Now you’ll be able to choose this up at Samsung. Comm I am going to put a hyperlink up within the description, the value on this one tgh and if you do not know what meaning, that is to get rattling excessive, however you are, not outdated, saying you bought to pay to play so let’s play now. If you happen to choose this cellphone up, it is gon na run, you 2000 bucks. Take my recommendation, convey your individual Vaseline that is available in two completely different colours. You bought area, silver and cosmos black. You possibly can run it straight on ATampT or you should purchase it unlocked and operating on any provider. You need alright, so let’s go to the primary specs that you want to know. You bought two shows the entrance display 4.6 inch AMOLED panel with a decision of 720 by 1680 and in your important display, 7.three inch, dynamic AMOLED with a decision of 1536 by 2152 and that is 362 for the PPI patrol. You bought the qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor, with adreno 640 GPU. What does that imply? Flagship, specs, bro flagship specs, now it is operating Android, now VIP with Samsung 1 UI pores and skin? On prime you bought 12 gigs of ram 512 gigs of storage and no micro SD card slot. For expandable reminiscence you bought a 4 thousand 300 and eighty million battery that options 15 watt quick, charging 15 watts wi-fi charging and 9 watt. Reverse wi-fi charging, also referred to as PowerShell now he is bought six cameras three on the again to on the primary one within the entrance, you bought bluetooth 4.

zero NFC, USB sort c charging fingerprint sensor twin audio system and the very best half about this cellphone it folds up now. Look, I do know what you are saying you already seen: the epic launch failure you have seen the recall you seen all of the reviewers break. It already you have seen the sturdiness take a look at. You know the way fragile it’s why the fuck would anyone purchase this cellphone for 2 thousand bucks? One phrase, and one phrase solely flex: are you shopping for this cellphone to flex? This isn’t going to be your day by day driver, it is, not mud proof it is, not resisting you’ll be able to’t press arduous on the display. You possibly can’t even contact the display with a fingernail it is tremendous delicate. You would not rock this every single day, alright. So if you happen to’re gon na purchase this cellphone, you higher have one other cellphone for day by day use, purchase this cellphone to flex, as a result of this has the final word Flex efficient, all proper, so let’s unbox it and see what it’s. First issues. First, shout out to white footwear again within the constructing white footwear. Webb, you a countdown alright! Right here we go Samsung Galaxy fold, nothing to unbox an iPhone deck let’s get busy another okay! Up to now we bought a pleasant presentation. Alert. Okay, let’s examine what that is. Okay, so this slides proper out okay, footwear again within the constructing, my footwear sound, rattling alright. Right here we go galaxy fold when you open it up, you bought your care directions. Alright, don’t press the display with a tough sharp object, equivalent to a pen of fingernail, or apply extreme stress, so you’ll be able to’t, use the s pen on this.

You possibly can’t use your fingernail cannot cannot. Do nothing simply contact it mushy when folding gadget don’t place any objects, equivalent to playing cards cash or keys on the display? Alright, that is just about self explanatory, this gadget isn’t water or mud resistant, don’t expose to liquids or small particles. Now, look if you happen to’re gon na be rocking this uncooked canine in your pocket. You may need to get an old-fashioned pouch that is. What I am on the lookout for proper now don’t assault any adhesives, equivalent to movies or stickers to the primary display or take away the highest protecting layer alright, so meaning don’t peel off the display. I do know. Okay, your gadget incorporates magnets. I principally do not have this by your bank cards. There’S. The magnets are tremendous robust, alright, let’s examine bought somewhat welcome. Observe welcome to the longer term, pluck it pile it to the facet. Now you get your Galaxy fold premier service all proper, so you bought 24 hour for consistently reduce, see hit. You bought one yr display substitute, supply proper now: they’re gon na it is gon na value. You 150 bucks if you happen to harm the display, however you bought a complete yr to play with it and get our one beat. It let’s examine extra particulars, bah bah bah. Let me save that. Let me save that cuz I am gon na want that I would like that 24 hours, service let’s examine what you get in right here now now. That is gon na, be your case.

