A7 lite. This is another budget oriented tablet from samsung. It is on sale on samsung’s official website. I’Ll have some links down in the description. If you want to check it out, for yourself, the price is 160, it comes in colors silver and this dark gray color here and has 32 gigabytes of storage and three gigabytes of ram. But there is another version for 40 to 50 dollars more, which has 64 gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabytes of ram, and there are also some versions that have lte connectivity. So you can basically use this as a really big phone with all that out of the way, though, i’m super excited to share my full review with you guys on this little tablet. So just put this back in the box for show show you guys what you get in our top pamphlet. Here we have a quick start guide. We have an ejection tool to get out the micro sd card slot and that sim slot, if you buy that version and on this side we have a type c to type a charging cable and we have a seven and a half watt charger. Unfortunately, this charger is very slow, and inside of here we are greeted to the tab, a7 lite starting off right away with the form factor and build quality. Just because this is a cheaper tablet does not mean that samsung skipped out on the build materials. We have a really nice aluminum frame here, aluminum backing here.

We do have some plastic on the top and bottom, i guess that’s for some of the connectivity things, but it does kind of make for a nice two tone finish here, just a slightly darker gray. To my eye on those ends than on the backing on the back, we also have the single camera we’ll. Take a look at that later in the video on the right side, we have our power button, our volume rockers and a mic on the left side. Here we have a little tray, which you’re going to be able to put your micro sd card into up to one terabyte of additional storage and on the bottom we have a headphone jack, a type c port, a mic and a speaker which, also by the way There’S another speaker on the top. We have a dual speaker setup on this tablet and then pair with that really nice hardware. We also have an 8.7 inch display. This is a 1340 by 800 resolution display. There are a couple of ways to get into this tablet. One is the facial recognition which works. Okay, you just have to keep in mind that it is pretty slow, it does work, you just have to be patient with it and, if that’s not fast enough for you, you can always just do your pattern or pin or a password to get into the tablet. Jumping deeper into that 8.7 inch display, i have thoroughly enjoyed using and interacting with this screen in the last week of my personal usage, my favorite thing about it is just the size itself, the 8.

7 inch size. This is a much smaller tablet compared to some of the other tablets we’ve been covering on the channel like the galaxy tab a7. This is a tablet that we covered about seven or eight months ago, so tab a7 on the right tab. A7 lite on the left. You can see a very large size difference, there’s, also a pretty good difference in size in terms of those bezels there. So there’s less bezel action going on here, a little bit here with the tab a7 light, but this size difference having this smaller size. It actually allows you to use this in a one handed format so i’m able to grab this with one hand. It almost just feels like a really big phone, but that’s. What i love about it is that, when you’re at home i’m, always on my phone i’m, always looking at youtube videos on my smaller six inch display, but now with this tab, a7 lite, you can just easily pick this up and just throw on a video get That into full screen and look at that. That is just way larger than any smartphone you’re gon na use. But it also just has that compact feel to it that it just makes it a really nice and enjoyable device to use overall and then to go along with that good viewing experience. We have excellent speakers on this tablet. Again. We have that one on the top and one on the bottom, and i am super impressed with these speakers.

Considering the price of this tablet – it’s, not quite the quad speaker, setup that we have on the bigger brother, tab a7, but just being so accustomed to a lot of smartphones. These days, having just the single bottom firing speaker, having that dual speaker setup again, just makes it so enjoyable to use on a daily basis. Now, in terms of the performance of this tablet, you can probably expect that it’s not going to be one of samsung’s faster devices, it’s, definitely a bit on the slower side of things that doesn’t mean it’s a bad experience, though scrolling through youtube, for example, isn’t. Really all that bad, you can see. There is just a little bit of stuttering here. Of course, pop ups that’ll happen on any device, but you can see here that really scrolling through it isn’t really that bad at all. I know it’s youtube that probably isn’t as intensive as some other tasks, let’s jump over to the internet, browser let’s go to samsung.com and honestly. Samsung’S website has a lot of stuff going on with it that actually loaded a lot faster than in just my everyday usage. So this tablet is still surprising me as i’m, making this video. So that is not to say this. Guy is a speed demon or anything. You are going to experience some hiccups here and there, but for the people that are going to be buying this tablet that doesn’t really matter that’s, not really a big factor, but you can see here that just quickly, switching through tabs and doing different scrolling and stuff It’S really a fine experience if you’re looking on the gaming side of things, if you’re looking to play like call of duty, mobile or asphalt 9, it might be a little more difficult to play those types of games, but some more lighter games and maybe more relaxing Games like old school runescape or one of my personal favorites stardew valley, these games actually run pretty well on this tablet, so this game can be kind of hit or miss depending on, if i’m, using an ipad or a samsung tablet.

