Quid here in the uk, its not the most expensive chromebook out there, but its far from the cheapest. You could also grab one direct from vodafone on a 24 month contract. If you want to take advantage of that mobile network and shenanigans and a big thanks to vodafore, actually sending in the galaxy chromebook go for review as well. But the question is: is this samsung laptop actually worth that money well ive been using it as my full time laptop for everything, apart from video editing, obviously, because ive ever tried edited video on a chromebook good luck and its my fault in depth review and for More on the latest and greatest set, please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so the galaxy chromebook go sports, a plastic chassis in what samsung calls a timeless silver hue. It basically looks like most other samsung laptops, except for the big colorful chromebook badge. Happily, slapped there in the corner as far as looks go, this thing is pretty plain overall, but its no eyesore either now slender frame weighs just 1.45 kilos. This laptop certainly is skinny and light enough to hump around all day when needed, and its certainly tough enough to boot as well. Samis chromebook has passed military standard. Its 10g testing and ive certainly been pretty rough with it. These past few days, given a good old wallop every now and then and certainly seems to be absolutely fine, i wouldnt recommend dropping it from head height or anything, but its probably gon na survive the general rough and tumble of everyday life, and not only is the Samsung galaxy chromebook go shock resistant, but also that keyboard is spill resistant.

So, no longer will you nash your teeth in despair, as your pint of stella goes flying all over your precious laptop at 2am, while youre smashing out the latest chapter of your harry potter, bdsm fan fiction and no complaints with the connectivity. Youve got a decent selection of ports split between the two edges, including two usb type c ports youve got a full size, usb 3.2 connection, microsd memory card slot as well to expand the 64 gigs of on board storage plus a separate sim tray. So no, there is no hdmi port anywhere here on the chromebook go, but at least you can use the type c usb ports. If you do want to hook up a monitor, usability definitely gets a thumbs up too samsungs chiclet style keyboard, sports keys that are well sized with good separation and respectable travel distance. Given the general compact design, the board is a wee bit spongy towards the center, but its not even noticeable when youre belting out paragraph after paragraph of harrys, illicit and highly unofficial adventures in the hogwarts dungeon touch typing is an absolute dream and working on this thing. All day long is plenty comfortable, youve even got a double raw enter key and cursor keys that are slightly bigger than the average and, however, there is bug roll backlighting on the samsung galaxy chromebook goes keyboard, unfortunately, which makes working in the evenings a wee bit tricky. Certainly, if youre used to being propped up in bed with your keyboards youve got somebody kipping next to you, you dont want to disturb them by having a light on or anything well bear that in mind.

Youre gon na have to look elsewhere and the touchpad is perfectly decent as well just as well, because theres subtle, touchscreen support on here, which is quite unusual for a chromebook. Now, unfortunately, one of the low lights of the samsung galaxy chromebook go is that 14 inch led display this basic panel sports, a 1366 by 768 hd resolution, which is distinctly low res compared with rivals at this price and expect at least full hd for four big Ones – and you really notice it when you try and actually fit more than a couple of apps on screen or when youre busy browsing a really packed website with tiny text. The quality of those visuals simply isnt enough to snuff for a samsung display either the colors are rather lifeless, while contrast leaves a lot to be desired and those viewing angles are surprisingly narrow, as well. Blacks morph to a dull gray, with just a wee bit of tilting and thats. Probably why samsung has added a 180 degree hinge to this thing, so you can actually find a viewing angle that doesnt entirely suck, no matter how youre using it, plus that brightness peaks at just over 300 nits. So, even though youve got an anti glare finish on the samsung galaxy, chromebook goes display, youll still struggle to see what youre up to when youre outside on a bright sunshiney day. Meanwhile, your audio is pumped out by a pair of stereo speakers capable of a mighty 1.

5 watts of power each and sounds actually pretty decent. Those speakers are suitably loud on top volume, vocals and videos come through nice and clear, even when youre cooking dinner in a noisy kitchen, not bad at all, considering theyre downwards firing as well. You do have a headphone jack housed here on the left, edge and youve got bluetooth 5.1 support as well, so youre basically covered now for your skypey zoomy shenanigans or whatever. You do have a 720p hd webcam built into that top bezel. Just above the display and its absolutely fine, for you know your simple bit of video conference or whatever theres no privacy shield or whatever involved. But there is a little blue led which, as you can see there, pops on as soon as your camera is in use. So you are aware the camera can come up with quite strong contrast, if absolutely necessary. So if youre forced to skype with a window behind you or outside or something itll, do the job and the samsung galaxy chromebook goes built in mic. Does an absolutely fine job of picking up your voice as well, if you cant be bothered to wear a headset for whatever reason, but it does pick up a lot of other noise going on all around you as well. So just bear that in mind. If youve got kids or something like that, as for your performance, well, the samsung galaxy chromebook is powered by one of intels super sexy, celeron processors, specifically the n4500 and thats, backed by a slightly measly four gigs of ddr4 ram.

I did find that chrome os runs pretty well, occasionally, an app does take its sweet, ass time loads and up, but generally its smooth sailing. The only real problem i encountered with the chromebook go over. The last few days was when using the dedicated youtube app which crashed on me a good few times and on one memorable occasion it took the whole chromebook with it like seriously. The laptop was less responsive than a mrs browns. Boys live audience. I needed to just do a mercy killing and then we were finally back in business and also, if you want to play games on this thing, then you might struggle a bit without any of that touch. Screen support. I mean its difficult enough playing android games on a chromebook as it is, but with the galaxy chromebook go its nigh on impossible for most titles, but anyway, the one true reason for buying the samsung galaxy chromebook go over at similarly priced rivals is the fact youve Got a built in lte 4g support as long as youve got a sim card with a valid data contract, of course, and yeah theres no 5g support at all. But i found that around here. Certainly, the 4g connection was more than strong enough for working in chrome. On multiple tabs streaming, music, streaming movies, whatever and also rather impressively youve, got wi fi 6 support, which is great news if youre planning to regularly attend real life, conferences and events once those are a thing again.

So certainly the network inside it gets a big thumbs up. If you are on the go all of the time, and you need that dependable connectivity, then the samsung galaxy chromebook certainly will not falter. As for the battery life or samsung reckons youll get up to 12 hours of live from a single charge on the galaxy chromebook go. I found that with mixed use and using a combination of wi fi and that mobile connectivity, i tended to get closer to around eight hours of use on a single charge that mostly involved working in the chrome browser again with multiple tabs open while streaming a bit Of deezer in the background and occasionally taking a break for a bit of youtube or netflix or disney plus, and that was also with the display maxed out at all times as well. So if you are, you know working as an average eight hour day, youll scrape through just about without having to charge this bad boy up and then when it is completely deed. Well, it just charges up via type c usb, so nice and easy zlatan. A nutshell, is the samsung galaxy chromebook go as i say, 400 quid. Otherwise you can grab it and contract from uh vodafone and it is a little bit pricey. I got to see it for what you get. If you absolutely need that lte connectivity, then you know job done, but the display really should be better for this sort of price point.

You will find better for your media consumption, and the lack of a touchscreen is, of course, a shame as well. But what do you guys reckon of the samsung galaxy chromebook go if youve been using it be great or your thoughts down in the comments below. Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a bloody, wonderful rest of the week.