This is durmal here and in this video we will be talking about the new samsung galaxy tab a8. So we had done the unboxing and hands on of this a new tablet from samsung the tab. A8 uh is a 221 edition, and this is the successor to the tab. A7 launched almost one and a half years back now. The tab a8 comes with upgrades. So what are those upgrades and how good the tab feels thats? What were going to talk about in this video, so this tab is priced starting at 17 to plan uh for the base variant, and there is also wi fi and the 4g variant. So you can choose between just wi fi only or if you want 4g. If you want to get internet, while on the move, you can go with the 4g lte variant. There are 3 32 and 464 variants on both the variants so thats the pricing starting at 17 nine, so lets get started with other detailed aspects about this tab. A8. How good does it feel before getting started if this is your first time on this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish now lets talk first about the design and build quality, so For any ability, design is something which is very important because yeah its a large device which youre holding in one hand, probably so uh here you can see that there is a significant uh change in terms of design.

Now the bezels have been uh kept minimal. You can see the thickness is just 6.9 mm and uh. Also the overall finishing looks really good. There is just 508 grams in weight and overall this tablet feels really nice. The bezels have been also kept to minimal for a budget uh tablet and uh. This is a lightweight too and holding it even with one handed usage. It feels very uh easy to use and now talking about the material quality again, this is made of really good material. You get the metal back panel, it feels really nice. The top portion is plastic for the antennas for the 4g variant, but overall the build quality really feels sturdy and overall, the tablet definitely feels sturdy for the price segment. It is being offered and uh you get uh four speakers or two on either side and the usb type c port. There is a sim card slot uh power and volume key, so its fairly well equipped in terms of all the connectivity options and uh four speakers with the dolby atmos works really well well talk about in our speaker and performances, so thats the uh overall design and Well call this overall: this is definitely a improved tablet in terms of design and build quality. It feels sturdy. The material quality is also really good. Now next lets move on to the display. Now you get a 10.5 inches full hd resolution display its a tft panel and its not an ips lcd panel dude.

I definitely liked an ips lcd panel, but never mind. The display feels quite good. The touch response is pretty smooth and you get pretty good brightness levels as well. The colors are really vibrant and there is also gorilla glass protection, so display feels quite good and even for entertainment. If youre watching movies, this device does give a good uh feel uh. With uh watching movies and even multimedia content, so thats, something which is pretty good, so display feels quite good. Although uh, we would have definitely liked an ips lcd panel. Now next is the most important aspect: software now uh. While there are a lot of tablets uh in this price segment, but one thing what stands out uh on the samsung galaxy tab 8 is the software implementation. So samsung is really good in terms of software implementation. You get the one ui 3.1 on top of android 11, so lets have a look at what all features it offers and uh. What all software aspects are. The tab a8 offers now lets talk about the software experience on this tablet. So this comes with the samsungs one ui. You can see here. Samsung one ui lets just go to the about tablet, so you can see samsung one ui and android version is 11 and the google security system update is from december, and this is later to get the android 12 version as well. So software experience is good. You can see that the settings panel is also neatly designed.

Uh looks good, easy to access and it also comes with. You can see that app drawer and the notification toggles. You can swipe from any place and you get that so thats one good thing. So software implement, you should good and you can see that the edge panel is there. You can quickly open apps. There is also split screen option, so you can see it. There is the split screen option. I have a twitter on one side and i have uh the youtube app on other side. You can actually change it say, for example, if i want to have the file manager just drag and drop it here, so you can see here now its the file manager. So multitasking is pretty easy on this tablet, so you get these options and you can just use the edge panel to multitask and thats one of the good things. So, even if your student or note taking you can actually uh switch between different applications easily with the split panel and samsung, also provides additional tools for students, there is a screen recorder included. So in case you want to record the screen. That is additional option. Then samsung kids is one of those options which is quite useful for kids, so there are lots of apps specified for kids, and this comes with the password protection. That means um. You cannot exit unless you end the password, so you can see here. This is how the kids mode work – and this is quite useful for kids and there arent any major pre installed apps its very clean ui and looks pretty good as well.

