This device is a direct successor to the tab a7 from last year, and while it mostly looks the same as the tab a7, we do get some improvements before we jump right into it. Lets talk about the cost. The base model with wi fi only starts at 230 us dollars, so its definitely in the budget friendly territory. However, if you opt for the 4g variance, the cost will steeply increase. So if data connectivity is something that you need then do keep the high costs in mind. The one i have here is a 4g variant. Okay, so lets take a tour of the device exterior on the front. We get a 10.5 inch display with some bezels all around, while higher screen to body ratio devices are prettier to see in practice. However, these bezels really do help with the comfortable grip of the device, and it means you wont accidentally touch the edge of the display around the back. We get a full metal construction, giving it quite a premium minimalistic look. The rear camera is housed in this nice circular protrusion and looks super sleek. The rounded edges have a tighter radius than of the tab a7 from last year, and this also helps with the overall look of the device. Taking a closer look at the edges up top. We get a power button and volume rockers the buttons dont have. The tactile feel that you get with flagship devices, but they still have the satisfying click which i like on the bottom.

We get the sim and microsd card tray, given the base model of the device starts at 32 gigabytes. A micro sd card is an excellent way to increase the storage capacity on the right side. We get two speakers, a usb c slot and a headphone jack on the left. We get two more speakers and well talk about them in just a second. In terms of the cameras we get a 5 megapixel sensor up front and an 8 megapixel sensor on the back. The quality isnt really that good for taking photos and videos, but they exist more so for video calls and they do the job just fine. So now that weve gone over the basics of the tablet lets dive into the important stuff. First up lets talk display. We get a 10.5 inch 1080p tft panel with a 16 by 10 aspect, ratio ill, be honest with you. The display is a big meh with the 230 dollar price tag. It is expected that we get a 1080p display, which is fine. However, the colors on the display are very dull and there is no way to calibrate the display. Furthermore, ghosting, if you dont know what that is, take a look while i scroll left and right in the app drawer see how the moving bits seem to leave a large trailer behind thats the essence of ghosting on a display, and this tablet suffers from it. A lot now in terms of viewing angles, its surprisingly good, which makes me think that this really isnt a tft display, but an ips one, but a very low end, one at that to wrap up with the display.

Dont get me wrong. It isnt that bad, its honestly quite usable if youre, okay, with an okay viewing experience now had samsung used a higher quality ips display my sentiments would be very different, but this is what we get for 230 dollars, and it is a little disappointing displays aside. Lets talk about something this tablet does right, especially at this price, the speakers we get a quad speaker setup with two speakers on each side placed near the top and bottom of the device. This in theory, should give us an excellent stereo, sound system which it does when watching netflix or youtube. You really do get the feeling that the sound is coming from all directions, rather than a single point in terms of sound quality, its also surprisingly good. Although there isnt much bass, alright lets talk specs. The tab a8 is powered by a unisoc tiger, t618 chipset, with either three or four gigabytes of ram. In other words, this is relatively low end hardware and you will see some slowdowns in day to day usage in terms of multitasking. It does a fine job, but the lower ram can be limiting at times most of the time. However, your experience will be quite alright and as long as you dont push this tablet really hard. The performance is just fine in terms of gaming performance. Most android games are optimized to run on a variety of hardware and, as a result, youll find that most games run just fine.

There are exceptions, however, such as gentian impact, for which youll need a higher end device to run. If all youre looking to do is watch netflix and youtube surf the web browse social media, look at photos or even use it for word in excel youll, be pleasantly surprised by how much this tablet can get done. If, however, youre more of a power user who demands the best out of every device, then an s series tablet is perhaps a better option for you in terms of software. This tablet ships with one ui core 3.1 running android 11, but the tablet will soon get the one ui core 4 update running android 12.. Now the core versions of one ui are missing. Some features compared to the full fledged 1ur software, but this really isnt a big deal for a tablet like this, which is intended to be used as more of a secondary device. Samsung has promised us with more updates and its expected that instead of the two major software updates, we will get three. So you can expect that the tablet will get android 14 at some point in the years to come. In terms of wide vine certification, we have l1 on this tablet, so you can stream netflix at full hd, which is obviously great in terms of battery life. We get a 7040 million power capacity battery this combined with the relatively low end. Chipset means that battery life is pretty great.

I found myself using it for two days on a single charge, because again i use this as a secondary, bigger display alternative to my galaxy s21 smartphone. I really have no complaints about the battery in this thing, all right, so that pretty much wraps up the samsung galaxy tab a8, which is samsungs budget 10, inch tablet for 2022.. When it comes to android tablets, we often see that this category of devices isnt really given much thought and the relatively dry market really shows. That being said, samsung does like to release refreshes of their badger tablets every year, and while this really isnt too different from the tab a7 from last year, we do get a slightly better soc and a more refined design. If you already have a budget 10 inch tablet from these past few years, there really isnt much point in upgrading. However, if you maybe have an older tablet or are new to tablets in general and dont want to break the bank, this might be the tablet for you, so thats all from me. I hope you enjoyed this quick review of the tab. A8. If you liked watching the video, then like it, if you didnt like it, then hit the dislike button.