Everyone so lets go ahead and take the top off and, as you guys see, we have the tablet right here feels pretty hefty. So far, lets go and put that aside. Next thing we have in here is our quick start guide. We also have our wall adapter and our USB type c data, cable and last but not least, we also have our Sim ejector tool all right everyone. So we have our tablet right here. Lets go ahead and take this out of the little sleeve right here. So looking at the back of the device we have, this aluminum brush metal right here feels very, very nice and premium. I like that Samsung does this on their budget tablets, really like the style of this. So we have the Samsung logo right here in the middle and we have our 8 megapixel shooter on the back right there for our main camera on our right side of device. We have our noise canceling mic. We also have our volume up and down rocker and we also have our power button bottom of the device we have our speaker left of that we have a noise canceling, mic middle. We have our USB type c port and the left side. We have a 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack left side of the device. We do actually have an option to go and expand our storage. If you guys would like to do so, and it looks like top of the device, we also have a speaker as well so thats nice to see were going to go ahead and test those out in a little bit.

But lets go ahead and turn this tablet. On get it loaded also from the tablet, we have a two megapixel single shooter and this is capable of uh video and photo all right everyone. So we got the tablet booted up right here. We do have multiple versions of this device. We have the 32 gigabyte internal storage and three gigabytes of RAM variant that I have in my hands right now. We also have another variant that you can use Wi, Fi or cellular on the device, and we have another storage variant that gives you double the internal storage, so 64 gigabytes of internal storage and four gigabytes of RAM. So we get an extra gig right there. When you guys move up to those and Ill leave all of those in the description down below, as well as the top comments as far as our chipset on this device, however, we have our mediatek Helio p22t. I dont know much about this chipset. If you guys know anything about, it, definitely leave it in the comment section down below, but we do have Android 11 on this device and we have one UI 3.1 were going to go ahead and show you that real quick as you guys, can see Android 11 Right there, and if we go to our software information, we have one UI 3.1, so thats nice to see that in there and our Android security patch is going to be on April 1st.

For that going into the drop down Bar menu. As you guys can see, we have all of The Usual Suspects. We have Wi Fi, sound Bluetooth, auto rotate airplane mode power, saving location, Quick Share, nearby, share and iComfort Shield. Also, if you scroll over here, we have our dark mode, which Im definitely going to turn on, and we also have do not disturb call and text and other devices. We have our Dolby Atmos in here as well, which is nice to see, and we have our scan QR code now right off the bat. This display is going to be a TFT display, so not one of the most amazing displays uh. You know seeing that this is 159 tablet I feel like this is a pretty decent display and everythings been pretty fluid through the UI so far so kind of happy about that – and this is also going to be an 800 by 1340 pixel display with a 5×3 Aspect ratio and then 81.1 percent screen to body ratio. This also has stereo speakers which Im super hyped about. If you guys did not know that – and this has a 5100 milliamp battery – and obviously we get that 15 watt fast charging on this device as well – which is definitely a still for the price now I just want to go ahead and test out the video on This device, as well as the speakers, so were gon na, go and test that out right now give you guys my opinion lets go ahead and start this off.

Also, as far as our frame rate, we can watch up to 1080p at 60 frames per second were going to go and turn this up real, quick, Music and screen so far. Actually, it looks very, very decent for the price. Definitely like the way. This is playing out. The speaker is all the way up and you guys are going to be able to hear clearly on both sides of the device, because we have a speaker at the top and at the bottom of the device. Love love, love these stereo speakers, and this is definitely going to make for a good gaming experience for anybody that wants to play games on this tablet, but looks good, sounds good as well. Thats really the biggest thing about tablets – to be quite honest, in my opinion, is if you have a device right here that is decent with viewing and hearing pleasure, so it definitely meets those requirements going into the camera right here we have an 8 megapixel camera on The rear were gon na go ahead and take a photo real quick. So we have a pretty quick shutter button on this device. Also thats, some thats thats a really decent camera. This is definitely better than any of the tablet cameras uh in this price range. I know a bunch of different tablets that Ive used in the past have just been terrible, but this one is actually usable, so thats great to see for sure.

If we go into more options right here, we have Pro mode, we have Panorama, we have food and we also have hyperlapse. We also have Deco pick right here. If you guys want to use the emojis uh and going into the settings. I believe this shoots up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, as far as the video goes lets go and check that out yeah, so full HD at 30 frames per second, as you guys can see, you can shoot in 1080P at 30 or 720 and 30.. So thats nice to see we also have a button right here, thats going to let you zoom in and out, I believe, thats one and two times Zoom so thats great to see. We also have a portrait mode and I just want to go ahead and take a picture real, quick with that portrait mode, so Ill go ahead and take a picture of my face and well be back in a second, so for a 2 megapixel front facing camera. Honestly, I dont think this is that bad. This is definitely passable. I know people that use the front facing camera are probably going to be using this on Skype or just to send it through messages and stuff, like that, its not its, not that amazing of a camera, but its definitely passable for the price and so far Im.