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There was a time when phones weren’t boring. When we got new form factors all the time, but the interesting part of the story is how that led to more experimentation than true innovation. The last 15 years have been kind of wild, but the complete opposite. They all began with the most simplistic phone of them all.. The first iPhone. I still find it kind of bold for Apple to have dared to launch it and challenge everything we knew at the time, and get away with it. For me it then continues with the Samsung Galaxy Note, which literally jumpstarted the frenzy for ever larger, ever more-useful devices in our pockets..

But if you notice, this actually marked a shift where all the innovation of hardware took a step back into innovation of software. Who would’ve thought that the cab industry would kneel to the genius of two apps on a phone, and yet all while phones kept looking the same. Cameras got better, screens got crisper, processors on phones have overshadowed even some desktop solutions, but what didn’t change was the form factor of the phone. Some could even say, why should it? When simplicity is taken to its minimum expression, where is there more room to grow and innovate? And I say grow because companies know consumers want larger and larger screens that can still fit in your pocket.

The solution? This is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a tablet when you need it, a phone when you don’t, and probably one of the coolest pieces of tech to be launched in years. Sure it did have kind of a rocky start, as has every single new product launched in the past, I mean who doesn’t remember the blue screen of death at the launch of Windows 95. Thing is, it’s finally here, and I decided to take my time, give it a month of use, and tell you how it all turned out. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this is our review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.


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