4 inch. 2000 by 1200 resolution comes in either 32 or 64. Gigabytes of storage also is going to use the Snapdragon 662 processor. Only three gigabytes of RAM. For my version, though, luckily there is a four gigabyte version as well, then its got a 7040 milliamp hour battery and actually has a headphone jack, but theyve been getting rid of those for quite some time. So, Im not sure if theres still people out there who want those, but if so this ones got one pretty good battery life on here lasting over seven and a half hours in my battery drain test. Just keep in mind thats more of an extreme usage at 100 screen brightness. So if you turn that down, it should last quite a bit longer. As far as software goes, this ones been updated to Android 12, one UI 4.1. Unfortunately, I dont know how much longer this ones going to get software and security updates, as this could be the last major update it gets so thats. Definitely something to consider also Ive, seen rumors of a 2022 Edition sort of like they did with the tab. S6. Lite, which I would probably prefer that over the tab A8, if its going to be available in the United States, you wont be able to use an S Pen with this. So youd probably want to go with something like the Galaxy Tab, S6 Lite or tab s7fe. But just keep in mind those are going to be a little more expensive.

You can use a Capacitive Stylus on here, but still not going to be nearly as nice as the S Pen that comes with the tab, S6 Lite or s7fe. Besides having a nice and vibrant screen on here, probably even better than the tab A8 in my opinion, could be one of the reasons why this tablet was so popular. This ones got nice, build quality, allowed quad, speaker setup and has Dolby Atmos, which is going to make the speakers sound a lot better. In my opinion – and these are easily some of the louder speakers on a tablet in this category – heres a quick sample just to give you an idea of what to expect Music Music sure the display in here is not Super AMOLED, but it still looks good when Watching movies playing games youre also going to get 1080p resolution for YouTube videos, full HD, playback on apps like Netflix, but then, as far as performance goes, this ones not going to be the most powerful out there, especially when youre just looking at geekbench scores. So dont expect to do a lot of video, editing or more graphic intense stuff on here, but still not bad for doing more basic things. Playing games like pubg mobile Asphalt, 9 are going to be fairly smooth on here, with decent graphics and sure its not going to be the best at gaming but, in my opinion, its still fun to play games on one feature you dont get on here is Samsung Dex, but you can still connect a keyboard and mouse to be a little more productive while typing out a paper or using split screening to get stuff done a little faster.

You also have things on here, like double tap, to turn on or double tap to turn the screen off when it comes to cameras. These are sort of what you would expect on a tablet like this not going to be the best out there. But if you need to get by for a zoom meeting or other video conference calls, this might be just good enough to get the job done. Heres, a few samples of photos and video just to give you an idea of what to expect so for me, depending on what price you can get this tablet at, it could still be a solid option for some people in 2023. If youre just going to be watching videos browsing online reading playing some games that type of stuff, because the screen does look better on here versus the tab, A8 and the speakers seem to be about the same. But even though theres a lot of good things about the tab, A7, the one thing that would make me hesitate a little would be how much longer the tab A7 is going to get software updates. So I would look and see if I could find the 2022 Edition that Ive heard about, but havent seen yet. But again, if you want to use an S Pen, the tab, S6 Lite 2022 Edition may have a screen. That looks a little worse than this one, but has longer software support and everything else is going to be somewhat similar to this tablet.

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