Samsung Galaxy S11 – This is CONFIRMED!

Samsung Galaxy S11 Digicam Codename “Hubble” confirms some vital options. 5X optical Zoom, Astro Mode & Extra. Ideas?

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  1. And I thought I was gonna get an apple frick that I know what I'm getting now

  2. Now Galaxy can Capture Galaxy Stars

  3. Axon 10 pro is Samsung S11 killer

  4. Watching from my Note 10 plus is it worth upgrading?

  5. I will just wait for next Note as I have Note 10+ already 😌

  6. Wtf is with all the jump cut audio?

  7. Ive upgraded from the s7 edge to the s10+ when it released and honestly not at all impressed with the camera i compared cameras with the s7 and im more impressed with the s7 so im definitely going to upgrade to the s11 immediately

  8. Better comes with a fortnite skin

  9. You can find this camera specs on the xiomi note 10.

  10. Not gonna buy a new phone until the under Display camera

  11. So is the 12,13,14….etc…

    Who watches this fucking click bait crap.

  12. Samsung Will Surely Take The Market From It's Competitors

  13. Everyone that actually cares about having a good phone: Samsung!

  14. Finally, Ive been waiting since S9,

  15. I'll probably Update from my s8

  16. HW looks great, but Samsung has always let us down on the SW side and they lock the top end features so others can't fill in the gaps.

  17. Should have 1 up Huawei by making it 10x and increasing the thickness while also putting in a large battery so the camera didn't stick out.

  18. So is it all screen or does it have that ugly hole punch???

  19. Will s11 be cheaper or more expensive than note 10 +

  20. One different video every single day. Different design, different features etc. This fake news makes me a little dizzy…

  21. buy me thiss…plzzz! i want……plz make the camera better than j7 pro. i clicked some photos of nature with that camera…they are good af, like photography. i want a good back camraa. i am using 9plus i will switch into 11. make the zoom camera better than samsung j7pro…plz!

  22. Was gonna get the one plus 7pro now imma wait

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