Is it really that big of a difference Music? Now the prices on these range from 160 bucks up to around 280 dollars and it’s all gon na depend on which version you get? You can get 32 gigabytes or 64 gigabytes of storage on both of these tablets. Probably one of the biggest differences in these two tablets is definitely going to be the screen size. You’Ve got an 8.7 inch, 720p resolution display on the light version, and then you get a 10.4 inch 1080p resolution on the full size. Tab a7 just saying that out loud you’re, probably going to think well that’s, pretty obvious, which one’s going to be better and yeah it sort of is the tab. A7 screen looks better in my opinion, and it looks a little bit brighter as well. The regular tab. A7 is definitely better for reading books, browsing online, doing pretty much anything with text. So if that’s going to be important to you, then yeah you want the full size to have a7 now i’m, not saying the light version is the worst thing i’ve ever seen. It’S, just something to keep in mind now when watching videos or playing games, i feel like both tablets. Look pretty decent again. The regular tab. H7 will look a little bit better, especially if you’re used to using a 1080p screen. You will notice the light 720p resolution screen right away, not looking quite as good, but i have to admit the light version does look better than i expected considering.

It is lower resolution now when it comes to the battery on these tablets. In my testing the tab. A7 lite died after about six hours, while the full size tab a7 died after about seven and a half hours, which makes sense because the full size a7 does have a larger battery. So yeah you get a little better battery life on the big tablet, even though it has a higher resolution screen, but keep in mind. My testing is more on the extreme side. So, with normal use, you can easily double the battery life. If you want average battery life go with the light, if you want, above average battery life, go with the tab. A7. Full flavor speakers are really one area where i think both tablets excel at speakers on the tab. A7 lite are on both sides, which is nice and loud for a tablet this size, but are they as loud as on the full size a7, no, which i kind of expected here’s a quick sample of each just to see if you can tell a difference? Music, Music Applause, Music, oh Applause, Laughter, software, wise they’re, both on android 11, one ui, 3.1 tab a7 lite is on april 2021 security patch, while the regular tab a7 is on may 2021. So pretty much identical software on both tablets, you’re also going to get split screen on both tablets and, yes, both are missing. Samsung decks, although i’m pretty sure the full size a7 could run decks with no problems, they just decide not to put it on there.

There are a few differences, though you don’t get samsung, kids or smart view on the live version, but you’re gon na get pretty much all the rest of the apps on here and – and i think most people are gon na – be happy with the software, no matter Which tablet you end up buying, so you’ve got a snapdragon 662 on the regular a7 versus a media attack mt 8768 on the tab. A7 lite. Now the regular tab a7 has quite a bit better geekbench scores, and you can tell just moving around the software which one of these is faster it’s. The bigger one. The light version definitely has a little bit of lag here and there, and it just feels a little bit cheaper because of that and yeah the full size. Tab a7 feels faster and doing just about everything. Games are going to load quite a bit faster on the full size, tab a7, as well, but that’s to be expected. Just look here at the low times between the two tablets when loading pubg mobile now, once the game actually loads, it plays fine on both tablets and the weird thing is: the loading screen for pubg mobile actually looks more clear on the lite version, but yeah. Unfortunately, the game takes forever to load. The cameras on both of these tablets are not great. Just like most tablets, i review on the channel here’s a few samples of each just to give you an idea of what to expect either way you go you’re going to get below average picks and video, no matter what tablet you choose, especially if your lighting is Not that great now for video, you will get slightly better footage from the size, tab a7, but not by much Music.

So hopefully, this video helps clear up a little bit about these two tablets and makes it a little bit easier to decide between the full size. Tab a7 or the smaller tab, a7 lite. So if you’ve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and don’t forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.