi or anything i haven’t done.

No, i haven’t done any updating or anything just to show you how much memory there’s already inside and how it operates. Okay, so let me quickly put on auto rotate so once it’s on auto rotate. This is how it looks and i want to go to the main menu now on the main menu it’s. Basically like any android um operate system now you’ve got the connections there. Now on the connections you’ve got the wi fi you’ve got the bluetooth; you’ve got the flight mode etcetera. Then you’ve got the sound and vibration. You got notifications display wallpaper, lock, screen uh, you got this security mode, there’s all the privacy, location accounts and backup. Google advanced features now advanced features are stuff, for example, a smart, a pop up view, reduce animations motion, gestures, etc, that’s. What it is, then, you’ve got digital well being and parental control device care, apps general management uh, whether you can change the languages etc got a software update there, accessibility user manual about tableau now about tablet. Just give the model number just a bit of information about this tablet now at the bottom. Let me go to the top where i’m just looking for the storage for this, because i would like to show you uh the memory now here, it goes straight to the battery the storage. Now, if you look at it here without downloading anything, i mean i haven’t done no updates nothing. There was only pre installed, apps already that it has built into this app it’s already used up around 11 gig of it.

Now you also use the 32 gig um built in, so you still got 21.2 gig without using anything it’s only only the pre built. Now, if you connect to wi fi you’re you’re, going to have to update a lot of apps and that’s, going to use up more memory, so bear that in mind. 32 gig is not enough, however. Uh it’s better than having a 16 gig. Now it also has a premium built. Like i mentioned, a battery life is brilliant as well and that’s, something i like about this it’s compact. The weight of this is 304 347 grams, and it does have a few other good features. The battery life. It has 5100 mah battery capacity. That gives you a good at least a good seven to eight hours of usage time per full charge, and it does have a 2 gig ram, so 2 grams. It does operate quite slow. To be honest when it comes to operating. Quite a few apps at the same time, but if you know how to manage what you’re doing and stuff, then it should operate slower in a fast pace. Okay and honestly, the fact that you can take microsd memory card, you can expand that memory up to 512 gig as well. It has optimized tablet software with one ui, so the operating system is really smooth. I mean this is probably one of the smoothest touch, control operating system that i’ve actually used on any tablets at the moment and samsung are the best when it comes to the touch controls, it’s very smooth, very easy to use, and it just feels very, very easy To use compared to other tablets where they lag and they slow down quite a lot.

I like i like the touch control on this it’s. Well, even the smartphones i love, i love the touch, control, the smartphone and the tablets and the front camera is a two megapixel. The rear camera is a megapixel. Another thing that i would like to show you for those who are buying this for the kids. This is quite good as well, because it does have samsung kids, app, um feature there as well. Now it will go straight to the kids option. You see up have the pair of controls there. Now they can’t go to any other apps or anything. It will only have the kids zaps there and they can only use the kids so you’re in control. It also has dark mode as well. Uh that’s with that. Now, if you’re using this, you won’t hurt your eyes. You’Ve got focus mode as well. Now focus mode is there and then you also got the dolby atmos, so that’s brilliant. If you’re watching any youtube videos or movies and stuff it has a good, surround sound system yeah. It also has a blue light filter as well that’s perfect for night time, and it also protects your eyes as well for the kids as well. It also has flight mode and obviously double general features, power, power, mode, bluetooth, mode, etc. Do not disturb, but i like this, i like i like the features that it has the design of it the build quality, how it operates very smoothly.

The only downside is that uh, it should have had a usb type c charging port, and you know we should have had a fast charge. Um fast charging option, but it doesn’t have that and it should have had a slightly higher ram. If maybe, if a three gig or four gig ram would have made this tablet even better – and you know that would have made it even better to compete with all the other tablets but it’s still brilliant nice, slim design, nice and compact as well, not that heavy. I do highly recommend it. I already always recommend samsung products because they’re, reliable and very smooth operating technology. They did they make. So thank you for watching.