I use samsung that’s the phone that i have that’s the operating system that i’m used to. I have that phone because i love the name. I know they’re giants in the tech world and i know i go to them because it’s ease of use getting all of that that i love in my samsung and the name – the trust of that – and not only in my tablet but today, i’m going to give You a keyboard i’m, giving you the case, which means it easily transfers into your laptop in a 10.4 high definition, ultra wide screen to be able to use for all of your videos. Your shows for video chatting whatever it is, that you’re doing today, i’m going to take a 130 off of this. I am also going to give you flex payments that’s, three flex pay for everyone. If you want to break this into three monthly payments, 133 dollars and some change a month, you can, but this is what i was talking about the very beginning. My hsn card holders activate that 12 month, vip financing that’s what the card is there for. If you now put this on your hsn card, you can get the brand new samsung galaxy tablet: a7 for 33 dollars and 33 cents a month. You pay it off in that year and you’re ready and set to go on this um. This is the first presentation by the way, and i went to go, look at it at hsn.

com, it’s, already a perfect five star review. We haven’t even presented it. We haven’t even talked about it yet and it’s already ready and set to go and samsung said if you’re going to get this you’re going to want to start using it um. What, if i give you spotify for free for some months, but if i give you premium youtube i’m, already locked and loaded on here, we’re also going to give you fitness broker, we’re going to give you um office, suite we’re, going to give you audio books, we’re Going to give you pandora, i mean this thing is locked and loaded and ready to go so 756020. Is your item number on this i’m going to bring in one of my favorite humans on the planet bill duggan, ooh, looking v, oh with the glasses and everything? How are you doing hello? Well, you got ta, you got ta, look smart! If you’re gon na be using the samsung, you got ta get up there with it. Not only do i look smart, but it actually is making me smarter, because i am connected it’s easy. It is powerful and the power really starts off, primarily with that samsung name. When have we had a samsung tablet at hsn, it’s been very rare. Yet samsung is a huge leader in the tech world, not just tablets, but our phones, our televisions, our home appliances. They really cover the spectrum of keeping us connected and reliable in terms of the quality and that’s.

Really what you’re getting here this is. Their latest tablet it’s a larger screen. It has a better processor, a lot of little conveniences that we don’t even think about, but when we’re doing all this stuff from home or on the road or out and about we’re gon na appreciate this multitasking capability i’m over here watching you on hsn and i’m Shopping at the exact same time, how can i do this it’s, the processor? How can i enjoy it? It’S, a bigger screen and when i mean bigger, it is vibrant. It is so bold and exciting that’s, really where we’re gon na appreciate the uh, whatever we have on here, because the speakers are there, the quality of the screen is there, and also it is so fast and fluid and intuitive, allowing me to multitask and get more Stuff done i’m, not just using it for gaming i’m going to be able to get my schoolwork done. My work done emails, facetime zoom, all that stuff that we have going on out there because the best part about this tablet. It truly does mimic. What is on our phone? The down to the operating system, the android operating system, which, by the way, is powered by google, so you’re? Getting google and samsung it’s the number one operating system out there on mobile devices. So a lot of us have it: a lot of us are familiar with it. So why pick up another device that’s by the way more expensive, different operating system have to learn that language versus samsung, giving me the power, the specs and the tech? So you just saw how i was able to multitask very important because you know – or we can do that all the time, not necessarily, but there does come a time and place where we want to get more stuff done and that ability i’m going to swipe through Here all the different stuff i have up and running, i want also everyone to realize videos it’s almost edge to edge.

It is a bezel, less, almost it’s, so it’s more screen, which is again more important because let me just actually show you this example here’s a photo that i took and it’s on my phone look at the screen size. I can pretty much get almost four of my cell phone on this tablet because it’s over that 10 inch size screen, and why is that important? Do you know the number? One reason why a lot of us get a tablet is because we have our phone, but we want a bigger, more enjoyable experience. We want face time or we want facebook to be bigger and more more enjoyable, ordering our food, seeing the menus booking a flight, it’s easier to do it on a larger screen than on the phone. And you know the phone is actually good for on the go. But this will become your go to because that’s, what happens actually here’s a funny one. Have you guys ever done this? I took a photo on my phone where’s. My photo gallery blah blah blah took a photo on my phone and before you know it, it’s actually going to be so here it is on my phone boom it’s actually going to already be backed up to where that’s right it’s already there on my tablet that Synergistic experience is so easy and intuitive to do because samsung’s made it easy and intuitive to do and that’s really where we don’t know how we’re going to necessarily use it.

