So the question is: are they worth it or not? Lets find out, as of now in terms of color choice. We only have three options of purple, graphite and white, but this might change in the future and I almost got the white model. But then I was worried if they were going to turn yellow after long term use, so instead I opted for the graphite color and its more matte than glossy. In fact, all three colors are like that now Inside the Box. In addition to the case, there is a USBC cable, but since the case itself supports wireless charging, you can either use your Galaxy phones, reverse wireless charging or use an actual wireless charging device either way. The choice is yours, but obviously wireless charging is much more convenient. Another thing youll find inside is two extra ear tips, one smaller pair and one larger pair, and the case itself is just a cute small one. You can literally put it in your pocket with these, and it feels really high quality with a soft touch to it and as soon as you open it up, youll see the Sound by AKG text inside of it and its very satisfying to close it too, and It has a charging indicator LED in front of it as well, which will also blink if its running out of charge, but the actual earbuds also feel quite well built, and once you put them back in, they get magnetically attached that you cant, really drop them.

And in terms of the design, I actually quite like the earbuds, but when it comes to the size and fit, even though these are supposedly 15 smaller than the Galaxy Boss Pro, I think in person they look a bit bigger than online pictures, but still quite low Profile, however, as soon as I put them on and before even trying to pair them with my phone, I just realized theres just too much Ambient sound coming through and the fit didnt quite feel that secure. Fortunately, there is this really cool earbud fit test in the Galaxy wearable app that in just a couple of seconds, can tell you whether each earbud has a good fit or not. So this really helps eliminate any doubts you may have, because I was really not sure. Do they really not fit me and so running the test confirmed that both earbuds had poor fit, so I replaced it, you tip with the larger size and then ran the test again and this time surprisingly, the left earbud still had a poor fit while the right One had a good fit and I could personally feel the difference between the left and right, but at the same time, all I knew was that they felt more secure in my ears, with slightly less sound bleed, so finding the right earbuds can be very tricky. I understand even harder than finding the right headphones because they must fit you well first of all, and then they should be comfortable as well and speaking of comfort.

I dont have much to complain. In fact, I think, because of the fact that these are a little smaller in size, theyre, some of the most comfortable earbuds you can find. I even did the pillow test so lying down on the side for a while with with the earbuds, and I was only able to tolerate them for a couple minutes at most on each side, and you cant really sleep while wearing them, or at least it would Be impossible for me unless, of course I never sleep on this side now, because these earbuds are quite small, I was hoping I could also use them while exercising and Im glad to tell you that the running test passed on, even though my left earbud has a Poor fit it still stayed in place, and I also worked out with them at the gym. Doing different kinds of exercises, for example, bench presses, jumping, jacks, Etc, and again they never fell off now in terms of battery life. With the ANC on right about five hours is what you should expect and then another 18 hours on top of that with the case, so with the case of this size, thats pretty alright, if you ask me and one thing that definitely helps with having a good Battery life, even though the earbuds are quite small – is Bluetooth. 5.3 thats, the latest Bluetooth standard that I really doubt you can find in any major brands earbuds. They usually come with Bluetooth, 5, 5.

1 or at best 5.2, but Bluetooth 5.3 provides the best efficiency, reliability and battery life, but also with a firmware update later this year, theres going to be le audio, which provides a better audio quality and multiple streaming whats intriguing for A lot of people is when they hear that these earbuds, instead of 16 bit audio, come with 24 bit audio. Now, that sounds amazing right. Well, even those 16 bit audio is quite old and its usually what youd hear when you listen to a CD. The benefits of a 24 bit audio are not that well received or heard unless youre in a studio, environment and youre doing audio editing so thats. My take when it comes to listening to 24 bit audio with two tiny earbuds, but you know what its a feature of these earbuds Im not going to say no to it, but in terms of the actual audio quality on sound signature. I think these are really Bassy really Punchy bass. I dont know, even though the bass is really strong uh, they sounded quite pleasing to my ears. So if you listen to a lot of EDM or hip hop, I think youre gon na like them, and I also like the EQ settings in the app with a few presets that you can. That can make a good difference depending on what youre listening to. So if you want, you can actually increase the bass even more or pop the vocals instead, and so on.

