4 inch, but if you’re new to the crew make sure you subscribe get notified, but if you’re already a part of the crew salute Music. Now this is a higher mid range tablet from samsung electronics. It has a 10.4 inch display 1200 by 2000 pixels with 3 gigabytes of ram and a 662 um snapdragon processing chip. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and test out some games that i did download on here. So we have highway racing, nba, 2k20, um, pub g call of duty, mobile gc, s2 and the wolf. So these are some really good games that i really like playing on here. So let’s just start out with some of the less high graphic intensive games, even though all of these are going to be pretty graphically intense. Now this thing i’ve been playing some games on here and what i realized is there’s, absolutely no lag um what they, what samsung did was they created a higher? You know mid range tablet, it’s, not a flagship, but it gives you some really good performance and some of the things that they um added on here were dual speakers. They gave you a large um 10.4 inch display with 224 pixels per inch. We do have an 11 nanometer processing chip on here, as well with the adreno 610. So what that means is you will experience very little lag when you’re, using this thing so i’m going to jump into this game right here, it’s called gs2 and you can see that this thing automatically opened up from the last point of where i was um.

Let me try to get the glare off of the screen and okay there we go so let’s go to uh test out some gameplay on here. Let’S hit play now. We do have dual speakers on the top and bottom. This thing does get extremely loud as well. So i really enjoy using this thing. Ah, let’s go! Oh! That was crazy. All right, so so far, it’s really smooth there’s no lag on here. Performance is really nice let’s back up, oh snap! That was pretty crazy, but everything on here is smooth as smooth as butter. Let’S try to get to this point now. This is one of my favorite games, it’s just different it’s, a lot different than other games that i’ve played before, but you can see it’s just really smooth a part in that ring i’m gon na go ahead and move that real, quick, all right guys. So that was the first game: let’s go ahead and test out the wolf, which is a really nice um game. I like to play this it’s like an open world game. It has a lot of um good graphics on here as well and um. This thing is really cool: it comes in dark gray, silver, gold, uh it’s about you know. I got this one refurbished for 1′, which is a steal. It works. So there’s no lag on this thing. There was a hiccup right there. Let me see. Let’S get some food, so no lag on here whatsoever.

There’S, another there’s, some more food over here, so you can see uh everything is just smooth on here. Let’S see what’s right there you got health defense attack, speed, you can add attributes to there as well. Oh crap, we we have a battle going on over here: Music yeah, so this thing is super smooth there’s, no issues with this thing whatsoever. Let’S go ahead and keep um hunting down prey and everything of that nature. I really like this game for the realism and overall, the open world game. Graphics, look really good on here! So, as you can see, this thing handles the game without any issues whatsoever i’m going to show you guys right now so, like i said, uh really good. Gameplay on here really smooth, really clean, um let’s catch up to this guy over here we have the tilt um buttons as well: Music Applause let’s switch the camera around Applause, so it’s just really smooth. I can’t emphasize that enough. This is really good gameplay on here Music. He kind of lost me there. That was crazy Applause. Let’S push the view again. Hopefully i could get him Applause there we go so we got, we got the um lead right now: Music, Applause, okay. This is really smooth. There wasn’t any hiccups whatsoever on this one all right, so this thing is really smooth, like i said, it’s a high mid range, um, processing, uh gameplay here pretty much only get the balance there, but uh.

Let me just show you how this thing performs as well with this thing, so i was gaming on here a little bit and it did perform pretty decent there weren’t any hiccups um. What what’s, really? What you really need to know is that the res the resolution of this thing is kind of low res it’s only got 200 and um. You know: it’s got 224 pixels per inch, so it’s. Nowhere near that high res it’s kind of like a low res um. When it comes to the screen display, but um it’s gon na game really well because of the chipset that it has on here, plus the ram is actually adequate as well so uh for games like this, it will be um. You will be able to play these. Let me see if there’s anyone in here, okay, so i got a kill. Let me see if i can get another one, so i got a few kills here. This feels really smooth just to say the least, just to say less. This thing will perform really well you’ll, be able to play any game that you just so desire on this thing got him like the speakers on this thing. Um and let’s just show you the gameplay and performance on this thing as well, but i didn’t experience any like uh stutters on here low key. This thing is really legit. When it comes to the the performance you can see, i just nailed the three with the band fleet, which was crazy, um these aren’t, my favorite teams ever in the world.

I like the knicks i like uh the nets i like uh. What else i like? I like watching carmelo play on the trailblazers as well. The lakers are pretty cool too um let’s see oh snap. I got the ball took in from me, uh, which kind of sucked but um yeah the graphics don’t, have any lag on it. This this this uh. So far, this has been a really good experience with this thing. So let me just inbound the ball. The dribbling is pretty nice as well. They got really good. Um controls no lag on this thing. No no lag on this guy whatsoever, so the controls really really nice. You can actually hook this thing up to a joystick if you do have one um and – and it will play really nice on this game, i do like playing with the joystick. Let me just uh bring the ball up. Oh, i missed that alley. If you’re looking to game on this thing, i i don’t think they’ll have any issues with this so that’s, just my uh my take on it, but let’s jump into one more game guys, because the last game we’re going to actually play is the cod mobile let’s. Go ahead test out the graphics and gameplay on this guys, it’s that high at default. You can put it at high frame rate or very high, and you can actually add the details on here. All of the details on here so, like i said, it’s going to look really realistic with a high frame rate.

Um mid range higher mid range chip, one here, the 662., so for the price of under 250. You know you can get a refurbished for about 140. Looks really smooth so far, Music someone’s shooting at me. It always feels like i’m playing bots in this game for some reason because, like whenever i get hit, i can always get the kill on here. You see what i’m talking about so really easy to play. Really user friendly on this guy Applause, like no matter what i do, i always win: that’s crazy, that was nuts, oh wow, so like right there a lot. I lost the battle. I was trying to um stab him, but he caught me with a head shot, so that was kind of crazy but um. I could definitely recommend this tablet if you’re looking to game on this thing, it’s smooth, very responsive um, just a really solid tablet for the price guys.