Today, weve got the samsung galaxy tab a8, the 2022 model. Well, it was announced in december 2021, but it released in uk back end of january. So, as usual, we are starting with the unboxing um theres, a quick start guide, which is actually quite boring. Usually theyve got some pictures, at least so: hey, hey, weve got the type a to type c, cable and a box standard charger. Unfortunately, its not a fast charge or anything like that, takes about two and a half three hours to charge the tablet itself so theres that, on the right hand, side of the screen youve got the specs of the tub. So this model is 32 gigs. Three gigs of ram, which ill show you later on. Okay, so weve got this nice feeling uh metallic uh back of the device. Weve got the back facing camera power button volume up volume down one microphone well, first microphone, then weve got a type c connector and two speakers. There are four speakers overall and then there is a headphone jack as well on that side. So youve got two speakers type c and a headphone jack and then on the other side, youve got additional two speakers, so youve got quartz, speaker setup and a second microphone as well, pretty decent setup. Considering the price of the device 189 pounds for the 32 gig and three gig of ram model and 219 for the 4 gig 64 gig of internal storage, when it comes to the tab itself, we are running on lets have a look one: ui 3.

1 android 11. Google play system update is from july, however, the actual security update is from january 2022 and when it comes to the software updates, when i first launched it, there was a software update. You can see in here and thats pretty much it. Okay, lets go back to settings so well done me just pressing the multitasking button, because why not lets? Oh, so, as ive mentioned 32 gigs of internal storage and three gigabytes of ram – and here comes the advanced features, so weve got call and text on other devices. So if youve got another samsung phone, you can take calls and texts on the tablet itself. Then youve got continue, apps on other devices. So again, if youve got a samsung phone running, one ui, whatever you do on the tablet on samsung, internet and samsung notes, will automatically carry over onto your phone quickshare with again samsung phones, multi windows for apps. So if there are some apps that you want to use in split screen view multi window, you can do that it forces and adds some additional apps. And then, when it comes to landscape, you can force landscape in apps that dont use landscape like, for example, reddit. Now another feature is: pin your favorite apps, which kind of reminds me of a task bar from windows. So if you slide the edge panel and when you press pin it comes up with like a taskbar, so it does remind me of windows, its not samsung, decks by any means, but youve got permanently additional icons on the right.

So whatever you do lets say you fire up a file manager which i will do in a second and it will keep the taskbar on the right. So regardless, if you are opening an app or not, you can have that taskbar permanently on and because its not an oled panel, but just normal lcd. It wont cause any screen burning in terms of the edge panel itself, which is the one that the the thing im sliding from the right. The drawer ill focus on that later on in the review in terms of the side key. So this is the power button. When you tap it twice when you press it twice, it launches a camera. But if you want to – and you go back to the settings, you can set up any other app. So, for example, you can set up a google chrome or samsung internet. Whatever is your most commonly used app? You can set it up. So when you press the power button twice, it fires up that particular app, very neat: pretty decent uh nice option, motions and gestures. So youve got double tap to turn on the screen and double tap to sorry to turn off and turn on the screen as well cover screen to mute. So you cover the screen to mute, any incoming calls and thats pretty much it when it. When it comes to unlocking the device. There is no fingerprint sensor, there is face recognition and its actually, you can see the padlock up top um its actually pretty neat.

However, it cannot be used with any banking apps or anything like that. Its not face id like on the iphones and ipads, unfortunately, its just there to unlock the device, but you cant really set it up to unlock any any any of the apps like your banking apps or your microsoft, authenticator and stuff, like that, when it comes to Disk play display not display youve got the light mode and youve got the dark mode when it comes to dark mode settings. If you go into that, you can set it up so sunset to sunrise. So when youve got a sunset, the screen will go into dark mode. Well, the whole device will go into dark mode. Icon volt shield removes the blue hue from the screen colors and puts less strain on your eyes again. You can schedule it uh its especially useful um during um evening viewing – and this is the edge panel which i did mention in the past. So you can pin it if you want to. But the main use case scenario for the edge panel is to use two or even free ups, simultaneously and next to each other. So, for example, im gon na fire up, google chrome lets go on to playstation universe website and then, if you slide from the right, you can use, for example, youtube side by side with chrome or any other app. You want. Okay, so weve got youtube launching, as you can see, three gigs of ram when it comes to multitasking decent, but four gigs of ram would do a better job and then, if you want to, you can use whoopsie ive just opened the second chrome website.