One thing I couldnt figure out was the frequency response of these earbuds or a proper spec sheet to consult. So if you do happen to know comment below otherwise, when I find out Ill, do it myself and has 360 audio is another feature of these headphones that you can enable in the app, and you can basically turn anything into 360 audio and if youve never experienced It before it might sound amazing, but to some of us it could sound just like some Echo and Reverb added to whatever is being played, but for listening to certain types of music or for, for example, meditation, music or even watching movies. It can provide a good immersive listening experience, so obviously these earbuds have active noise canceling and as soon as you turn it on theres, an audible noise, which I know some folks dont like to hear. The good news is that you can only hear it in a quiet environment and by the way, thats quite a normal sound as a result of the noise canceling chip doing its job, but in terms of the actual quality of the ANC again, the tricky part with Earbuds is that they need to have a good fit, or else you cant get the real benefit. To be fair, I think the voice quality is quite good, its quite clear, actually, its just the sound suppression, thats not very optimal, and there is a right up here. The more aggressive the sound suppression is, the less clear your voice is going to sound like because the noise canceling chip is working so hard to uh, basically suppress as much noise as possible in the background, so thats the case here with the Galaxy Boss, 2 Pro.

So now that the helicopter is passing by lets, see if you guys can hear it right on top of my head and the other thing is that if voice detectors enabled – and then you start talking and youre outdoors and its quite windy, youre gon na hear the Wind uh and it can be quite annoying regardless. I think the noise canceling of the Galaxy Boss – 2 Pro – is not too bad, but really not that impressive either and I could definitely hear a struggle with low, mid and higher frequencies all the way. But if you listen to music with the engine c on, it definitely helps, especially if youre, in places with lots of lower frequencies like on an airplane, so right now theres an airplane cabin noise. In the background being played. Let me know what you think of the noise suppression of the microphones. Are they doing a good job? The ambient mode also does a good job, perhaps better than noise canceling, but still that humming noise is quite annoying to hear and a very handy feature of these headphones is voice, detect that you can enable in the app which basically turns on the ambient mode and Lowers the volume of whatever youre listening to significantly as soon as you start talking, I find this feature really helpful. I dont think its a gimmick, and I really like it and theres never been an instance that it had triggered by someone elses voice, and this lasts for 10 seconds by default and right after that it goes back to normal.

But in the app you can actually change it to 5 or 15 seconds in terms of the touch, controls and user experience. The Galaxy bus 2 Pro provide exactly what I want to see having lots of options. So you have tap double tap, triple tap, touch and hold, and you can even customize the left and right one separately so, for example, touch and hold the left, butt to start the Bixby and the right one to turn on the ANC, except for the volume controls. So then, touching and holding the left, one lowers the volume and the right one increases the volume and as if this isnt enough, you can even go to the earbuds settings and then accessibility to enable the function that allows you to turn on noise canceling. Even if youre wearing only one earbud and to put the cherry on the cake you can go to the labs and then enable double tap earbud Edge to turn the volume up or down how useful is it theres a lot of hit and miss? But you know what at least were given a choice and there are all other kinds of customizations in the app which are great to see, for example, reading notifications out loud gaming mode next straight reminders, Etc and its really user friendly. So I have to give all the points to the app I really like how they made Galaxy Boss 2 Series more premium than they were before now.

This is not only achieved because of the better specs, but also, in my opinion, the more matte finish of the buds have added to the premium feel of them, and one thing that I cant wait to see from Samsung is a pair of Premium. Noise canceling headphones uh. I speculate that its only a matter of time, probably sooner than later, that were gon na see such premium headphones from Samsung, with the help of AKG. Of course, that will compete with the likes of Sony and Apples headphones and will be announced.