Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: Future Imperfect

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As I stroll to FedEx to ship again my Galaxy Fold evaluation pattern, one thought in my thoughts overrides each different: “how do I get one again in my fingers?” As a result of despite the fact that it prices practically $2000, and it is huge and heavy and you must deal with it with child gloves … the Galaxy Fold actually does assist these of us who do a whole lot of computing on the go, and don’t at all times wish to carry a laptop computer.




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My Galaxy Fold show is broken after a day [TechCrunch]:

My Galaxy Fold display is damaged after a day





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  1. Who else think that Michael Fisher looks like Tony Stark without the beard?

  2. There is going to be a day whre xiomi nd other company's arr gonna bring this phone at reasonable price

  3. MrMobile always delivers. Thank you.

  4. The Galaxy Fold is going to get even better.

  5. I gotta say, I dislike the Galaxy fold. It's already looked outdated and inelegant since it's release, especially with that front facing camera. It looks like a phone from 5 years ago.

  6. Nice review. I'll wait for the 3rd Gen G-Fold…Welcome to NYC.

  7. I'm not paying $3000au and I will wait until gen 2 or 3

  8. Seriously what is the big problem with charging your phone before the end of the day? It's like if you get charge a fee if you dare to charge your phone before two days go by.. LMAO these tech reviewers are becoming snobby to the second power…. I don't see anything wrong to use your wireless charging port in my car or when I get to my office I also have a charger there, so what!! SMH

  9. Did Samsung include DEX on Galaxy Fold?

  10. I have a suspicion that the sequel will lose the character of this phone and become too polished, and not necessarily envelope pushing like this one……

  11. I really like the width of this phone when folded as it is easy to hold. I really think the Surface Duo needs to be more like this as it is too wide and will be annoying to hold. However, in saying that, Microsoft isn't exactly great at understanding what people want! Surface devices are an exception to this.

  12. I love the look of the Galaxy Fold, but that line in the middle, turns me off a bit. And some of the other cons, like the phone not being 'straight' and making squeaking noises after a month's use, puts me off more. Does that change my mind to buy the phone if I had $2999 to spare? Maybe, maybe not. I wouldn't buy it to have it for the long haul, but it would be nice to see how it works for myself.

  13. Had a demo with EE in the UK and it's sorta OK, though I think the shape is rather odd as each screen is a little skinny and tall for my taste. I use a ZTE Axon M tethered to my Huawei Mate 20 Pro and that has basically the same functionality, albeit with a split down the middle but at a fraction of the cost. The ZTE cost me just £110 including import costs from the US and it's brilliant. OK, it's stuck on Android 7 but for what I need it for (remote connection to my home dual screen PC) it's fantastic. I'm going to wait for the Mate X and see how the trade deal goes before committing to it. It's a much better design than the Fold imo.

  14. This is right up my ally. So when they make a fold with an spen, and fix all the quirks and my Note 9 dies (and i can afford it 🙄) maybe it'll be my next phone.

  15. I'd pay for one but the crease is putting me off big time

  16. Do the G8X while the Fold is fresh in your mind.

  17. I love this idea, and I hope that the technology matures quickly. It's just too fragile to spend that kind of money on at this point.

  18. The sequel seems more like a mini versus a fold 2 to me

  19. has anyone had trouble with fold front screen I have been using the fold for a few weeks now. Really disappointed with it. Samsung didn't realize the camera in IG FB & Snapchat hasn't synchronized with the fold images are seen different on everyone else's feed. The images are uploaded differently on fold open and closed. the filters are all shown cut when uploading from the fold open scree. I discussed with Samsung Online support via phone support and even went to the store. They said Id have to wait at least 2 – 3 months before being able to use FB IG & snap chat like the rest of the world. I am a loyal Samsung fan. But unfortunately, I feel really let down.

  20. The mocking of the Note 1 is a perfect example of how clueless western reviewers actually are. I was in Singapore when the note Note 1 hit and immediately adopted as the west bitched on it… a metaphor for west vs Est if there ever was one…. (yeah i'm western, just no delusion). That being said love this guys reviews (recall him from pocket now).

  21. I like your professional videos. 👌🏻

  22. I love the size of the iPad mini. Awesome. However, the size of the closed phone looks useless.

  23. Might want to change that channel link in the description doesn't work.

  24. This is such an awesome review, I love my fold its amazing and I enjoy it for the games for my school. For my friends and people who have never seen it before.

  25. nah this isnt worth shit Samsung fucked up why would we go back to this 2g scam of a failure

  26. When is said, this is the first folding phone that matters, and Apple is nowhere …multitask is so slick on this phone. As Michael said, Samsung has done again!!!!

  27. I genuinely don't understand this man's excitement over foldable phones. Yes it's a gimmick, no it's not the future. Just because you're different doesn't mean you're actually good.

  28. You leaving Somerville?? Damn we gonna miss you up here

  29. Mr. Mobile, I love that you always inject your love of Star Trek in your videos. You should always subtitle your videos with episode names from Star Trek. E.G. Amok Time for the number of android phones competing for attention, or Redemption for Apple’s iPhone 11 comeback. Well, you get it. Thanks for being one of the best tech reviewers on YouTube. 🖖

  30. Great thumbnail and video

  31. Yous sir are the King of TechYoutube period !

  32. It's all about ipad mini + iphone se in your pocket, 2 in 1.

  33. What is happening to your studio? (Saying based on the intro)

  34. Great video! Was wondering if you could link to the colour background you're using on your fold?

  35. The Pixel 4 shade is everywhere lol

  36. 3yrs ago…,i am following this guy since he use to be in pocketnow….. thank god he left n started his own channel so now i dont follow pocketnow this days n only mr mobile big fan of this guy …..kuddos

  37. Didn't use the Fold all day and was surprised it still had charge? Used the Pixel 4 all day and was surprised it was dead?

  38. Wow…here we go again. We are about to enter new era of communication tech. This phone reminds me of Nokia Communicators which marked the end of mobile phone era and begining of smartphone. Beware, folded phone is a sign of humankind once again will have new definition of phone!!

  39. The first foldable that matters? Probably not, in fact I'd say it's probably a major setback for the upcoming foldable. All the problems and reliability issues with this phone have been hurting the concept.

  40. $3000 AUD price tag will never compel me to buy a phone at that cost! Just fucking ridiculous as you can get a return european airline ticket during peak season from Melbourne. Don’t get sucked in people and be sensible with your hard earned money!

  41. u felt it was surreal when it started raining & u had to put the phone away 🤣 lol yo we are really spoiled nowadays

  42. I want galaxy fold size gaming tablet

  43. Boy!!!! You are the best…
    Your presentation is in a different class.
    Well done Sir…

  44. Great review….. you've saved me $2000 – thanks 😃

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