The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro – and this thing here is an absolute Beauty but were getting ahead of ourselves. Lets do unboxing first MacBooks aside. This here is one of the best packaging Ive seen for a Windows laptop. My Dell Inspiron 1 came in a brown cardboard box, even though it costed like 1300 pounds. So this really is an amazing packaging and the thinness of the box is quite symbolic to whats inside first, the laptop well come back to it and inside no plastic packaging. Here you have a white USBC power, brick 65 Watts really nice and for the UK version you have this extending prong design. Then we have a white matching: USBC cable. It is lengthy enough to reach your laptop from the floor and Im glad that it is USBC and not the ugly power adapters which we have used for laptops forever. Then we have really quite minimal paperwork here. Actually, if you need more help and instructions, you need to QR code this on to the main event, the laptop and look at how incredibly thin. This is actually Ive. Seen this in person at the Currys PC World Superstore here in the UK, and even though 15.6 inches was not my ideal choice for a size of a laptop, I wanted the smaller one, but seeing this in person you will absolutely love. It really look at the thinness and at just over one kilograms for this 15.6 bigger size.

It feels even lighter in person due to the relatively bigger surface area across which the weight is distributed evenly. It really is remarkable if you check it in person. Youll absolutely fall in love with this lets Power It Up, and the next wow factor is staring right back at you, and it is this Super AMOLED screen. Samsung makes amazing displays, and it shows here in every inch and corner of this laptop. This really is one gorgeous screen, so at 15.6 inches. This here is a full HD display with 1920 by 1080p resolution that OLED panel really brings colors to life. The blacks of pure black and the color contrast is simply stunning movie watching experience on this is simply awesome and paired with the display are AKG stereo speakers which support Dolby Atmos. Now the speakers are pretty decent, especially when you consider the thinness of this entire thing. Here is the sound demo Music still staying on the screen. The bezels are thin all around, but it has a slightly bigger chin with faint Samsung branding on it. But nonetheless, this here looks very modern for 2023., also embedded in the thin top bezel is a full HD camera, which is good and is more than advocate for all your video calls. Now I could only get the white silver version here, as the black one had a bit more waiting time. I wasnt sure about the white keyboard at first, but now I simply love it and that keyboard itself is amazing, guys the best keyboard which Ive personally tested was on the M1 and M2 MacBook Air, and this one here comes pretty close to that.

It really is a joy to type on this plus the bigger 15.6 inches size means that you get the number pad as well. I seriously missed this for the past five years. On my 13 inch, Dell laptop, it really is so convenient having an extra number pad, especially for work, and the keyboard is very, very quiet as well. Here. Listen to the sound of the keys, the keyboard is also backlit, and you also have a fingerprint scanner embedded into the power button onto the top right corner. Again, it works very well and is pretty useful and convenient to sign. In now, the trackpad is huge as well, and it is good Windows. Os cant match up to MacBook levels of gestures on the trackpad, but for a Windows system. It is pretty good. Now Ive seen people online complaining that it is interfering when you type it due to the huge size, because the way your right hand rests, it is a minor issue, takes a bit of adjusting, but with these kind of designs, its unavoidable. Next lets talk about ports. Now again, dont, let the thin size fool you, as this laptop comes with everything you need to keep you from purchasing an additional dongle, so you have a full HDMI port. This is full size, not the mini HDMI guys. This is the full HDMI. Then you have the USB type c port, then a thunderbolt 4.0 Port, both of which can be used to charge this laptop to the other side.

You have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a type, a USB 3.2 port and a Micro SD card reader as well so see you really dont need to worry about any dongles, as you have enough ports, unless you want to plug in an ethernet cable. Also on board is Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi. Fi 6E. Next lets talk about performance. This here is fully specked out with 12gen core i7 1260p processor, with 16 gigs of ddr5 RAM and half a terabyte of SSD storage. The laptop is pretty awesome for work. I have about 10 tabs opened on Chrome about 5 on Firefox that have a couple of programs running as well as the complete Microsoft Office Suite of apps open, and I can barely hear the fan running the laptop feels completely at home for work related stuff. I even ran a huge query on mySQL database with everything open as above, and still it didnt break a sweat now for gaming. Casual gaming is totally fine, but if you are a hardcore, gamer, then really youre, better off with a gaming laptop or a PC which has got better thermal processing and if youre a Casual Gamer like me, then this laptop will be perfectly fine. On the geekbench side. This laptop also does put out some really impressive scores both on single and multi core Rebels, but this laptop is in its elements for work related stuff. Next is battery life. This thin chassis hosts a large 68 watt hour battery now Samsung cleans up to 21 hours of video playback time under optimal settings.

You probably can achieve that, but watching a two hour movie streaming from Netflix decrease the battery by 30. Brightness was set to about 65 percent and no other apps were running in the background for typical office usage, which includes Microsoft, apps email, web browsing, slack messaging, youre, looking at around four to five hours of battery life and if you run intensive applications or games. This is going to reduce even further. I started work at 100 and half an hour of video slack huddle call and half an hour of email, spreadsheets and other apps drained the battery by 30 percent. Charging time is excellent as well plugging in the included 65 watt power adapter for just 30 minutes will give you 8.3 hours worth of battery standby. Time is pretty decent as well. If you dont have any apps running or Windows performing updates in the background for overnight the battery drained by only two percentage, the laptop also boots up pretty quickly and despite having a few startup apps on my setup, see how fast it loads. And then you have the Galaxy ecosystem. So if you have Galaxy phone and use Samsung apps, you can have that continuity feature, meaning you can start work on one device and continue it to another device. So in conclusion, Im really impressed by this laptop, the thinness and the build quality is seriously impressive and then that AMOLED screen is absolutely stunning. Samsung has really put a lot of thought care and effort into their Galaxy book lineup, and it really shows here.

I know that their Galaxy unpacked event is around the corner and hopefully well see the newer book 3 updates. But even if you dont get that right away, the book 2 is still amazing and there are some insane discounts on it directly from Samsung, as well as other authorized resellers as well here in the UK and Ive linked them down. If you wish to check it out so thats all for the video guys to let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. If you have any questions about this galaxy book 2 Pro, then please do leave them down below and Ill try to respond to all of them once youre there. If you are enjoying my content, please hit that like button and if you havent subscribed. Please Subscribe support. My channel, so I can keep making these videos for you and, as always, thanks a lot for staying with me until the end.