Okay, so you bought a sim ejection instrument. This can be a carbon fiber, Kevlar type case; okay, it appears to be like bulletproof proper there instructions, use your books and shit plug them and observe ATampT SIM card let’s examine the rest in right here, all proper, extra books and shit let’s hold you shifting subsequent up if you bought in Right here this must be your let’s, see an ideas, okay, so completely different sized ear ideas, USB sort c charging cable, 15 watt quick charging brick bought an OTG and test this out. Alright Apple. That is the way you’re alleged to do it. We bought a free set of Samsung Galaxy buds. Now. Y’All see me evaluate these a bunch of occasions already. I did a comparability and a full evaluate. He’S gon na run you about 130 to 140 bucks, relying on the place you purchase them from these are a few of my favourite earbuds however discover had a free within the field. I simply dropped two thousand bucks. You already bought your Vaseline. That is additionally gon na assist. So just a few Vaseline – and this can assist additionally alright, in order that’s just about it now for the gadget itself. I footwear, I would like your scoop let’s examine how we get this off now. That is my first time truly. Holding this in hand, let me out peel the stick off the again. Let me get somewhat wipe down shout the Samsung. You already know they did not despatched me this to evaluate earlier, as a result of I’d have broke this shit.

This appears to be like sick now. That is my first time. Folding it okay matter of truth, let me do the odor take a look at on this one. This one smells like the longer term proper right here proper. That is dope proper out of the field. I’ll say this: it does have an extremely heavy weight. Now, like I mentioned that is my first time holding it in hand, I did not assume it was gon na be this slender. This cellphone is tremendous skinny skinny as in slender matter of truth, let me pull on the market’s a Galaxy Observe, 10 and here is. The cellphone take a look at this tremendous day now if you unfold it yeah now you see the distinction. All proper, let’s examine you on one facet, you bought your fingerprint sensor constructed into the ability button, or is it no finger bridge units on the facet? Then you definitely bought an influence button, you’ve quantity up and down let’s examine if we bought any juice. I did. It’s galaxy fold, cameras on the entrance, digital camera three cameras on the again another on this one here is a entrance display. I do know this 14 is gon na be additional slender. Okay has a pleasant really feel to it when it when it falls I am making an attempt to comprise my pleasure, however I’m just about hype. I take a look at this. Let’S see the load up proper now. Look how small that is open. The cellphone to get began. Discuss let’s, go all proper. I’M gon na pause, the video.

Let me drop all my info as an alternative of assembly up then we’ll breeze via the OS discuss amongst yourselves, alright y’all, so I will be again in not simply put my info within the cellphone bought every part all arrange and I am gon na be sincere with y’all. This cellphone is so fucking sick, I am. Already in love with it now test this out. If you happen to like me, you have, by no means seen this cellphone in individual otherwise you by no means held it. You simply watched a bunch of movies. You learn a bunch of articles and all people say the identical factor: this cellphone is mad massive and it is, very fragile, however after utilizing it in individual, it is actually not that massive and, in fact all of us seen the sturdiness take a look at. You already know the precise show is fairly fragile, however the cellphone itself is stable. Alright, this cellphone could be very stable. It has a superb weight to it. Yeah I do know I bought ta say it really feel so good within the arms. Women, you realize the procedures now it is type of frightened. My heavy handed ass, the way in which all people making it seem to be. I used to be gon na break this show in 5 minutes, however I have been utilizing it for a couple of minutes. Let me flip it on for y’all, actual, fast. The way in which the way in which I used to be feeling like, rattling you’ll be able to’t even contact it. I believed I used to be gon na break it, however I have been enjoying with it, been going loopy, typing mad arduous on it.