This summer sure i’m going to be connected to shop and i’m going to need to get online and check emails. But what else can it do and that’s really where you’re investing in yes, the samsung name, their latest tablet, which is great, but also you get that uh google play store. Do you know the google play store largest app store out there in terms of oh see, i downloaded solitaire? I was getting bored waiting uh waiting this morning, but the fun thing is, i can download games. I can download work documents, i can download books and textbooks and all of those options are because this is not just a samsung tablet. This is samsung with the android operating system, with the google play store, oh and speaking of widths you’re, getting the tablet you’re getting a case which is great you’re, getting a keyboard as well. These are all samsung certified products, so they’re, not like third party and i’m. Just going to pop this all together, because i want you to see how this works. So i love this case because guess what it’s actually going to give me some battery efficiency, which we can all appreciate because have you ever had a case where it doesn’t turn? It off so boom, i put it in here. I just heard it it just clicked off boom. I open it up. It comes right back on so that’s nice and convenient to save that binge worthy battery 10 to 14 hours of battery life, and then yes, it sits up like this goes one further, though this is a detachable keyboard, so you know what sometimes i don’t need to Bring the keyboard with me, because you know i’m just playing around with the kids in the backseat of the car, but then there’s other times where i do want to have this tactile keyboard experience with me and the cool part about it is look at how i Can just throw this on here, it’s going to stay connected, it doesn’t get much bigger or thicker, but now i have my workstation and speaking of workstation.

Do you know how much memory you’re getting on this tablet? 64 gigabytes more than most out there, but the best part about it. These tablets have expandable memory, some of the other ones that are out there. Don’T have that option. Some of the other ones that are out there that are more expensive don’t. Give us that expandable option and tina. I would hate to stump you so early in the morning, but you know how much memory we can expand to up to a full terabyte i mean so. You could have a thousand gigabytes of information with you on the go, because this, oh don’t, you hate this when you have to remember your password on live television. Well, guess what that’s the thing of the past! This even has facial recognition built in so you don’t have to worry about that. Another thing have you ever had up tina? I know you probably have taken a selfie or two in your life. I know where the camera is, what have you ever caught? Those photos? You’Re, like look at the camera, the holes over here the whole over guess where the camera is on this one it’s right in the middle. So when you’re looking at you know your co workers you’re not looking off to the corner, you look right in the middle little changes like that are really what makes samsung such an intuitive easy to use product. But it does start with that brand name.

Huge leader yeah, we had samsung tablets twice in 2020. we’re trying to start the year off right right, i thought and did you know bill? I know this is our first presentation. Did you know it’s already a perfect five star review at hsn? We haven’t even talked about it yet it’s already people went on. There saw that we have the samsung tablet, bought it got back and gave it perfect five star review. So i wanted to see what they said and they said ease of use, it’s fast. How easy the keyboard is to hook up to it and they were saying the same thing: i’m already a samsung galaxy, android user, so being able to come here and do this. It was like just using my phone i’m already familiar with all of the operating system. I’M familiar with it, i didn’t have to relearn anything. It looks just like what i’m used to, but it’s fast, fast, fast, big screen on this one use it as a tablet, use it as your laptop on this, but i do want to let you know right now. It is our first presentation. Obviously, people have already jumped on this. This will go back up to 530 dollars. That part is 100 going to happen. This will not stay at this sale price, so it’s on sale today, i’ve taken 130 off of this off the top brand new samsung galaxy tablet. All the bells and whistles all the extras that come with it um in there when i was talking about pandora and spotify and premium youtube and grocer it’s all in there it’s all ready and set to go the case.

The keyboard. If you want to break this into three flexible payments, everybody can do that doesn’t matter what credit card debit card you put it on. If you want to break it in it’s 133.33, a month, we’ll ship it to you and make your very first payment. But when i said you get great perks with the hsn credit card, this is one of them. You now break this into a 12 month, vip financing that gets it down to 33 dollars and some change to get the brand new samsung galaxy a7 tablet for 33.33. You get it home, you get to use it and it’s, just like anything else here at hsn, you get 30 days to use this play. It watch your shows binge on it work on it. You know, listen to music, get that amazing dolby sound out of here. All of the things, and if it’s not right for you, send it back on a 33.33 risk, if you will 756020, is your item number? I would not wait on this one because you don’t want to get this one it’s 530.. You want to get it now when bill’s being very kind and gentle and sweet to us and saying look at this amazing price that i’m going to give this to you. But i think the big thing here bill, because you know you talked about a lot and the storage and you know whatever the name. I mean the name there, it’s kind of like saying you know like cher or madonna, you just say samsung and you’re, like yeah it’s like there it’s at that level.