If you want to, you can use a fed window so, for example, youve got chrome, chrome and youtube, or you can use chrome, spotify and youtube, or you can use word youtube and spotify whatever you want really um, so pretty decent option. Considering the price of the device works decently, however, like i did mention, if youre gon na focus heavily on multitasking, i would upgrade to the four gig of ram gig internal storage model purely because its not sluggish its, not slow, but its not particularly fast either. So theres that, if you want to you, can also set up, pin pair up pairs, so basically um. If you press the icon in the middle, it saves the layout. So you can use two apps similar next to each order um predefined when it comes to sound weve, got dolby atmos, which is descent to be honest, um, obviously its just a software um. However, with that quad speakers it actually does make a difference and it actually sounds nice. I have to admit the speakers do sound nice and at the very end of the video i did play some music and there is a video playing as well. So you can look properly at the um audio and screen quality, okay, so thats that and, as you know, whenever i do reviews of the tablets, i always plug in my bluetooth keyboard and the bluetooth mouse just to see how it works with additional peripherals.

Obviously, but also how convenient it is, and it is a lot it is very convenient, especially when you use apps, like word and so on. So this is zag keys cover keyboard which go which connects via bluetooth, and then there is the logitech mx2 anywhere mouse which ill show you connected via bluetooth. You can connect quite a few devices. You can connect your headphones as well and you can connect your wireless controller for gaming. All four devices work absolutely brilliantly. Okay, so lets fire up word. As you can see, everything just works and looks like a normal, proper desktop word um. The only difference in the mobile word is that you dont actually have access to all the templates, but other than that when it comes to editing files or using your mouse right, click works like a right. Click left click works like a left click and, however, if youre thinking about youre writing an article or an essay or something and you need to use chrome or and whatnot, you can obviously open it up in a smaller, smaller window or you can open it side By side as well, um, so voila again decent neat considering the price of the device, it does actually make a lot of things easier when it comes to multitasking. Obviously, you can look at different apps that you can use in multitasking, multi video multi window, sorry view as well. Okay, next stop! So we did. Some work now were gon na move into gaming.

So, first of all, we need to connect our dualshock 4 controller. So again we are connecting our wireless controller, so you can, as you can see, weve got the mouse connected. Weve got a keyboard connected and weve got a wireless controller connected. We can also connect headphones on top of that and they all work so its theres, no uh real limits to to how many devices you want to use. I believe theres up to six at least okay. So, first of all were gon na play minecraft, which is a huge resource, hog um. The video is recorded in 30 frames per second. However, the game actually runs in 60 frames and the screen is also 60 hertz, so i have to admit, i am absolutely positively surprised by the performance of minecraft, especially considering that weve got rendered cloud clouds, beautiful skies, smooth lighting and and whatnot, and, to be honest, The quality and the performance is actually really good, considering that minecraft is quite bound, so cpu is actually you know its its its its a resource hog, and so considering that it plays really well – and this is call of duty, mobile uh on the lowest graphical graphical Settings just to run it in 60 frames per second again. The video is recorded in 30. However, it is silky smooth as well no hiccups, nothing like that plays really well with a controller or with touchscreen. Okay and next stop. As you know, im a huge advocate of google stadia so were gon na use stadia.

Luckily, the performance is really good. Considering im approximately two rooms away from my wi fi router cant, remember how you use weapons: okay, brilliant! I just threw a grenade, so theres gon na be a lot of people after me now again, uh considering youve got a 1080p screen of the device and a cyberpunk runs in, i believe, around 760 or 960 frames per second in performance mode, because im all about Doing frames, i have to admit, the performance is really good. I dont know what it is with nokia devices that they always struggle with google stadia, but, as you can see, this samsung uh okay, how do oh yeah, you press the square button? This samsung tablet allows you to play it flawlessly very good experience very good experience. I have to admit its actually better than my fault too, quite impressive and its not even wi fi six, so okay, so lets have a listen to the audio quality and see how the device well see here, how the device sounds: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music, so Applause, Music Applause, hope youve enjoyed the video.