I thought this would be a great time to give you guys an update on how this device is doing. This is a very budget friendly tablet aimed at those that want a small tablet, thats good enough to browse the web, watch some videos on the side and maybe play a few games here and there. So after six months of use, the a7 lite still remains. One of the best cheapest tablets you can get on the market for 159 dollars. I think this is as low as you can get. I can see this tablet being in the hands of like a five year old. You know someone that might not need the intense speeds that that are found on todays flagship tablets or to someone thats just generally interested in getting a super cheap tablet for around 150. Well, in this, video were going to take a deeper dive into its design. The performance, what it does great at and what it doesnt do great at so id appreciate. If you hit that subscribe button, we talk all sorts of great tech content here in the channel youre gon na, be here for a great time and go down to the comment section. Do you have this tablet? Are you looking at owning one? Do you have any questions you want to ask me just tell me more with all that being said, lets get on with the review, so starting off with this design, the size is perfect for casual users, with a variety of different hand shapes as i could hold This tablet, with just one hand, i like to think this is like a bigger phone sometime now that tab a7 light is rocking this metal back and has a satin finish that feels nice.

Actually, it does a pretty great job, minimizing fingerprints and grease on the tablet. I dont necessarily feel dirty while using this over time, the shell feels very sturdy and clean all the buttons like the power and volume. Rockers are located on the right side and the press is very firm. I dont think they feel bulky if anything, its very lightweight. The a7 light weighs in on 371 grams, so, as you can see, they can be enjoyed for very long periods of time without it burdening our arms. The tablet comes with the usb c charging point, which is great. It allows for fast universal charging. The speakers mic perform relatively well, giving us a good enough sound once you cross that 50, you know speaker volume mark, i think tablets, mids and highs. You know start to creak and screech a little bit. You know. Dont expect really great speakers coming out of this device, its gon na work. Well, if youre gon na watch some videos here inside or just need something to play with sound, if you go to the max volume, it starts to get a little like screechy other than that the a7 lite 8.7 inch display is rocking a 1340 by 800p screen, Which looks fine in most situations, thats technically, not 1080p. So when you get really close to it, you can see the pixels, and this is coming from someone whos used to living in high resolution. You know im used to seeing 4k monitors ill, smooth 120 hertz screens.

The tab a7 light isnt going to have any of that, and i understand then again thats not what this tablet was made for. One of the things i will say is that the colors are very vibrant on this device. You know watching movies and videos on something say like netflix or youtube really shines on the a7 light. The higher contrast on the screen definitely does make up for a low res screen. So i will say if you are scrolling across social media. Maybe you see some nice pictures, theyre gon na look a lot more lively if youre someone that wants a better display, i consider upgrading to the samsung galaxy tab a8 because of that nicer and bigger 10.5 inch 1080p screen. I think the difference is very noticeable. The colors and vibrancy are richer on the a8. The display is much sharper. Your games movies and shows look much better in general, but lets get back to the a7 light anyways with the max brightness of 315 nits. I found myself staring at my reflection. More often than i liked, especially on a day when the weather is really bright outside. So how is that low powered eight core mediatek cpu doing well? I can see that its doing all right powering this laptop from shutdown takes a little bit around a minute. At most and logging onto apps can take a few extra milliseconds, the animations shown as you scroll across in user interface, isnt, always smoothest.

I found that it actually usually stutters or is slow at getting around the menu it feels kind of choppy. I would stick to web browsing media playback such as netflix and youtube at the most. Getting on those apps first and foremost, can take a few extra seconds. My old galaxy s7 phone from 2016 actually performs faster than this tablet. So if youre someone that already owns a smartphone, you know from any price point, maybe a thousand dollars to maybe a 300 smartphone um. It is going to be faster than this. The a7, like struggles here, a little bit more, be prepared for a few hitches and slowdowns when it comes to games. As long as he sticks to simple games like cut the rope temple run or any of those nice ones, itll run just fine. But when i try to play call of duty warzone on here asphalt 9, it started to get um very hard visually to play because of that choppier frame rate. The graphics dont look nearly as nice, as you know, another device, but lets talk about the camera. Real quick samsung only provides very few details about the cameras of the a7 light because theyre, not the tablets flagship, all right. The selfie camera has a resolution of 2 megapixels in the main camera with 8 megapixels. You know both camera core videos at the maximum of 1920 by 1080p at 30 frames per second, unfortunately, uh. The a7 light is no exception.

You cant expect great photo and video quality from this tablet. Pictures taken with the selfie camera are blurry, noisy and lack contrast. The main camera delivers a better picture quality. You know it shoots relatively sharper pictures and better lighting conditions. However, the photos show very few details and its particularly noticeable in zoom shots and generally dark picture areas, theyre often overexposed or underexposed, and lack almost any dynamics due to its flat colors in low light conditions, the camera finally surrenders and can only capture blurry outlines, if Anything i found the camera to be most useful if i needed to use it for an emergency backup for web, calling you know over zoom or skype, but other than that i wouldnt use it at all id rather just stick to my smartphone, but one of the Few areas a7 lite does pretty well in its its battery life. It actually has a pretty long battery due to the low power usage coming from the cpu. I can leave it out for a few days without having to charge it and more specifically, the battery can. Last up to an average of 9 to 12 hours through my test – and actually this is one of the few samsung devices out there that definitely meets its advertised battery life. You know all these manufacturers nowadays are talking about how their devices get up to like 15 or 20 whopping some hours, and you know we, we know thats, not always true.

Most of them always fall short between two to six hours of what they say, and that also includes other samsung products as well. So im not just saying that samsungs great, but just this tablet in general, it does beat its advertised battery life. But of course, if you game more often or use this a lot for media consumption, the battery life is going to drain much faster. I did a combination of playing some games checking social media. I used it for ways for map directions when im driving a little bit, so the a7 lights still bring. It should hold the battery life pretty well. All in all the samsung galaxy tab, a7 lite is still gon na, be your most basic tablet. Yet samsung gives us the best android tablet experience they can do priced at the 159 dollar budget. I, like the design a lot i mean it looks more premium than actually should sometimes thats great. Using this without a case feels super premium feels light. The weight is evenly distributed across the entire machine, want to use it for media consumption. It doesnt all right. Job ive been able to do what i can with it thats, not the fastest tablet out there, and, like i mentioned this is good enough to use for map directions, maybe like google maps or waze. You can like hang this up on your car because its really compact at this price point. I would personally consider getting tab a8 for around 60 to 70 more dollars.

You just get a bigger tablet and better performance in general, but hey if youre really set on getting the a7 light. Ive seen this go as low as like, 69, sometimes and thats honestly, a steal. Tell me what you think uh: do you have the a7 light yourself? Are you looking at getting one if you have any questions, just feel free to drop them down below ill? Try to answer your questions that maybe someone else will you know just get that comment section going, but yeah thats. All i got for the tab. A7 lite uh its a pretty good tablet, really cheap id recommend this tablet to maybe a parent who has a really young kid whos, not quite ready for a phone or an ipad just yet anyway, thats all i got for todays video, so thank you guys. So much for watching hit that like and subscribe button and until next time ill see.