Right, we just know it’s a great point. It has that backing that’s just that, whether you’re showing it off or whether you’re investing in it, because you know this is gon na – be an investment you’re gon na have not just for summer vacation, but for the school year after, and everything like that, you do Want to go with a great name or maybe it’s, even a gift, if you’re giving someone a gift, you want it in that blue box right. This is pretty much giving them that in the tech world, because it is reliable, so you see i’m watching a movie. Binge worthy, i love how you mentioned, how you get what is it a full year? How many six months to i’ve got to check my notes? You get six months to spotify three months to youtube two months to youtube premium, so you really can just watch and watch but it’s one thing to watch. But what about enjoying and hearing that audio? Do you know how many speakers are in here by the way, with gala, with samsung you’re, just getting more you’re getting more processor you’re, getting more speakers you’re getting more screen size, you’re, getting more uh memory, which is important, so i’m gon na come over here. I’Ve turned down the volume, but can you hear this not bad right? Two speakers on this side – two speakers on this side, so i get quad speakers which is just great so it’s, nice, big and bold i’m gon na play this one more time, because i want you guys to also realize it.

Not only does it have more speakers, it has dolby atlas and what is dolby atlas. Dolby atlas is something you would normally find in the movies. Now, when i am binge watching, because you know the kids are hogging, the television or you know the kids are in class. So i can’t turn on the tv i’m gon na really walk away with a bigger, sound, and i don’t know if you guys can hear this via skype and everything. But let me just try a little bit of music over here. See um that’s big right come over here: i’m gon na turn it off it’s all right, it’s still pretty good got four speakers, but when i turn on that, dolby atlas i’m feeling that music in here and that’s just a game changer, because we really want it To be enjoyable, no matter what we’re using it for this could be the stereo system in the kids room or in my dorm room, but guess what it’s also going to be. My tv unit it’s, also going to allow me to get my emails and do all that stuff. Speaking of doing more, i want everyone to realize this. Voucher is great because it gives you a full year to the office suite, which is microsoft, excel word and all that stuff that allows us to be connected, so you’re getting, and that comes with it, as will connect back with bill. But yes, it has a year of office, suite it’s got broker fitness, it’s pandora, it’s, audio books that come with it.

Don’T forget it comes with the case. It comes with the keyboard on here and now. At this point, i have less than 500 lucky people that can get their hands on this at the sale price. I have it today, we’re just doing our very first brand new latest samsung galaxy tablet presentation with bill duggan right now, and it was already a perfect five star review before i could even get on television and tell you about it and that’s. Why, if you went to hsn.com and people were looking for tablets and they put in samsung, they said yeah that’s, the one that i want. I don’t have to wait for bill to give me the ins and the outs. I know what i’m getting i know, i’m. Getting that name, i trust i know i already know it. If you put samsung and google together, two powerhouses, you know you’re getting the best of the best of the best how you purchase this. Is you go to hsn.com or your app you put in seven five? Six: zero two zero in the and that’s the item number the page is going to pop up. You can decide to put this on a flex pay. You can decide to do this on 12 month, vip financing, and that is an extraordinary way to purchase things here. If something, if you really want it and the full price of it, is what’s keeping you behind a flex pay and a vip financing that’s exactly why you shop at hsn, because you get things that are exclusively here.

You get pricing that is affordable. You get items that you can’t really find anywhere else at prices. You can’t find anywhere else. This is the hsn world, so i really suggest. If, maybe you have an older tablet, you know it’s running really slow or you need an extra one, because your children have now commandeered the one that you have, and you happen to be like myself, i’m, an android, samsung user that’s. What i use that’s, what my husband use that’s, what we’re used to this is an easy move of being able to get how fast it is. How big the screen is that amazing, sound bill. That sound was just like even through skype with us, and sometimes it doesn’t translate it. No, i felt like do you? Have an orchestra at your house build dug in i’m, pretty sure you’re fancy like that, i mean look. It was amazing. Well, i’ve been known to make music happen, but i got ta tell you: samsung just makes it easier and tina. You brought it up perfectly. A lot of us have tried tablets, but we kind of skimped we didn’t get the brand name and honestly, we don’t offer samsung tablets, often at hsn, which makes it affordable to get all this power home. And why is it already getting customer reviews without even going to air the name sells itself what it offers in terms of that responsiveness in terms of how fluid this is, i want to get from here to there to everywhere, it’s going to allow me to do That check my work.

Emails open up these excel documents, we’re giving you so much more hsn because remember you get the case you’re getting the keyboard you’re getting the voucher, but you’re really getting the name brand. That gives you all of this great stuff, because what happens at the end of the day is i’m gon na need this i’m gon na use it because it’s fast and intuitive and you’re, more importantly, going to enjoy it, whether it’s a gift or something for yourself. I’M telling you bill, i mean we did this presentation. It is the new a7 um in in the galaxy, but it did not surprise me that people already found it at hsn.com already gave it perfect five star reviews before we can even bring it to air um. I have less than 500 people like, i said that is able to pick this up at this price. I don’t want you to go to hsn.com one day, see this for 530 dollars and be upset with me and bill. We told you today’s the day to get it, make that purchase, make it and be happy with it bill with your glasses. Looking amazing, sir, oh thank you. My dear have a good day. Everybody take care tina. I love that. Thank you bill. Okay, if you are just joining in, i have two items that were extremely popular earlier.