The biggest Samsung leaks there. I saw numerous reviews that Samsung has finally determined the design for the S 11, as well as its configuration, which could mean things like camera and internals. There will be three models: it’s been confirmed through software leak, we’re gon na talk about that later now, since Samsung has finalized the design and configuration, we could very well see a factory CAD design League for the S lewin family. Why? I only really really soon as for the design which they have chosen, it’s, most likely going to be a bunch hole design towards the middle, similar to the note and family, but even smaller in size, and also having a overall thinner bezels compared to the s10 family. The displays that do get larger as well with a new aspect ratio size of 20 by 9, so the screen will be large, but the actual size of the phones will probably be around the same size as the galaxy s 10 family. Because of the big camera upgrades that we’re gon na see possibly a 5x optical zoom, yes, 11 and s 11 Plus, could be thicker than the last year’s phone apart from the design. What you have to keep in mind is that camera is going to be the biggest upgrade on the galaxy s Ella and family brand new sensor in 108. Megapixel resolution size 5x optical zoom, a possible spectrometers, so many things are in the works. We’Ll see. Super duper excited now on to the galaxy s 11 family, details and secrets in the 1ui beta code, which was found by max min back on Twitter.

He revealed the model numbers for the SL own family, it’s confirmed. We have s11 e, s11 and s22 his findings. These all three models could be 5g. Furthermore, he found out the Exodus 9 eight 30 existence in the 1ui beta code. The exodus 9 83 0 could be called as Exodus 9 90. We talked about its features, it’s been officially announced. In addition to that, he also confirmed the existence of the qualcomm scenario and age 65 in the code, which means that there will be two variants of the s11 family, as always so samsung will be using 865 for US and China markets. Sensing is also working on UX Picasso, which the software for the galaxy alone family. So we could see some brand new changes in the software as well, and Samsung is also working on the facial recognition. As seen in these codes most likely there will be no 3d. Facial scanners, since we have the punch hole design instead, Samsung will still opt for the 3d in display a fingerprint scanner. We just had to be even larger in size compared to the last year’s model other than the S 11. There has been some founding regarding the r5 codename it’s set to be the galaxy s 10 line. It’S gon na use the same punch hole design as the galaxy s 10 II. In case you guys don’t know, Samsung is working on the cheaper version of the note. As well as the Galaxy S 10 family, so we could see that in the future, as well also Samsung’s partnership at AMD is going strong or most likely going to see the first AMD powered galaxies flagship phone in 2021.

Now, speaking of the software, Samsung has revealed some new features in the 1ui 2.0 beta version ii. So first feature is similar to the iphone 11, which is the introduction of slow feeding. Now you can record slow motion front camera videos on your s: 10 s 10, plus s 10 e and the no 10 family, as reported by a mobile comm. You can see, looks very decent it’s, pretty amazing that they enable this one. Software and what’s even exciting. Is the chinese version of the 1ui 2.0 beta? Apparently samsung has added a 30 seconds long exposure mode along with ISO now up to 3200. All this is present in the Pro Mode, and I think this is Samsung’s. Try on competing with the Google’s astrophotography and an apples night mode, so I can’t wait to try this out with a tripod and other new Samsung’s upcoming 2020 mid range phones could Rock Ram size up to 10 gigabyte. The 2019 Samsung mid range phones were so the best Samsung metering, phones and next year. Samsung is bringing even more improvements in order to compete with the likes of Xiaomi and Oppo, and vivo here, 64 may be slow. Camera sensor is actually really dug, which I checked out. In the redmi note, 8 Pro will most likely be featured in 2020. Samsung mid range phones next year. Also, you might have seen this video of a case with a human skin it’s all over the social media.

In my banana looks girls, but Samson seems to be inspired by this idea, there’s a new Samsung pattern that shows a case where the human ear – yes as weird as it looks and sound Samsung, has imagined actual ears on the east side of this case. Apparently, the ears will have 3.5 millimeter headphone jack support, and since there are such big ears, you can like grab them while playing games this whole bit and just look so funny and weird to me but yeah I mean something like this could happen. I’M. Sure someone out there would love to have this masterpiece. Let me know your thoughts about something like this coming to the market from Samsung and that’s about it.