This tab is considered to be ideal for students. Not only does this slim lightweight tablet provide the support for online classes, but also gives the end users, the ultimate entertainment experience Music released on 11 september 2020. It has a display screen of 10.4 inches. The vibrance and colorful ultra wide screen display and dolby atmos surround sound speakers, draw you in to movies and shows it comes with a screen resolution of 1200 by 2000 pixels, 8 megapixel camera and a long lasting battery. So you can enjoy more of what you love from streaming and browsing to music and photos. The tab comes in both 32gb and 64gb internal storage with a micro sd card slot. However, this does not include a sim card slot or a cover case. The tab a7 book cover is also sold separately available. Colors, you might ask dark gray, silver and gold. I can personally say the surround. Sound speakers are amazing. I have definitely tested these big speakers and wow was i blown away by the sound quality. My daughter was gifted this tab from her ultra high tech, granddad and boy. Was she impressed i further curified it with her favorite unicorn character, which i purchased from and boy? Was she excited isn’t? Definitely an understatement Music. So what don’t we like about this tab? I mean first of all, the storage. If you’re anything like me, you want more the more the better it doesn’t help when internal storage available is only up to 65 gb, i mean come on, give us more storage options.

What are you doing? The design, apart from the gold side back the a7, looks pretty dated the dark gray metal frame lacks the shine and sleek lines of its more expensive stablemates, which is understandable. Given the lower price. That said, you can definitely offer us nazir color options like silver or gold, which will make things more interesting. The processor and ram are also limited and the camera quality it’s. Okay, i mean, since the tab is now for 155, it does definitely have a serious competitor. The amazon kindle fire hd 10, which starts at 150 at this price. There aren’t many other android tablets to compare against Music tcl’s 10 inch tab max cost to around 250 euros and offers similar features but isn’t available in the us right now. You could purchase it outside us Music, so, if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, especially if you’re considering to pay in installments, consider the 350 tab s6 like it’s faster, it has a much better screen and it comes with a useful, smart pen. So is the galaxy tab? A7 work? Fine. I would say yes, if all you use your tablet is for casual media consumption or web browsing and online classes. The etab a7 is perfectly capable and is priced rightly at 150. Music it’s got a strong battery life too, and build quality is better than what you’d expect in this pricing Music. So that’s all for today, stay tuned for more reviews.