Oh. I have a blue color of this tab and we got to s pen also and 7.5 watt charger and sim ejector, and in this there are books, so let’s open the tab. Here we have so it is very light and color is very shiny and this. This back, camera is 8 megapixel and front. Camera is 5 megapixel camera, so let’s on let’s on the tail, so my tab is open, and now there are so many functions in this stair and camera quality is good. So this is the camera and touch is very smooth, very smooth touch, and i have wi fi version of this, so we cannot insert same in this and let’s check the stylus. So here we have stylus with samsung branding. Yes, it is working, and one thing more when we stuck this stylus like this, so stylus start chanting so and gaming performance is also good and this time is for students. So i think i saw the gaming performance so graphics. Quality is very high. I’M, playing on high graphics quality and my experience is very nice, so this this stair is especially for students and some special features like our online class, is going on. So we can crop and take a screenshot also and make a note on this. Tab like this let’s make a note, so this is notepad and there are so many pages in this notepad so and we can. We can do drawing. Also i draw this and this we can edit our drawings also.

So i like this samsung tab, s6 lite and i purchased this tab in 31. 000.