The samsung galaxy for 3. were going to be looking at how this device does with cloud gaming as a whole were going to test our stadia xbox cloud gaming geforce now on here. So if thats, something you guys are interested in hit the like button subscribe to. This channel lets get right into it, so to get started lets take a look at the design. Some of you guys might be wondering whats different when it comes to design with this compared to the samsung galaxy fold 2, and i can honestly tell you guys its not a lot this different here. They pretty much look the same. They say the fold. Three is a little bit slimmer, but when it comes to size comparison you can see it looks the same screen. Size is both the same, but yeah you can tell its a little bit slimmer, but really not and then to write home about here. The only difference is that the sim card is here and then the sim card is down here on the full too. But when it comes to look wise, though nothing much has changed really overall as a whole, this is the sexy looking device and if you guys, dont think about the fold is that it falls to be a 7.6 inch display here. So this is pretty cool and again i think this is one the best device when it comes to media consumption and playing games, so well showcase.

What that looks like here in a bit, but as you can see, the other difference that i do want to highlight here is the camera, as you can see, with the fold too a little camera bump here, and you can see its more flushed in here and Its not as big as that so overall, though, again, looks pretty similar and i really like the design of the fold. I know not a lot of people like it. Some people think its really bulky, but for me again i consume a lot of media on my portable device and i feel like this is good enough. Its light, you just slide in your pocket and it works really well and it looks really good. Overall, i love the stealth black finish on here: the volume rocker here you have the fingerprint sense and the paw button on here, and then you have a usbc on here and that is pretty much the only port on this device – and you have your speaker, grille Up here and your microphone on here and again, the beauty about this is that it folds open to be a 7.6 inch display alright thats it for the design lets get to the specs of this. This is rockin the snapdragon 888 chipset. The outside displays the 6.2 inch. It has a 120 refresh rate on the outside and inside is a 7.6 inch display. This also brought in 120 refresh rate its different, because the full two front screen only rocks 60.

So its pretty cool to see this front display have 120 and the other feature that this has is that its weather resistant? They still recommend that you done to soak this in water, but if it rains on it you should be okay, and then it has a 12 gig of ram and 256 gig of storage, so not bad overall, when it comes to specs and again this supports the S pen, if you guys, were interested in that, but you cant use in your screen, you can only use it on the foldable display something to take into consideration here, but enough of that fluff i know what you guys are mostly interested is how does this perform When it comes to gaming, so lets showcase that i want to showcase something that i really like about this device. Um theres, something called flex mode, so lets go into settings. I wish that they would utilize this. So if you guys know the microsoft surface, do it has this feature to where you can fold it like this, and it becomes like a portable gaming system like a nintendo, 3 ds type of deal where the controls go here and you have the screen here. This has something similar, but they dont truly utilize. It and ill show you what i mean by that. So if you come here, if you go to advanced feature, if you go to labs theres, something that they have called flex mode panel and if you come here, you can actually utilize or let other apps use this feature.

So, for instance, youll see here i have game pass to utilize this, and i have google stadia to utilize this and again ill showcase. What that looks like on here as well, so heres stadia again checked on. So let me showcase that. So if i open something like google stadia right and im playing a game like this, you guys will see. If i do this, it now is in the top screen, but the bottom screen it would be cool if you go to touch controls and then the touch controls come here, but instead its just stuck up here right, thats, the difference between this and the duo, the Dual lets the touch screen come down here so would have been pretty cool to have like a little portable gaming setup here. But if you open it up like this, you do get the full display to do your touchscreen, so its not as bad but theres. Just something so cool about this right, but again let me show you another feature that makes this device really awesome for portable gaming. So if you actually come here, what you can do is you can play two cloud gaming services at once as crazy as that sounds so again. I have my google stated going up here and i have my xbox cloud game and going on here. So if i open something like street of rage that has touch screen enabled i should be able to play xcloud down here and, as you can see, um playing stadia up here if thats something you guys are interested in thats, something you guys want to do just To let you guys know you are more than capable of this, so some people might ask why in the world, would you want to do this, but just think of a game like destiny or think of a game like elder scrolls online, where you have like daily Bounties or daily activities that you have to do uh, you know you might just quickly want to go to zur and buy something while youre playing another game down here you can do that with this device, which, again is not you know a highly requested feature, but Its pretty cool that you can, you can game on multiple displays here, and i think this is pretty awesome so again just want to showcase.

