I have to confess, before checking out this samsung chromebook go ive, never really used a chromebook other than in the repair job that i do. I repair laptops and desktops and chromebooks come in fairly often so, when vodafone offered to send out the chromebook go, i kind of jumped at the chance because id never really used one for an extended period. Today, im going to be talking about the samsung galaxy chromebook go for ‘9 pounds, is it worth buying or should you go with something else? Hey guys. My name is ryan thomas, and this is my review of the galaxy chromebook go before we talk about this one. In particular, i want to go over what a chromebook actually is think about it like an android smartphone, but just with a bigger screen and a bigger keyboard in sort of a laptop form factor what it isnt is like a windows laptop with chrome os on it. In fact, the only thing that really ties into it is the fact that this is still running x86 hardware and not arm architecture like you would see in a mobile phone, you use a mobile like interface with mobile apps in a mobile google play store this one. Look even comes with the sim card slot, with an unlimited, sim graciously provided by vodafone uk, so theyre, usually cheaper than normal laptops due to the limited functionality. This looks on the surface like a really nice laptop but thats, pretty much it spoiler alert.

This is just proven to me that your money is better spent on a used windows laptop as opposed to a new chromebook, a toshiba satellite or an hp g6, or something like that is going to do you much better than one of these before i teared this Thing a new usb port. I want to go over some of the nicer aspects of the laptop. What i like about it, also midway through the video just acknowledging the fact that im shooting with natural lighting its kind of mental it should mean theres, less hits in the audio as well right on to the good things. Firstly, the aesthetic theme of this go is very clean, its very minimal, and i like the fact that it kind of rides the line between professionalism and a friendly design, and i really like the look of the keyboard and the rear housing. I also like the way it charges the go charges over usb c and comes with this little brick in the box, its not much bigger than a smartphone brick and charges the laptop up to 45 watts theres. Also, this charging light to the right of the port, which is very handy to have and chrome os, actually is a really nice idea and something i would really really get into if it were a little better on this machine, its very basic, its pretty lightweight, and It would be ideal for a lot of people. Anyone who browses social media and does email on their laptop would be fine with one of these, its incredibly easy to use if youve come from android as well, however, not on this particular model which well dive into in the bad parts.

Thirdly, i do really like the battery life, its very good i mean it should be for the specs and software combination, but nonetheless its worth praising when you consider that you can get five plus hours solid of writing done on this thing before needing to charge it And that all combines with the next thing is that its really thin and light its really small, its really easy to carry around in a backpack, i mean it is heaps lighter than my macbook pro, which is not exactly a gaming machine in terms of its weight. Its just a really nice easy to carry an easy to use thing when it comes to the size and weight. Youre not gon na have a broken back after a day of carrying this thing around. However, this is pretty much where the positives end for me and where the negatives start. Firstly, the specs for the money are pretty meh. I mean it comes with four gigs of ram 64 gigs of emmc storage and yeah. Ida 64 is reading it as three gigs of ram, not four, which is a little concerning, and your mobile phone is likely to be more powerful than this thing as well. But the main issue i have with this laptop is its performance. I mean sure, like the lower end, cpu and three or four gigs of ram isnt a lot to start with, although running android, it shouldnt be too bad. But this thing just chugs i mean trying to play a video in like 1080p, sometimes stuttered, i mean watching a twitch streaming 1440p near enough crashed the thing.

Multitasking is just slow and buggy and its a horrible experience. I mean one of the worst computing experiences. Ive had in like the past five years, i was actually recently watching. I say recently when i wrote this. The blast cs go finals and i was watching it. I wanted to sort of up the the resolution to 1440p 60fps and the thing just slowed to a crawl. It just would i mean it looked like it was running about one fps, maybe like half an fps or something like that, and i know its not meant to run 1440p60, but its basic video like this is how limited the performance is. You run 1440p60 on a cheap smartphone and its probably gon na run fine on here, not the case. Speaking of the displays, the ghost 14 inch panel is one of the worst displays ive used in years. Its soft, its laughably inaccurate and unless youre viewing dead on its kind of unusable, like the viewing angles, are horrible, and this is made worse by a a horrific track pad i mean this trackpad is. I know i feel like a a broken record saying this, but its one of the worst track pads ive used in the past five or ten years i mean i work on laptops that are 10 years old that have better track pads than this, and those laptops Were cheaper than this when they came out and theyve been going for 10 years, i mean really, if youre not frustrated by the performance or the bad screen, you will absolutely be infuriated by the horrible tracking on here.

Its basically an external mouse is a must. The build quality is probably my final concern, i mean sure. A sort of more flexible plastic which samsung is using here, is quite handy because its less brittle, however, i do feel like even then its going to snap and its going to crack its very lightweight, which is nice and its something i praise samsung for, and i Do think that thats a good aspect to this device. However, the fact that it just feels so cheap, i mean it just it oozes like little laptop or aldi laptop. Let me know in the comments: if you get that reference im im sure that they have little and ld everywhere, but the us correct me if im wrong, they might have it there as well, but you kind of get the picture i mean it is probably probably Cheap but its ‘9 quid that is not cheap sure. The the pc in the laptop space has sort of risen in terms of the prices over the past couple of years and what would stuff going on in the world its probably going to get worse. But this just feels like ridiculously overpriced, and i know there are going to be people who dont want to buy used, but a used laptop is going to do you better here. I personally really like the hp g6. I like the toshiba c660s. Those laptops are really easy to work on theyre really nice to use theyre a nice big 15.

6 inch screen theyre a little bit chunkier, but it just means that they are built better and yeah. I would absolutely recommend one of those over one of these or, if youve, seen one of my more popular videos on the channel. A used. Thinkpad is also a great alternative, and all of these alternatives are a lot cheaper. Im talking 250 quid 300 quid as opposed to 400.. Anyway, i want to thank vodafone for graciously sending this out with unlimited data. They, let me use chrome os, which, by the way, i think, is a fantastic idea, its a little limited with what you can install, but most of the things that most people use their laptop for its going to be absolutely fine. It just so happened to be a terrible laptop that i really could not recommend to anyone, and so i will leave links to alternatives and vodafones 5g deals in the description. Ill also leave a link to buy the samsung, but please dont, and with that i want to leave todays video guys. Thank you all so much for watching im. Sorry, you had to watch just an absolute negative review, its something i have to do every once in a while, although there are a couple of phones that have come out recently that ive given glowing reviews, so it kind of balances itself out. As always, i try and keep it real with you guys, because otherwise i wouldnt be doing my job very well.

It stayed sunny the lighting didnt change massively, which is great, so yeah im going to end todays video here guys. Please do let me know if youve used a chromebook and if you think that yours is maybe better than this one or if youve used one of these, do you get on with it, because i was absolutely frustrated within the first 20 minutes of using it. As always, i want to thank my patrons for being continually supportive. Thank you so much guys it really does help out the channel. All my links are in the video description, social media and everything like that ill be posting to instagram more as it gets sunnier. I am definitely determined to to get the instagram back up and running anyway. Please do like comment and subscribe if youre around here, so never miss a video like this one ive been ryan, thomas and ill catch.