Now it also comes with a pc sync application. That means you can connect to the pc, wirelessly and even mirror or cast the screen onto the pc thats. Another good thing, apart from that something hes also providing another app called samsung tv plus, wherein you can watch a live tv, which is quite good because you get all the channels here. You can watch live tv. There are plenty of channels available, so you can use this to watch live tv. Those are the software aspects now. The tab 8 is also slated to get the android 12 later. So even samsungs security updates and patches will be rolled out to this tablet, so that makes again the software experience pretty good. Now next lets talk about the performance side. Now this tablet is powered by the unisoc t618 tiger processor, with uh, coupled with uh four gigabyte ram or three gigabyte ram and 32 and 64 gigabyte storage now uh. This unisoc t618 is one of those mid range chipsets, which has actually gained a lot of traction in the last one year because most of the uh, even the qualcomm, has moved to more of 5g chipsets in the budget and mid range segment. Thats. Why? Mediatek and unisock actually made a pretty much ground and uni stocks. T618 is one of the really popular mid range, chipsets uh, especially in china. So this is one of the really good chipsets and its an octa core processor, and it actually uh is slight improvement over the tab.

A7 in terms of overall experience, almost 10 percentage improvement in terms of performance. Now, if you look at the experience its pretty good, but i would uh suggest you to go with the 4 gigabyte ram and 64 gigabyte storage vision, because more ram makes performance better and 32 gigabyte storage might not be good enough for many users, although there is One tv of expandable storage, its still advisable to go with the 464 variant and if you want uh uh the wi fi version, i can go with that or if you move a lot or travel a lot, then the uh 4g lte version makes sense. We have actually reviewed the 4g lte version, and the signal sensor is really good. This experience is pretty good and the overall browsing experience with the 4g lte also makes really good. You can even make calls using this tablet now. This tablet comes with the 8 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera. Of course, uh cameras on tablets are not really for photography. Its just uh for video calls mostly uh. Here are some video samples taken with the rear camera they come quite decent and the front camera is actually pretty good for video calls thats more the purpose itself and uh overall uh talking about the performance side. We feel its quite okay in terms of our experience and we did not see any sort of lag or issues, and we also played pubg mobile on this uh tablet, and it was quite a good experience overall, although this is again not a tablet for gamers.

This is more of a students tablet and that works really well. As i said before, the software experience is optimized for students and also multimedia, and it looks really good now talking about the speaker performance thats, one area where the tablet impressed us a lot, because this comes with quad speakers and dolby atmos support. The sound quality is really good and if youre watching movies, you wont be disappointed with the quad speakers. The performance is definitely good. Now uh the battery life. Now this comes with a 7040 mah capacity battery and you get a 15 watt charging included now uh the charging uh. It takes around three hours to charge almost uh and thats a 15 volt fast charger included in the box. Now the battery performance is really good. A 7040 mah capacity battery lasts like seven to seven and a half hours on an average again, it depends upon percent to percent the battery life is definitely good on and you wont be uh needing to charge it quite frequently. If you are a casual user, you can uh get really good battery on this uh tablet. So should you buy the samsung galaxy tab, eight now uh price that are almost 17 uh to plan for the base weight in the three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte, wi fi variant. It actually makes good sense to buy a tablet uh below the 20 000, if youre looking for a tablet for students, this is definitely good couple of reasons.

One is a really good battery life good overall display quality and software experience. Samsung software implementation is good and its a pretty lightweight tablet, so it fits in most of the aspects of for a budget tablet without compromising on too many aspects, and the pricing is good and you also get the 4g version. If you want uh the lte option, you can go with that as well, but at 1709 this tablet is a decent option not to consider for kids school purpose and also multimedia experience. So that was our experience with the samsung galaxy.