In your hand, its a very simple looking tablet with dual shades. I have this gray and black combination. The bezels are thick enough, so you can conveniently hold the tablet. Without touching the display, you get a 2 megapixel front camera for video calls and a single 8 megapixel camera at the rear, with no led flash, and although the tablet does support 15 watt adaptive fast charging, you do get a lower wattage adapter in the box. But im very glad to see a 3.5 mm headphone jack now its a compact design and holding for long duration is not going to be a problem and, by the way, its compact enough to fit in some deep pockets. Moving on to the display its got an 8.7 inch screen with decent enough outdoor brightness, it can be better for sure, but its not a very major issue. Please bear in mind. This is an entry level tablet and its unfair to you know, compare this with colors and brightness of more expensive tablets. But if you are looking for a tablet, necessarily at this price point for that, i think its a really good display and when you combine that display experience with dual speakers on both the left and the right side, which also support dolby atmos. It makes for a pretty impressive display experience at this price point and given its so portable, thin and lightweight its just convenient for you to keep with you and take places wherever you go, you can expand storage by up to one terabyte by using a micro, sd Card and then you can download and store plenty media files like movies and music and therefore the 32 gigs internal storage is not so much of an issue because you can add more and expand.

Okay, now lets talk software. It comes with android 11 and 1gy 3.1. You get features like nearby share call and text and other devices you get dolby atmos, which is great, but then you dont get some features like screen. Recording, bixby or bixby routines, secure, folder, always on display and see. Some of these features require capable hardware, which would have been increased. The price of this tablet, so yeah thats, the trade off but hey you do get edge panels and thats good to see at this price segment. You know you can install more of these edge panels and really make the most of your tablet, but otherwise its a pretty standard. One ui experience, you would know if you use a samsung phone moving over to performance, and this is where things get subjective. Its got an octa core processor with three gigs of ram, which is just about enough to get the job done. It doesnt mean things are going to open very snappily, but yeah apps may take a few seconds to open and load, but once they do, you can function without any issues and so yeah. While using regular functions of the tablet and browsing through the interface. It may not feel as smooth or as responsive to your touch but again for a tablet. At this price point, i think its a pretty fair balance, its not slow its just not as flawless but thats what the more expensive tablets are for, and you can just take opening of this game as an example.

It didnt take too long or anything its just that it wasnt as fast, and that makes sense because again this is an entry level tablet and the fact that it can even let you play this game without any issues or hiccups, thats great and then to push Further, i actually tried to play call of duty in a real time, multiplayer environment and see if that worked out well, because you know thats a pretty good test of everything working together, including the network connectivity components and, to my surprise, it actually worked very well. I mean obviously the graphics were optimized automatically. As you can see, it says: graphic quality, low, but thats important. Otherwise you wont get an optimized experience but yeah while playing – and you can see it right here – no issues – i absolutely enjoyed it in terms of battery performance. Its got a 5 100 milliampere hour battery, which will easily last you the entire day with moderate use. If youre going to be consuming too much video content all day long or use it for back to back video calling, then youll definitely drain it out before sunset. But yeah its an all day tablet for most average users. If you plan on using it throughout the day, i think its a pretty light tablet in an overall sense. You know its lightweight built for light, use, light performance and comes at a light price. Its got expandable storage, dual speakers with dolby atmos ability to use it as a phone with a sim card and all the useful one ui features with android 11 does make the galaxy tab a7 lite a very clear choice for anyone wanting an android tablet in the 100 230 range, or the ten thousand to fifteen thousand rupee range anyway.

Thats it on the galaxy tab is seven light.