Your face welcome back to critique eyes in this channel. We review analyze and evaluate everything and anything under the sun. Let’S go ahead and review. Then this is a samsung a8 Music watch phone and mp3 phone naginawan. 19.99. 3D, home theater in guinea 2010. Lastly, world’s first curved smartphone display nagina one of 2013. box is white, very minimal samsung logo located at the top left corner upper right. I my i in charger and usb and pusha cable, type, b and yeah and now autonomous physical features. Nan tablet in color puneto is silver gray in screen. I met minimize bezels for maximum view of ability, lightweight and puerto and very durable young design in a slim and comfortable form, wedding dalian anywhere, i mean main display size is 8.0 inches or 203.1 millimeters, with 2 megapixels front camera and elongated hole, which is young speaker Grilled in right side of the tablet, meron volume and power button is sim card tray. You may use a sim card since meru naman pushang, sim card tray, pero mangabe, para tiped connects away ios, speaker, grill, usb type b, port and microphone is located. Satina baba, while your upper portion has headphone jack, is made of glass front aluminum back and plastic pneumonia frame dimensions, height, 8.27, inches width, 4.90, inches thickness, point 31 inches and you weight 220 grams. Now let’s focus on display number, so the fdu screen with 8 inches 185.6 centimeters 71 screen to body ratio 800 by 1280, pixels 16 by 10 ratio and 189 ppi density when it comes to specs young ram for nato is two gigabytes while rom earning storage capacity Is 32 gigabytes expandable for up to 512 gigabytes young rear camera single parang? So i on 8 megapixels autofocus young video, i 1080p at 30.

Fps young operating system is android 10 and qualcomm snapdragon 429 naman young features samsung tablet, a8 and now it’s critical’s review points on this segment. Let’S discuss best features and um things to consider Music let’s start with the best features. Now i think, number one free. Yes, samsung galaxy note: 20. Ultra number two screen display enough screen display perfect push us so it’s very perfect for the kids number three very child friendly it’s, nothing number, four storage and capacity, especially for if kids, undergarment, 32 gigabytes is generous enough and expandable. Shasta 512 gigabytes number five battery, since 5100, mh pusha it can last up to 24 hours, so ayani makes nothing or youtube bendy cuatro. These are the things that you might want to consider number one young charger. Punya is um, just a basic charger, so apache Music. Another thing to consider is your touch sensitivity. Yes, you really have to press it hard and, lastly, your primes it’s, seven thousand nine hundred. Ninety, yes yeah you, i think, it’s not worth it don’t suspect yeah, because we can get a phone with that price.