This is something that i truly enjoy with this device. I dont use as much as i would like, but i again think itll be cool if they let you bring the touchscreen here. We might see that in the future update and then have this display on here to play games. It will be like a true like game boy type feeling situation, but yeah. This will do for now, all right. So the other thing that i want to bring to you guys attention is accessories, so something to take into consideration when youre trying to cloud game with this is that some of these grips that you have might not work with this again. This is a very awkward design and razor kichi, i know, does not support this unless you customize it like, i did so im going to show you guys what i did. So this is my kichi and what i did as you can see here in the bottom. I actually cut it to fit right, so if you have a keychain, if you really truly like this controller, you can customize it to actually get it to work. Wouldnt recommend it because the kichi is an expensive product, but i have multiple of these laying around. So i can, you know, play around with that a little bit but yeah. If you do that it looks something like this its a little awkward. Still, you see one side bigger than the other, but it works.

It works. You can definitely game like this for sure, but again just so you know if you had the keychain, if you had like a galaxy s21, if you had a note previously, that might be something to take into consideration that might not work with this device. But if you have something like a game, server that uses bluetooth and you dont have to worry about a usb type c connection. Then you should be good. So again, i can highly vouch for the games that are here because again you can sync it via bluetooth. Its a snug fit – and it works really well very comfortable and looks really good too so highly would recommend the gamester bluetooth for this as well. All right, i think its safe to say most of you guys are here to see how this device actually looks on this beautiful display, running cloud gaming. So lets test out some games test out, something like star wars, falling jedi and man. I have to say this is a treat. This is a beautiful 7.6 inch in a display, and again this is really cool, because you dont have to carry a tablet around. This literally fits in your pocket and can fold out to be a mini tablet for you to game on again. Ive stated this before this is the best media consumption device that you can get so watch movies down here. Playing games on here all fills and looks really good and to know that this easily fits in your pocket is something simply amazing, but yeah.

Look at this display highly highly impressive, really beautiful, so lets check out another cloud gaming platform, all right, so, as you can see, this is gears. 5 were just gon na log in with our credentials and again just give you guys a little gameplay of what this looks like on here, all right. So, as you can see, this is year five again, the screen is just simply gorgeous really beautiful. Everything just stands out: everything pops really good, color, uh saturation here, really good visuals. Overall and again, this 7.6 inch display just screams qualities. You guys know: samsung makes one the best displays. I know some people might say: lg does with the oled, but i really enjoy samsungs brightness and just color saturation overall but yeah. This is gears 5 running an x xcloud on this device, all right. So my final verdict should you actually buy the samsung galaxy? 4. 3 for cloud gaming – and i would have to say my honest review and opinion – is probably not the reason i say that is because this device is worth eighteen hundred dollars. So heres the thing if youre a techie and if you get the latest tech yearly like i do, then you probably already have the full new pocket. I would have to save thats you. Then you probably have the best again media consumption device with this device. Again when it comes to cloud game – and this runs it like a boss, it looks beautiful and this device is 5g, so you can always take it on the go its always in your pocket, and it gives you a tablet like experience again, the best media consumption Device and then for you guys who have a full two if youre thinking about upgrading to a 403 for cloud gaming, i would have to say no again, the price is just not worth it, and the full 2, like you guys saw with my comparison, looks pretty Similar and does pretty much the same thing, the only true difference is that the front display only has 60 fps compared with the full thread that the front has 120 now, but no one is going to be gaming in front screen.

When you have a beautiful 7.6 inch screen, so for you fold users for two users who are thinking about upgrading to four three just for cloud gaming, i would probably say no, so what would i recommend honestly speaking, tablets are really cheap. Im talking about android tablets. You can probably find this samsung galaxy s6 tab for almost two or three hundred dollars, and that gives you a bigger display than this right and its a lot more affordable. So you can pretty much get a samsung galaxy s21 for 650 dollars and get a samsung s6 tablet for two three hundred its gon na be under a thousand bucks. So youre gon na be pretty much saving. Eight hundred dollars and youll have a bigger display to game on, but again if you are attacking, if youre gon na get this device in a way, because you do on a yearly basis, then again, this is one the best mobile device to cloud game on. If you can afford it for sure so that is my review hope that this was helpful for you guys, if you guys, like this video hit the like button subscribe to this channel, for we do tech reviews for cloud gaming on here.