Samsung Galaxy S10 OFFICIAL One UI 2.0 Android 10 Review!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Official One UI 2.zero Android 10 Secure replace evaluation. All new adjustments & options vs One UI 1.5. Finest Options from Tremendous Evening Mode. Easy Animations, Display Recorder, Gradual Movement Selfies & Extra.

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  1. forgot to add pro night mode photo sample. Check out my https://twitter.com/xeetechcare for the samples! Will be positing Astrophotography ones as well! 😊

  2. Wanted to know the battery drain test compared from one ui 1.0.. what's your opinion, has battery performance improved, same or detiorate with one ui 2.0..?

  3. Huawei has this from emui8 the gestures

  4. There is a dark mode in ui 2.0 in the developer options. Next go to display and turn on night mode. When your done all your applications and system settings will be in dark mode.

  5. Android boys: Bohoohooo apple is the worst

    Also android boys: Can we please have all the features from apple because they are better?!


  6. Samsung totally decreased quality of home appliances in last ten years.. We bought Led tv, washing machine and vacuum which totally sucked.. No good representative in Iran to fix it's stuff properly.. They don't have connection with foreign representatives, just merchants that bring them in.. BTW China says Iranian merchants order factories in China to produce fake brands.. And they claim Iran gov doesn't have order or control.. If it's a bad thing to do, why don't u stop it? Why does China gov let it happen? Don't they have control?. .
    U can't trust any foreign brand in Iran.. Most of cell phones r second handed sold as new..

  7. i live in sweden and just got this one ui 2.0 update on my s10+ today but i get some fault notification that says no app is supported for this nfc-tag
    its for samsung pay so when i switched nfc off the notification stopped wonder if im not able to use samsung pay now

  8. where do i get that wallpaper?

  9. Can you do a review about Emui 10 on Huawei p30 Pro😊👌

  10. Will the note 9 be availble for the One UI 2?

  11. Well A7 2018 had gestures even back on oreo so…
    Not much behind ios

  12. How do some people still prefer IOS to this?? There are so many customization options
    that can fit your personal preference. You're the user with IOS but with Android (especially One UI) you're the admin

  13. Note 10+ vs S10+ Speed test please

  14. I liie the old way better, that was actually the only thing about Iphone in terms of screen navigation I hated but it i great they have both for all types of usees plus anyone that used apole for years will have an easier time switching and aandroid user an easier time switching over as well

  15. About time Samsung started copying Apple. The vice versa had been happening for decades.

  16. What about notification light

  17. I will say its quite annoying watching you shake the phones around when you talk about them. Not helpful at all.

  18. I don't have the gestures in the S10e anyone have any idea?

  19. if you want the update early use vpn I used Express vpn cracket by dastras and it works changed my vpn to germany and boom got the update available then you can turn yours vpn off after it shows update available and download it

  20. Downloading it right now. Very excited 🙂

  21. Dude the pro mode was on the s5 😂

  22. When will Note 9 receive this update?

  23. Got it in norway today!😍

  24. how to access Samsung pay in this UI?

  25. Hi I had an issue with the motion sensor for the new update (android 10) as I'm using S10 plus I lost the feature for the new update ..pls help to get it back .
    As it's part of the motion wallpapers which is really good but I can't find for the new update.Thank you.

  26. I would like to see a speed test

  27. Nobody :
    One UI 2 :
    Miui 10/11 : hidden laughs

  28. wait.isnt gesture navigation has been there for while ?

  29. Apple was always ahead of the game in OS just doesn't have multi tasking at this point

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