But this has honestly been a fine experience for me. You can see that when you’re walking, sometimes there’s just a little bit of a jitter and a little bit of lag zooming in and out like this, you can see here that just going around the map doing just general tasks and activities, it actually works quite well And the thing i like about again 8.7 inch display is that with a game like this, where you need to be reaching into the middle, sometimes or all over the display, it is very doable with this tablet. You can see that my thumbs pretty much reach the whole entire display here. So, even though this is a smaller tablet, there is definitely a use case for this that i just never even realized before getting my hands on this tab. A7 light, but again for just doing some light gaming or just doing some light things around the house with this tablet. This is just a great option, in my opinion, taking a look now at the battery life of this tab. A7 light took a closer look at my battery consumption for the last almost two entire days, so two full days of not charging it at all and having six and a half hours of screen time, we’re left with about nine percent battery, so granted half of that Usage was watching youtube almost exactly 50 here after watching three and a half hours of youtube playing nearly an hour and a half of that stardew valley game took about 18 shopping on amazon, for amazon prime day for close to an hour, took about nine percent and If you’re going to be using the camera that can take a lot of battery just it really depends what you’re gon na be doing with this tablet.

But i would realistically expect anywhere from five to seven hours of battery life, depending on what tasks you’re doing. Taking a look at the charging speeds of this guy, it does have 15 watt charging. I was able to fully charge this guy in about two hours time, but it is worth keeping in mind that the charger that comes with this tablet is not that fast charger. This is a seven and a half watt charger, so it’s going to take twice the time, you’re going to need to get a charger that says adaptive fast charger on the front of it. So i’ll leave some links down in the description. If you want to pick one of those up, we do have one camera on the back. Here it is a 8 megapixel camera which does have auto focus, but you can do some different zoom options with it, which i was surprised. It has a little more functionality than i thought it would have, but if you’re gon na be zooming in it looks absolutely horrendous, you can also film up to 1080p 30 with this guy. It is quite shaky, but hey it’s there, and this is gon na. Be your front facing camera for video side of things on the tab: a7 lite, it’s, 720p, so it’s certainly not going to be the highest resolution by any means. But for the price point i really can’t complain. It is a camera it’s. Here it works.

It’S going to be a little shaky i’m holding it in the hands, there’s no sort of image stabilization or anything. But this is what you can expect if you’re going to video call or do any conferences on this tab, a7 lite. But that is pretty much everything going on with this tab. A7 lite. We have a pretty good display, it gets pretty bright. I have it on max brightness right now. We have a great feel on the hand with this aluminum finish. We have cameras, should you need them? Performance is acceptable enough. That i’m able to personally enjoy this on a daily basis, but just to answer some questions that people might have out there. They might be confused by this tab. A7 lite. Why does it have light in the name that’s because, as i showed earlier, there is a galaxy tab, a7 there’s, just a couple differences here, of course, the screen size itself and a larger battery big picture. All things considered, this is more so, in my opinion, a galaxy tab. A7 mini. I don’t know why they necessarily called it a light. I feel like the light kind of implies that it’s an inferior product and an inferior device over the tab, a7 itself. But honestly, in my eyes, kind of like you thinking of the ipads like you, have the ipad mini and then just the regular ipad. In this case, we have the tab, a7 and, in my mind, the tab a7 mini, because the performance and everyday use case has been very similar to my tab.

A7 it’s just a smaller version of an already super successful tablet and one that i thoroughly enjoyed using over the past several months. I am really liking everything that’s offered here for that 160 dollar price. I feel like you, definitely will not regret a purchase like this. Just having this smaller tablet with, you is just so easy to pick up it’s so easy to jump into. So once again, i think samsung has done a great job here. They have released yet again. Another new, affordable tablet that i think a lot of people are gon na, get their hands on and they’re gon na enjoy, and if you do end up purchasing one of these tablets, i hope you enjoy it as much as i have. What are your thoughts, though, on the galaxy tab? A7. Lite. Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video then be sure to give it a thumbs up and please consider subscribing to the shane simon’s youtube channel today and i hope you’ll check out some of my other videos.