Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing + Review After 48 Hours: I was WRONG.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing + 48 Hour Overview: I used to be WRONG. This video is my Official Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing and first impressions hands-on evaluate after 2 days of regular use! Specs / specs, sturdiness, digicam, battery, circumstances, high options / settings and many others all coated right here! Let me know your early ideas, will you be an early adopter of the folding smartphone / telephone / pill pattern?

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  1. ** So will you be buying the Galaxy Fold? Are you an early adopter? **

  2. First foldable phone…

    Nokia… What did he say?

    Axon M… Nah bro.

    Motorola… RAZR.

  3. What wallpaper is that? I love it!!

  4. This is not the "first retail available foldable phone." I had one over 10 years ago…..

  5. clean it before filming it

  6. I just want the wallpaper

  7. Will get it if the price is right. Sad to say its not.
    Excited to see fold 2. Shall wait till then.

  8. You can ruin the screen with your…. fingernail……. this thing will be trashed within 6 months of every day life. Jerry rig demonstrated that debris still gets in. And it’s not water resistant. It’s just not practical in every day life. It’s a no from me.

  9. Will you review the xiaomi note 10 soon? And can you send me one please?

  10. I have had the fold since it came out. The fold is awesome and no way fragile like alot of YouTubers have said. The battery life is incredible. People should experience for themselves.

  11. Is the snap into open of the fold similar to the snap into open of the Galaxy buds

  12. Are you actually using that device in the rain even though it’s not IP rated? Hope you don’t say it “broke” after a few days based on that kind of usage.

  13. Good review buddy
    Rich and informative

  14. It doesn’t fold out, it unfolds out.
    The definition of fold is:
    “bend (something flexible and relatively flat) over on itself so that one part of it covers another.”

    That’s because it’s a tablet (device) that folds into a smart phone form-factor.

  15. Where’d you get the rainbow wallpaper?

  16. Got my note 10+ a few days ago and I'm loving it 😁

  17. No I wont get it to expensive

  18. 5:30 I have thins function in my phone /hawuaui y9

  19. I think most of the hate comes from the price. It’s just too much for anyone really. I honestly thought this device was stupid before. But when I really thought about it, I would actually buy this if I could afford it.
    I hope this sort of tech would come with a more reasonable price tag in the future (hopefully near future).

  20. If you have to point out your jokes all the time, it's really not worth making them

  21. How about using the text to speech function on the front?

  22. This phone is for anyone who can bank the cash to buy it, really

  23. What I'd like to see in the next gen of the GF of less intrusive front-facing cameras. The large foldable screen should have fewer notches, etc. Isn't the outer camera enough since it folds? Plus to see a large full screen when it's folded would be even greater. If the price of the next gen v.2 would be less expensive, I might grab one! 🙂

  24. Horrible looking thing. Takes me back yrs and not to happy to go back there.

  25. NEXT UP: Reviews of Samsung Galaxy Fold Note & Note+ ??

  26. wait isnt that phone none waterproof and you are using it on the rain or am I wrong ?

  27. I've had mine For About A Week and in absolutely love it the Battery Life has been Amazing and screen has held up Really well in tablet form 😀

  28. I've just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. Ditched the Samsung keyboard straight away for Google. .

  29. I highly recommend the protection film for the large screen to protect the screen from the living,finger scratches. SKOKO film is famous for the Galaxy fold and it is easily removable after months later.

  30. That new music is rubbish! Bring back the old one!

  31. I going to hold my phone like that✋🏻🤪🤣🤯👍

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