I really like this one because it's a lot smaller, this phone with the 5.8 inch screen it's still the dynamic AMOLED panel that they are using now the screen to me looks very similar, the bezels at least and, of course, with the Infinity o display with the Camera cut out at the top to the Samsung a8 s that I reviewed now it comes with six gigabytes of RAM in 128, gigabytes of storage or eight and 256 is the maximum there. Now the build quality is excellent. It'S typical Samsung, so very good finish to it. The bezels they're, not the thinnest here, definitely not as thin the side, bezels of the Samsung Galaxy S 10, or the S 10, plus now the cameras on the rear. We have a main 12 megapixel sensor, which has dual pixel autofocus, which is really good, so that's the same sensor. I believe as the Samsung Galaxy S 9, and then we have a 16 megapixel ultra wide 2. Now the balance they are made out of metal and finish there's, no sharp edges or anything like that very nice, rounded off, and we take a look at the side that's where our fingerprint reader is so it's, not in this screen itself: it's, not the ultrasonic one. So this is where Samsung saving a little bit of money and it's priced very competitively, so that's gon na be selling, for, I believe, around 700 or 700 in 50, US, which is a really decent price, and a lot of people are going to go for this.

I believe now it's running Androids, 1ui it's with Android version 9, so it's up to date, and hopefully they're gon na be quick with the software updates with this particular model. Now, if I go into the camera here so just get out of this, we go through the different settings. We'Ve got here see. This is how we swap between using the ultra wide right now, so it does have a bit of a fisheye defect. I can't really do much here with the hands on to look at the photo quality. I need to get it on a PC. Of course, we're not allowed to do that here. So under video you can swap when you're recording so to start recording. Now you can see that we can swap between having your ultra wide and then your typical lens there, and I can see that the electronic image stabilization is working and we go back here into settings. Okay, so that's only in 1080p at the moment – and it looks like okay that's a front video it's going to go right up to not to 4k. Like the samsung galaxy s, 10 rear video resolution. This one can go up to 4k 60 frames per second across the snapdragon 855 can handle that quite nicely. So overall, nice compact size feels great enhance. I will do a very quick size, comparison to most samsung galaxy s 9 plus here, and you can see there there's quite a bit bigger a little bit taller but about the same width there just a slightly wider there.