This cellphone is so sick. Now, look you see that line down the center if you happen to actually gunning for it, you are gon na see it, however if you begin utilizing apps let’s take it over to Fb. Let me log in actual fast if you begin utilizing it you are, not even gon na discover. Let me autofill get somewhat log in you are, not gon na discover. This line in any respect it is actually gon na disappear out of your common eyesight in lower than a minute like proper now, I can not see it now. If I maintain the cellphone at an angle like this, I can see it somewhat bit, however that is unbelievable all proper, if you consider it, if you happen to maintain on a cellphone like this, it appeared prefer it. Simply got here like this: it does not appear to be you. May simply fold this up. That is unbelievable man. That is what we have all been ready for: innovation, new tech now I am gon na hold it actual. I do not like how skinny that is within the entrance, and this for our first first display. The primary display is actually simply if you happen to someplace, the place you do not, need to open your cellphone up. You already know you do not need to get a moist. You do not need some mud of line right here. You simply do not actually should open it. Possibly you simply need to take a fast image bond proper to the digital camera. Do your factor now you too can simply head over to some apps let’s.

Take it over to Instagram I am, so here is Instagram. So if I need to, I can simply browse Instagram. Till I see one thing I actually need to see, let’s hold scrolling down. Okay, let’s examine now say I need to take an image. I’M I am. A bought the canine with the beer. If I need to see it, man let’s go to my web page. I’Ll pull up some dope, I do know let’s examine. I say I need to try that foldable cellphone. If I need to see it foldable cellphone, not the folder earlier than him, the 2 sided cellphone bong opens proper up now. Look how Instagram appears to be like on this cellphone? That is sick and, like I mentioned, I believed it was gon na be so much larger like I would not have the ability to maintain it in a single hand. I can simply grip this in a single hand. Granted, I do bought massive arms, however I can rock this in a single hand all day that does not really feel prefer it’s on the brink of fall out I am flowing on the gram similar to this. That is so sick exit out of that now let’s go to arm this ain’t gon na be a full evaluate. This simply uh I am going to simply undergo some apps actual fast swipe over let’s. Do some multitasking all proper, so we bought Fb. I get full display Matt. If I did that unsuitable I am gon na be settle down, let’s go to Web and I get is all proper.

So we bought Apple calm on one facet, open up YouTube drop. A video and um let’s examine simply pulled up Fb on the underside. This Apple Fb. Let me get you to Music let’s. Check out this YouTube. Similar to take a look at this. Come on bro! Take a look at this. You hear them audio system. I Music know that is dope. Now, like I mentioned the way in which all people makes it sound such as you bought a child. The display you’ll be able to’t even contact it it is, not that severe proper, you’ll be able to truly contact it. I used to be scared to play a sport on it as a result of, like I mentioned, I bought heavy arms: I am considering, I am I am gon na get into the sport at coronary heart and simply break the display in half it is, not because it’s, not as delicate as all people’s making a scene. Now you bought your face on luck, bong. You bought your fingerprint sensor on the facet bong and, like I mentioned you possibly can use every part from the Freud display or pop it proper. Open, let’s, take it over to the digital camera. Now that is oh. That is sick. That is principally your Galaxy Observe templates with out the s pen. So principally, like your Galaxy S, 10 all the identical digital camera options. You bought your large angle lens extremely large. You bought a stay focus. Tremendous gradual movement, your all of your digital camera angles. A superb footwear got here proper on time in your footwear. Let me get. Let me get an image yeah right here we go all proper, bought an image footwear.

