A7 lite stay tuned what’s up second before i start this. Video i’d, like to give a huge shout out to phoenix phoenix, basically has very minimal cases. The thinnest that i’ve ever seen that will pretty much make it feel like you’re, not even wearing a case on your phone. They come in multiple shades and colors and if you guys are planning on upgrading to the s21, s21 plus or the s21 ultra phoenix just released some new cases for those devices. So, if you’re looking for a case that will be protective but also extremely unnoticeable, definitely check out phoenix in the description and the top comment down below. You can actually get some huge savings as well. If you use the code techright at checkout, thanks again to phoenix for sponsoring this video, alright everyone, so we have a few games on here, we’re going to start with some simple stuff right here, so we have temple run 2. We have call of duty mobile and we have pub g mobile, of course, the graphics, obviously aren’t going to be extremely good but i’m. Pretty sure all of these games will be able to run, but let’s go ahead and test these out. So let’s go ahead and start off with temple run 2, just take a look and see how the colors look and everything this tablet also gets very, very loud and hold that up to the mic. We actually have dual speakers on this, so we have a speaker at the top and the bottom, if you guys, did not know that already let’s go ahead and try this out.

So it looks like this game is running pretty Music Applause smoothly, the graphics aren’t. The greatest. To be quite honest, you guys are definitely going to get something better on a more expensive tablet, but everything seems to be working. Great. This tablet would definitely be good for just the average gamer, but if you guys are like intense gamers uh, this may not be for you, because i see some slow down already so let’s just hope. We don’t see that on the other games, but this runs pretty decently. Alright, everyone, so the next game, we’re gon na be trying is call of duty. Mobile let’s go ahead and boot that up real, quick, all right everyone, so we have some call of duty mobile loaded up right here. We’Re gon na go ahead and start a match out right here. We’Re gon na be playing front line on nuketown let’s, go and turn up the speaker and see if we can do a little bit of damage on here. All right graphics seem to be okay. So far. To be quite honest, so looking good nice seems to be working decently, definitely have to map out the buttons differently next time around, but this is definitely working smoothly. This is super playable on this tablet. Let’S go ahead and try to uh drop this real, quick, see how this looks there. We go ah miss looking good, though so far, wow, looking real good let’s go ahead and try to get a melee in a second let’s get this person in the house here.

There we go nice yeah, so this game is running decently. So far. Ah there we go let’s, go and test this out. Real quick graphics are okay too, i would say honestly they’re, like xbox 360 graphics. If we were to be honest but uh, this is definitely playable there we go got the last one right there yeah guys, so that game runs decently on here. You can definitely play call of duty mobile. That was very surprising, actually see our final kill, cam boom and, last but not least, we’re going to be checking out pub g mobile. Hopefully this runs on here honestly. I really don’t know if it will um but i’d, be really surprised if it actually does alright guys so pubg mobile has now booted up and we’re going to see how this runs. Graphics, looked okay on call of duty, mobile and uh we’re, just gon na see how this looks right here, also for the people that want me to check the graphics here. You go let’s, go and check those out graphics, so it is going to be set at medium and we’re going to be set at smooth. We can also set all the way up to balance if you guys would like to but we’re gon na be set at smooth and medium, so uh, not the lowest frame rate, which is great to see but uh. We are set at medium on this uh on this tablet. Hopefully this runs good, though there we go, so it takes time for this stuff to load in on this tablet, as you guys can see, it, doesn’t have the strongest graphics card or the strongest gpu.

But here we are looks like we have a car straight away and i want to actually test to see how this drives on this tablet. That’D be really interesting, actually let’s get in cool, so this works decently. Nice tokyo, drifters let’s, get out of here and we have found some weapons on the floor. I hear somebody near me, oh wow, where you at where you at there we go all right, let’s go and check out, see what he has uh so far. Combat is decent. I really didn’t see any glitching uh when i was firing my weapon so that’s nice to see, and for this tablet the graphics. Definitely look. Okay, i’d say they look. Okay, i definitely say they’re at least xbox 360 graphics, early, xbox, 360 graphics and the controls are really comfortable on this device. Obviously you have a lot of room and you can also move these controls around if you’re not comfortable in the settings, which is great test out a fully automatic weapon, though nice, so no glitching when firing my weapon looks like we have motorcycles in this as well. I forgot about those let’s go and test this out. These vehicles seem to be working really good. Actually, so super excited about that. Also let’s try to break down a door real, quick there we go so that animation works nice, so game looks decent, obviously, good enough to play um really liking. What i’m seeing so far, especially for a hundred and twenty nine dollars, you really can’t, beat it um but great stuff from samsung, and this tablet actually runs this very well, probably not the best graphics in the world, but it still runs it great, and this is Going to be good enough to play competitively so happy about that yeah guys.

That was my gaming review of the galaxy tab. A7. If you would like me to try any other games, definitely leave them in the comment section down below and if you did enjoy this video, please leave a like down below as well. Subscribing if you are not part of the teching, already also hit the notification bell. If you guys want to be notified every time, i do upload a new video.