Actual, fast let’s, see how that got here out. Take a look at that that is so dope. Oh now, let’s do that now. Let’S do that let’s shut it. I keep like that. Shoe keep similar to that. Alright let’s wipe up let’s go to digital camera, bought some photos proper. There let’s examine. If I can view it from proper right here, Bondi it’s oh. I bought to do a full video on this one let’s drop this case on actual fast let’s examine that is gon na, be for the again flip that snaps proper into place. I suppose this may be for a fourth that’ll snap proper into place. Okay, so that you gotcha let’s open this up. Kev misplaced standing case I am. Undoubtedly gon na end this case. I do know I am having method an excessive amount of enjoyable again to the gram. Let’S see I might. Look matter of truth: did I hit dwelling all proper? That is gon na be that is gon na, be your Instagram scrub god rattling this will probably be its transcripts prints. I do know I do know yeah that is, the I do maintain the again up, drop it proper in your pocket. Now the primary factor that I bought to fret about with this cellphone is all people saying you’ll be able to’t? Let mud creep up in right here so if you drop this in your pocket that is, what you are gon na have that chance for mud and lint to drop in right here. So what I am considering is, I bought ta discover somewhat pouch.

I might drop this in a pouch, then I might go somewhat bit extra arduous with it. Nicely, if you happen to’re gon na rock it uncooked canine like this, you may even need to go outdated, college and Jess simply to be secure, yo. This 2000 bucks, I do know simply to be secure. You may need to do like this if you put it in your bag. You already know I am saying you bought to do what you bought to do, be sure you get insurance coverage on this cellphone that face unlock, is sweet and quick let’s examine? Can I flip now you actually cannot open this with one hand, you most likely might let’s examine now. You’Re actually gon na want two arms to flip this although, but it surely locks proper into place now, after I’m doing a full evaluate, I am going to attempt some sport in I am going to. Do all my different testing that I do you already know the cameras gon na be sick. You already know multi probabilities gon na be sick. Principally, that is simply gon na be throughout sick 2000 bucks. Principally, no person can out flex you proper if you pull this out, you James Bond, I do not care what test anyone else bought on the set if you pull this out your James Bond there, James Bond cousin, Ernest bond, all proper, you, the primary dude if you Pull this out the Flex issue on this, even that flip cellphone that I had the opposite day that ain’t touching this tiny touching this in any respect matter of truth, let’s get somewhat wipe down now test this out I am being additional mild with the show, as a result of it Doesn’T actually hold that type of smudges if you bought to be wiping it down.

Like your galaxy, somewhat wipe like that that’ll eliminate the mud articles simply hit it from the underside fold it proper up on a scale of 1 to 10. This can be a main main main main go the Samsung Galaxy fold like I mentioned that is the flex cellphone proper right here. Alright, if you happen to all about that flex, life must test certainly one of these out anyway. Choose me up within the feedback. Let me know what y’all take into consideration this, and let me know if there’s something particular y’all need me to cowl after I do the total video and I am going to be certain I get it at present, all proper. So another factor: not my dwelling board, simply textual content me and he mentioned my dumb ass is assured to interrupt this cellphone in a single week now. I believe I am gon na have this for a very long time. However what do y’all assume? How lengthy do you assume it is gon na take me to interrupt this cellphone and, like I mentioned, I am, making an attempt to maintain it for the length? However all people say on this fragile all people saying this bought a whole lot of bugs and it is bought a whole lot of points. What are y’all assume how lengthy earlier than I break this cellphone go away it within the feedback shout out to all people rockin with me on Fb power quits with a Google shout out to all of the Google gangsters. I see how holding down that Fb web page shout out to all people hitting you up all boxer and a particular shout out to all people rockin with me on Instagram obtain.

I swear I am at full time 100 full throttle and a particular shout out to all people block them with the information stream on Sundays. That already know Road gangsters on dick get your drinks prepared. Don’T meet poison lab, oh pricey particular shout out to all people, observe with me on snapchat flossy, underscore Carter that is, the place I am at and a particular shout out to the notification squad. I’Ll see y’all within the remark part: early, hashtags, salut, Music, oh yeah, another factor. I virtually forgot fellas girls say it with me all y’all haters or bought rolls shut your eyes and film me. One ought to level flotsam map, deuces Music Spock, one to beam up Music Applause. Music, alright test this out now, you are gon na have the cellphone midway open and use it as a stand and take movies like that. That is so sick. Let’S see how I got here out open it up play the video. That is arduous.